How To Set Healthy Boundaries For Happy Life

Different types of boundaries

Everyone has personal boundaries at some point. Many people are familiar with the meaning of the word "boundaries," but they are unsure of what they actually are. Boundaries may come to mind when you consider a "property line" or "brick wall" that is used to keep people out.

But boundaries don't often exist as sharp, visible lines in the sand.

The Rise Of Superbugs: Why They Are The New Killer

Bacterial Infections in stomach

While we worry about all the other problems in life, the most ignored superbugs are again on the rise, especially after the recent pandemic.

Globally nothing much has been done to address the issue of developing antibiotic resistance. Some researchers have warned through the study conducted in 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted that the superbug crisis will cost the global economy up to $100 trillion. The infection rate will increase by 10% every year. The World Economic Forum regards this impending health crisis may be even deadlier than COVID-19.

8 Killer Reasons Why You Should Adopt Sugar Free Lifestyle

Sugar has become such a controversial topic over the last ten years. It has divided the population into those who believe it is fine to consume sugar, and those who believe it is detrimental to their health. Today, we will share some of the the idea that how sugar is bad for the body and how having sugar free and clean food is important for health.

Success Story of a Jubilant Man With Great Ethics : Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata success Story

1. Introduction

Ratan Tata is an entrepreneur and business magnate who has a long history in the Indian industry. He is the chairman of the board at India's largest conglomerate, The Tata Group. Under Ratan Tata's leadership, The Tata Group has grown into one of the world's leading diversified businesses with interests in salt, steel, insurance, pipelines, aviation services, and more.

60 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

One of the most important reasons why people can convert their users into customers is the theme of their affiliate site.

If you try to search for a theme for affiliate marketing, you will see the top affiliate themes have a lot of features and are very customizable. They are also priced very high due to the features they offer. 

Should you buy them? Read this post before you make the decision.

10 Important And Famous Life Lessons From Steve Jobs

Life of Steve Jobs

It's been 11 years since the demise of visionary entrepreneur and business titan Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, is one of the most triumphant businessmen of all time and one of history's best-known entrepreneurs. He is often referred to as the "Father of the Computer Revolution."

Steve Jobs is known for his success in starting Apple Computer and NeXT, but he was also an entrepreneur, inventor, and author. Steve Jobs was extremely talented, and the last ten years of his life were spent defining the future of technology. 

10 Inexpensive Ways To Learn New Skills

How to Learn New Skill Set All By Yourself

Today we are living in a completely different world than the one we were in a few years back. Technological advancements, shifting demographics, and the increased popularity of education will create the perfect storm for a new era of people who can create and shape their world. To prepare yourself for this new world, you need to build a new skill set. 

15 The Most Genuine Reasons Why We Fail In Life

Why people fail

Everyone has experienced failure, but how people respond to their setbacks makes the difference between those who achieve and those who don't. Every time we fail, there are two things we need to learn. What went wrong and how we can move forward.

"Failure" is a word that people hate. This is probably because of the negative connotations which are attached to it.

6 Uplifting Self Motivation Tips for a Successful Life

Are you self-motivated? If you are, you're probably doing amazing things with your life and life won't seem like it's bearing down on you. If you are not, life will seem like a ton of pressure and it will be difficult to get anything done. If you have a lot of things to do, you may have difficulty getting started. This could be because you lack self-motivation. If you are interested in learning more about the importance of self-motivation in your life and how to become more motivated yourself, you should read this article to learn more.







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