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How To Stay Motivated While Searching A Job

The covid 19 has left many of the people jobless. Its effects can be still witnessed in the professional world. Many people were forced to leave their job while others were laid off.

My job search experience has taught me that staying motivated during job search is one of the greatest challenges ever. 

Job search

12 Secrets Of Marc Andreessen's Success

Let's look at another person who became an entrepreneur and a very successful investor in the global tech industry. He is also a keynote Motivational speaker.


Marc Andreessen
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Marc Lowell Andreessen was born in Iowa on 9th July 1971 and he was brought up in New Lisbon, Wisconsin. His mother - Patricia was working with the mail-order giant, Lands' End and his Father Lowell was an agriculturist working in a seed company.

Want To Be Physically Fit? Here's How You Can Get It

Stressed life

Being physically fit has become critically important. Specially when our living habits are not better than the people who existed few decades back. They

Use This Rule To Take Control Your Life And Stay Motivated

Do you feel like you are in control of all aspects of your life or do you feel helpless and you have to live with how things are?

Take control of your life

In this article, we will understand an interesting concept called the Locus rule and how to take control of your life. 

Why Not All Of Us Are Very Successful And How To Change It?

There is no human on earth that doesn't want to see himself getting successful. Though our fortune offers ample opportunities that can help us to get success but not all opportunities really work for us. 


When a person faces repeated failures, he gets obsessed to achieve his dream at any cost and it is at this time that he starts taking important decisions in life without thinking of the result. In such a situation, chances are more that he might again get failure into his hands. 

It's common to see this type of scenario. Almost each one of us has gone through this, where we get so much obsessed that many times we act without thinking and applying logic for our actions, whether it really going to work out for us or not. Obviously, it's expectations of ourselves from us that make us go behind our dream, and in case if it doesn't work out, it's we who get hurt the most.