10 Things That Keeps You Away From Success

In today's world, disturbed life has become more widespread. If you ask anyone, they will tell you that they are unable to meet the terms of their life. Some may be dealing with personal issues, while others may be dealing with financial or work issues. Whatever the cause, you are aware that it is you that can set it right.

Things that makes you stay away from success

People do mistakes unknowingly for which they pay later. Learning from your own mistakes can help in avoiding them in the future. If you want to have a successful life, consider the following things while living your life and expecting the best from it.

1. Lack of Purpose

If you want to be successful, you must have a strategy in place. If you don't have a plan to succeed, you're bound to fail. When you wake up every day, you need to know why you're getting up. 

You must have a goal and a strategy for your life. Successful people have a strategy for their lives, a budget, and hopes and goals. You must have a clear plan and a sense of direction to achieve in life.

2. Neglecting problems

In daily life, we often neglect, the challenges we come across. We either underestimate them or don't take them seriously. That's where we make a mistake.

If you notice then, you'll realize that none of the problems are bigger. They start small at the beginning but neglecting them turns into big problems.

By the time you notice them, they already are grown up larger, and this leads you to get into stress and often impacting on your career, jobs, finance, and personal health. 

So, concentrating on such issues when they are small or starting to grow can help you to avoid getting yourself into a bigger problem in the future.

3. Missing opportunity

Thinking about the potential risk you'll face from every opportunity can lead you to miss out on the opportunity that could have changed your life.

Some opportunities can really help in making your life better. An example can be, getting a new job out of the state or changing the shift from day to night. 

Such opportunities sometimes help you to shine out from the crowd and give you development in your career life but sometimes, by taking advice from others and sometimes due to the requirement of giving your best, you often think about their negative side first and you end up losing the opportunity. 

4. Doesn't accept the change

Just like missing the opportunities can make you lose a golden chance that could lead you to success. Same way, our life expects us to bring change in our way of living. 

Believe it or not, change is vital. Nothing is permanent. 

The difference in your life may not be apparent and you must be thinking that your life is the same as it was years back. But if you observe minutely, you'll find many of the changes in your life. Same way, to achieve something bigger, something that can help us prosper, we will have to get out of our comfort zone and get our all efforts to achieve the dream we have seen. 

But we often think about how much out of our comfort zone we will have to go to get it done. And thus, hesitating to embrace the change leads you to face unexpected problems.

If something doesn't work out for you currently, then it's a signal for you that you need to move out of your comfort life and struggle more to achieve your goal.

5. Work and Personal Life Balance

To lead a life towards success, mental peace and physical competency are equally important. 

Work life balance

When you have mental peace, you make goals and prepare your own plans on how to achieve them. Same way, if you are physically fit, you work hard towards implementing the plan and achieve the goal you targeted.

Life is never easy. Hence, if you wish to see the life you have ever imagined, you'll need to have your enthusiasm and energy level high. 

There's a myth that working for long hours without taking a break can lead to success. Many believe in this but this is not so true.

Sometimes, to impress our seniors or to get office work done, we work more extra hours in the office. This may help you to complete the work but to get your office work done, you have wasted your "me" time on it. That "me" time which you could have spent with your family or to workout at the gym, doing yoga, meeting friends, etc.

Enjoying time for your personal life, helps you to keep your personal life on track. Just like professional life, personal life is too important. 

Also, it is proved that Relaxation of mind and body helps in getting brain more ideas that can help to get more achievements in your professional life. Hence, creating a balance between personal and professional is important.

6. Working on weakness

In today's world, where competition is high. Every individual is working towards getting all the luxuries in life, and for that we want ourselves to be perfect. But sometimes we do a mistake. To show how perfect we are, we often ignore/ avoid or hide our weaknesses. Many of us have misconceptions about the term weakness. Our feeling of weakness is something that shows how bad we are at something. 

In reality, weakness is not something that leads you to failure but ignoring them can.

Just like how we excel in some skills or the other, same way we lack in some things and there is nothing to feel guilty about. In fact, every one of us is lacking in something or the other. No one is perfect in this world and you need to realize this.

If you are avoiding or hiding your weaknesses that means you are running away from them. If you are facing your weaknesses, you are showing how strong you are since you are putting all your courage into admitting and working towards your weakness.

Working on weakness helps you to work towards self-improvement and conquer the bad habits that you had and increase your potentiality towards your strength and thereby making yourself more productive in your professional life. 

7. Professional development

Believe it or not, competition in winning the race of professional life has become the most critical and important part of life.

People who have understood the current scenario, they are struggling hard to grow their career or professional life.

But unfortunately, many people don't want to thrive to achieve more in their careers.

They start quitting to find more growth in their career life once they reach the level or position which they were dreaming of.

Whatever may be the reason, one should never stop learning more about skills that can help his career life.

A person's leadership skills and other competencies can still be polished, as well as their knowledge of their industry and new technologies.

8. Not listening to the mind

Being living in the practical world, we often ignore the thoughts that we get in our minds.

However, if a person is going to perform something that involves a large group of people, emotions are essential. After all, it's vibing that we get from our heart for our exam and these vibes are never wrong.

By avoiding this, you may miss out on numerous opportunities for progress if you don't listen to your heart.

9. Having fear in mind

Risk is an inherent element in life. When you'll need to make decisions we must remember to be brave—but doubt can creep in.


Whether you're frightened to take a large career risk or a minor social risk like inviting a friend out for coffee, learning to take healthy risks can open up new opportunities and enhance your life.

If you want to grow stronger and better, you must sometimes take risks, challenge yourself, and try harder at things.

Of course, not every risk is a good one. You only want to take measured risks that will help you live a better life (not just the risks that feel good now).

10. Procrastination

There is no success where there is procrastination, and there is no procrastination where there is a success.

Procrastination is a thief of not only your time, but also your health, destiny, life, and success.

Bill Gates would not be a billionaire today if he had waited to start Microsoft. Instead of putting off your multi-million dollar idea, get started right away!

Final Thoughts

These are few important things you should avoid if you are looking at achieving success in life. 

An Inspiring Story About Joel Brown's Addiction To Success

Joel Brown - Addicted To Success

Joel Brown is best known for his #1 motivational and inspirational website worldwide - It offers inspirational quotes and articles, as well as videos, interviews, audio, podcasts, ebooks, and more from well-known authors and personal development coaches including Joel himself.

In 2015, Joel was also honored by SUCCESS magazine in their BlogStar Awards.

Early life

Joel was born on 16th April 1987 and spent his early years with his family in Perth, Western Australia.

Joel was working with the music industry in Miami, Florida. He was feeling unfulfilled and frustrated with the day job and of being under someone's control. 

How Joel got his vision

He then returned to Perth and started working as a sales executive. He worked with his full focus on getting pay rise and promotions. One day, the CEO and founder of his company invited Jordan Belfort, the wolf of wall street, to give employees a workshop on sales. Joel just took the opportunity to attend the workshop.

When Joel attended the training, Jordan asked Joel whether he had any goals. Joel embarrassingly admitted he didn't have any goals. Jordan then said something that immensely inspired Joel. “Goals are wonderful for short-term accomplishments, but what you really want to do is cast a vision for your life,” he explained. He encouraged Joel to think big and bigger. 

Jordan asked him what he is good at. Joel responded that he likes anything that is related to self-development. He was also good at computers. Jordan suggested formula and encouraged him to align what he is good at and work towards the vision. 

Joel was inspired by those ideas and began to consider how he could bring his passions, values, and strengths together in a way that would allow him to achieve his goals.

Joel came home and decided that he would start a website. He bookmarked motivational articles and quotes from the internet. He began to publish these articles on his website. At that time Joel had started writing his own articles too.

Joel used to utilize his break time to work on his website. His colleagues noticed him and asked him about this website. They were intrigued by what was on the website. Joel described them, that it was his website and that he shares inspirational articles and quotes on it. Soon his colleagues were sharing the website with their friends.  He included a share bar to allow people to easily share the articles that he publishes. This helped Joel get the initial traffic on his website. This is how was born.

The web traffic was increasing every day at a very high rate which even Joel had not expected. Later he decided to monetize it with Google Adsense. With the help of traffic that he was receiving on his website he was able to earn a good amount of money every month.

Initially, the revenue was few dollars per day. It then progressively increased to the point where Joel used the money on food and to pay his bills, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses. However, as he continued to produce fresh content, his website's traffic and ad revenue kept increasing. 

After nearly two years, the ad money was sufficient to cover all of his monthly costs, including rent and even a few vacations. This is the point where he achieved financial independence and decided to quit his job to focus solely on a website that had now become his primary business and never regretted his decision. 

It's been nearly 10 years since Addicted2Success began and now we all know, it's the world #1 motivational website. Joel's website has become one of the most prominent online sources of encouragement and inspiration in just a few years. Addicted2Success receives between 2 and 2.5 million visitors per month. 

What contributed to Joel's Success

Through personal development and sharing his own personal narrative, Joel's goal for this site has always been to inspire and empower other determined individuals. Over the last 10 years, the young entrepreneur has developed an entire business on this notion as a master of content and social media marketing. He is committed to post content that inspires people. He believes the people like to be inspired and by his work he is helping the community.

Looking at the success of, Joel had received many offers to sell his website but he always declined. Addicted2Success is more than a website to Joel; it's a brand. He treated Addicted2Success like his baby. He is dedicated to maintaining that brand. He puts in a lot of effort to give the quality in work - Be it addicted2success website, ebooks, and other materials that he produces.

Challenges Joel faced

There was a time when Joel declined to sell his website for million dollars and after some time the website traffic started to show a substantial downtrend. At that moment, Joel felt he should have taken those million dollars offers to sell his website. Joel, at this moment, decided to look at the solution rather than the problem. He thought of his long-term vision which helped him make the right decision. He decided to find the reason for the downtrend of the website. 

Joel discovered the downtrend was due to the changes in the Google algorithm and because of spammy backlinks that his competitors had created. Joel proactively worked on removing the bad links and bring the website back on to its path to success.

It shows how connected he was to his vision. Selling his website would have given him a million dollars but that is not a big amount as compared to what Joel earns now on his website. His vision helped him think from a long-term perspective.

Final thoughts

Joel's entrepreneurial path is remarkable. Starting with nothing more than a dream of a better life, he combined his abilities and passions and, in just a few short years, developed a thriving internet business, attained financial independence, and inspired millions of people. 

10 Ways To Increase Concentration and Focus

Lucky are those people who can easily concentrate on the things that are going on infront of them.
Basically it's students or people who work on projects or others are the main who faces the problem with concentration.
I still remember when I was a student, my mother fed me all those kind of foods that would improve my concentration. But how much those foods were really effective in improving concentration, is still the question which I can't answer confidently.

distracted when concentrating

What I have understood is that,
in order to concentrate, it's important for you to have a practice of concentration or habit of concentrating on one thing at a time. That's when you will able to concentrate on things that matter to you without distractions.

There are many different strategies that can help you to improve concentration and be focused.

1.  Improve brain power

With the evolution of technology, many gadgets are performing the task that our brain should do. Definitely, gadgets have made our task easy. But somewhere we have lost the habit of allowing our brain to make efforts. For example - Calculator is helping us to solve complicated calculations by giving an answer in seconds but that is the actual task which our brain should do. This may not look like a bigger problem but easing our life has reduced brainpower.
Effort should be to improve brainpower that will help you to improve focus. So carry the activities that would help you. Play games like Chess, Tetris, Sudoku or try to solve riddles. These are the brain training games that can help you to improve cognitive function.

2. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best strategies that can help in improving concentration.
How it works? Exercise helps in improving blood flow and thereby improves our body's ability to use oxygen. These directly create an effect on our brain and increases the production of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that are considered as a natural painkiller. When we exercise, they help in creating positive effects on our mind and body and thereby relieving the tension, anxiety anger, and mild depression - The main reason for us to get distracted in our life.

3. Take a break

While working all day is important but no one can get concentration on the whole time. Working for hours can make your mind tired. Taking a break in between can help you to make your mind fresh.
Stretching for a moment or walking for minutes or getting out of office or room and getting the fresh air can help you to feel fresh and thereby improving your mood and ability to concentrate better.

4. Improve the quality of sleep

Concentration, as well as other cognitive skills like memory and attention, can be easily disrupted by sleep deprivation.
Sleep deprivation sometimes may not cause you too many difficulties. However, not getting enough sleep on a regular basis might have a negative impact on your mood and work performance.
Too less sleep can weaken your reflexes and hinder your ability to drive or perform other daily chores.

5. Meditation

Meditation is a kind of exercise to our mind just like how physical exercise is a must to keep our body healthy. Studies have shown that meditation can help people with better focus and concentration. When we meditate, we help our mind to learn to focus on one thing at a time. The result is that our ability to concentrate increases. Nothing can happen overnight, it depends on the daily practice of intense meditation and as your level of meditation increases, it will help you to gain a strong concentration habit.

6. Avoid multitasking

The idea of multitasking can make you feel that it's a great way to complete all work in a short time but when practiced in reality, it can create more problems for you. Multi-tasking leads you to distribute your concentration on all the work you are performing and thereby chances are there that none of the tasks get your full attention. This will result in not getting the expected result and waste the time. Whereas, working on one task at a time can help you to complete the work with full concentration and get the expected result. Instead of multitasking, you can divide your time between all the work that you will have to perform for the day and thereby follow the plan. This will show a positive effect on your work.

7. Reading

Scientists have proved that our brain changes and develop when we read. Reading involves other several brain functions, like visual and audio process, phonemically awareness, fluency, and comprehension. In other words, when you read, you keep all attention focused on the story to get a better understanding of it. Hence, reading helps in getting attention span and improve your concentration habits and get more focused.

8. Avoid distraction

Poor concentration can be lead by distractions that are happening around you. In order to concentrate on one thing. Make sure you plan things accordingly. Complete all the tasks before you start working or studying. There are many small tasks that arise when you are in the middle of the work and that leads you to get distracted. Though you may not be generally aware of this completing those tasks before sitting with your work can help you to concentrate on the work. Planning your day in advance can help you to get more organized and concentrate efficiently. Many among us have a habit of checking our mobile frequently and new notifications can divert our mind from work. To avoid this, keep your mobile on silent and away from your eyesight. Create the habit of checking your mobile in free time. This will not only keep your concentration high but will also save your time and complete your work before expectation.

9. Mindset

Your mindset also plays a very important role in your daily life. We tend to give much attention to the things that matter to us. Nothing of the above tips can work if you don't do the work or study with interest. Whatever is done forcefully without interest will never bring a positive result. So, in order to get concentration, give a thought on how important and serious that work is. And make your mind understand that working hard on it with full concentration can make you succeed. Changing mindset positively can help you to create interest in the work or studies and when you work on something with a full mind, chances are less that you will lose interest.

10. Be in the present time

When you're thinking about the past, worrying about the future, or tuned out of the present moment for some other reason, it's difficult to stay mentally engaged.
It's also important to be present in order to reclaim your mental focus. Staying focused on the present moment keeps your attention sharp and your mental resources focused on the elements that are most important at the time.
Work on learning to genuinely live in the moment, even if it takes some time. You can't change what occurred in the past, and the future hasn't happened yet, but what you do today can help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future and pave the way for a more prosperous future.

Concentration is the foundation to make all the possibilities true. Be it a student or youth, it is must be concentrated in efforts to get success. Staying concentrated all-time can actually help not only to complete the work but also to get done work well. These are the best techniques for concentration. Following these tips might help you to get more concentration and focus on increased productivity.

Add or Change Favicon on Blogger New Interface [Updated 2021]

Favicon is a small icon shown next to the site URL in the address bar. By default, the blogger displays its own orange-colored icon as a favicon. You can make your blog more impressive to your audience by using your own customized icon.  

Blogger - Add Favicon

5 Best Foods To Purify Your Blood

Best food for blood purification

Millions of people have lost their lives across the globe due to the hit of the pandemic. Many among us have been caught in the nest of Corona. 
In such a difficult time, it is crucial to take precautions as well as care of your own health. It is important to adopt a hygienic lifestyle.

Ignoring our health problems can lead us to get into trouble and can cost our lives. Therefore, taking care of our own health becomes extremely important.
One such that matters is blood purity. Blood plays an important role in maintaining our overall growth well and keeping our body distanced from diseases. 
Blood not just helps in transporting vital nutrients, hormones, fats to the cells but also helps in removing the waste through the body. Therefore, keeping the blood clean is a must.

With the help of the kidney and liver, our body does the task of purifying our blood naturally.

But our food consumption helps a lot too in keeping our body fit. Some foods are easily available at home and consuming them every day can really help in detoxifying blood. So, let's have a look at the top 5 foods that really help in blood detoxification.

1. Water


Water is the most essential component of our life. To keep the body healthy and free of pollutants, we must drink plenty of water. Water not just keeps you be hydrated but also helps to detoxify your blood.
It aids in the maintenance of blood PH, blood viscosity, and the easy removal of contaminants. 

Drinking enough water aids the kidneys in removing waste from the bloodstream. Since drinking enough water is important for a healthy body, we have to make it a point to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

If you don't like having plain water, you can add lemon to the water, or preparing a juice with fruits can help you with the taste. This way, you won't get bored having water.

2. Leafy Vegetables

Advantages of consuming leafy vegetables

Most of us are not fond of leafy vegetables. The taste of leafy vegetables makes many of us hate them. 

But it is green leafy vegetables that have most of the nutrients that fulfill our body's requirements. Doctors advise their patients to have leafy vegetables if they are weak.

Leafy vegetables have anti-oxidants that help to protect cells from damage. Apart from so much benefit of having green veggies, one more important role they play is, they promote the detoxifying process of blood by creating enzymes in the liver. 

3. Turmeric

Consuming turmeric

Turmeric is a herb that is commonly used in Asian cuisine. It is commonly used as a spice. Turmeric is composed of 100 different components, the most important of which is a volatile oil called turmerone. 
Curcuminoids are the coloring agents found in turmeric. It is grown all over India, as well as in other parts of Asia and Central America.

Turmeric is a natural detoxifier. Turmeric milk aids in the removal of blood pollutants and purification. It helps in improving blood circulation in the body. It works as a blood thinner, removing pollutants from the lymphatic system and blood vessels.
Including turmeric into your diet is very easy. You can add it to the food you're preparing for lunch and dinner or you can add it to milk and have

Daily consumption of turmeric will not just clean blood but will also help in reducing cholesterol levels, reduce swellings, improving the functioning of the liver and also, help indigestion.

Turmeric is that spice that is easily available and at a low cost.

4. Beetroot

Healthy receipes of Beetroot

Beetroot is considered one of the healthiest vegetables.  It is filled with nutrients and antioxidants which are important for the human body. Beetroot can be consumed in the form of salad, veggies, or even juice. The taste of beetroot will never disappoint you.

How Beetroot helps in purifying blood?

The liver filters blood produces blood-clotting proteins detoxifies the blood and metabolizes medications. Beetroot's betalains antioxidants aid the liver's detoxification of pollutants and poisons.

5. Coriander leaves

Consuming corriander leave

Coriander leaves are easily available in every household. They are always added as a garnish on any dish. None of the spicy dishes are complete without adding coriander leaves. The aroma it has is strong and overpowering. 

But apart from its aroma, consuming them every day will benefit in numerous ways. One of them is blood cleansing.

Corriander leaves not just help in detoxifying blood but also helps in creating Plasma which is an important component of blood. They also have iron which plays an important role in transferring blood to all tissues. Iron is known to aid in the production of red blood cells and avoid cell damage.

These are the top 5 foods that help in purifying blood and keeping you away from getting diseases. 

The task of blood is not just to transport oxygen and nutrients to every tissue but also to eliminate waste and harmful pollutants out from our body.

The presence of pollutants or toxins in the blood can cause serious health issues.

For our body's better health and smooth functioning, it is important to be attentive to blood purification.

These foods are easily available in everyone's home and can be consumed without much effort. 

So, which of this food are included in your plate? Reply in the comment box.

How To Get Cloudflare Free SSL On Your Website

SSL is now a must-have for any website. 

SSL is a critical component of a secure Internet because it encrypts sensitive information as it moves across the world's computer networks.

How To Get Free SSL using Cloudflare

Even if your website does not deal with sensitive information like credit cards, SSL is required for security. It ensures the privacy, critical security, and data integrity of your websites as well as the personal information of your users.

SSL certificates issued by reputable certification authorities are extremely costly. However, there are free options available, such as Let's Encrypt and Cloudflare SSL.

This article will serve as a guide to use Cloudflare SSL on the website. SSL certificates are added to the domain. I hope you have already purchased a domain from reputed domain registrars. 

Follow the these steps to configure the SSL on your website.

1. Log in to Cloudflare. If you do not have an account then just sign up and create an account before you proceed further.

Login Cloudflare

2. Once you log in you will be asked to add a site.

Add a website to Cloudflare

3. Enter the domain you want to assign Cloudflare SSL.

4. Next you will have to select a plan. If you want a free plan, scroll down a bit and select the plan and click on the Continue button.

Select the Free Cloudflare plan

5. Cloudflare will also fetch records from your domain registrar. Review the records carefully. It is recommended to completely remove everything or at least the unnecessary ones by clicking Edit and then Delete. 

We will be adding these in step 11 manually.

Fetch DNS records

Update records in Cloudflare

You will now be asked to add the Cloudflare Nameservers to your domain. Depending on the domain registrar the interface might be different. 

6. Next login to your domain registrar portal in a separate tab. My domain is registered on Namecheap

7. The nameservers will be mentioned on the Cloudflare page. Please do not close this page because once you update the name servers on domain registrar portal you will have to come back to this page.

If you miss this page, you can find the nameservers under the DNS section on the Cloudflare portal. 

Assigned Nameservers

8. Update these servers on your domain registrar portal.

Update Cloudflare Nameservers in Namecheap

9. After you change nameservers you might have to wait for an hour and then
Go to the Cloudflare webpage again and click on the 'Check Nameservers' button.

It might take some time for Cloudflare to update the details. Once it is done you will receive an email too.

10. Once the settings are accepted, go to SSL section and select 'Full' so that Cloudflare uses end-to-end encryption for your website.

SSL setting

Now the Cloudflare stays between your domain registrar and the hosting to encrypt the connection using SSL.

We have completed one part of this entire thing. The next is using Cloudflare DNS settings to point your domain to the hosting.

For the purpose of demonstration we will use 000webhost to add hosting to the Cloudflare DNS.

11. In the DNS section of Cloudflare create CNAME records that point to your website hostname.

You basically have to create 2 records in Cloudflare as shown below.

000webhost DNS records

Replace with your website URL. Once saved the first CNAME will turn into a full name. Keep note of this name. We require this in the final step.

Configure DNS records
12. Click on the Cloud icon under proxy status and turn it off for both the records.

13. Login to your hosting Cpanel. Depending on the interface you would the hostname that should be used in configuring it with the domain.

000webhost cpanel login

14. Next go to CP Panel and add the domain to you configured with Cloudflare.

Cpanel Interface

15. Under the Tools section, Click on Set Web Address. Opt for Point Domain as it allows Cloudflare to manage and use subdomains pointing to other platforms.

Set web address

16. Enter the domain full name you configured in Cloudflare in step 11.

Press enter or save the changes. Once successful, the domain will be linked.

17. Turn back the proxy on in Cloudflare which we had turned off in step 12.

18. Enter the domain in the browser, the website should now load with SSL encryption which shows the lock symbol.

Set web address

Final thoughts... 
I wanted to keep this documented and share it with the people. This way of using Cloudflare SSL has to help me avoid the insecure message prompt in chrome and other browsers which creates a bad impression on the website.

Nervous About Job Interview? These Tips Can Help You To Gain Confidence

Interview tricks

No one's life is easy, at every stage life keeps on taking the test and we confront the situation without getting scared. But when it comes to attending the personal interview, no matter at what age we are or for what position we have applied, getting nervous is common. 

The reason behind this may be because we want to get the job we are applying for and realizing that there are hundreds of applications for the same post makes a person lose his confidence and get nervous.

Also what makes us more nervous is, an interview isn't just a casual interaction between potential employers and candidates.

It's also a formal meeting where the interviewer keeps observing the body language and gestures are being closely scrutinized, and every comment is taken into account. Even the most qualified candidates can lose their cool and spoil the interview if they are unable to handle such a difficult situation that puts their fate in jeopardy. Nervousness interferes with the brain's ability to operate properly, which explains why some people struggle to stay focused during an interview.

But that doesn't mean you should lose your chance of getting selected by getting nervous. 

Getting prepared to attend an interview is more crucial than wasting time waiting for a response from the company. Because if not for the current vacancy then the preparation you are doing is going to help you in future for another vacancy.

So, here are ten tips that I have drawn based on the opinion of Senior level HRs. Practicing them every day will really help you in gaining confidence and getting comfortable while attending the personal interview with various companies. 

1. Smile

Imagine you are conducting an interview and the candidate enters your cabin with an expressionless face. What will be your thought? you will lose interest in having a conversation and will conduct the interview for the namesake. isn't it? 

Smiling when entering the HR's cabin not just shows your interest in meeting with the interviewer but also depicts that you have the confidence to meet unknown people and get well going with them (which is very important for getting along in the team).

Smiling creates a pleasant atmosphere which is important for you to get comfortable while facing the interview.

Make a habit of smiling at unknown people when you meet them. This will help you to gain confidence and you won't hesitate while initiating an interaction.

2. Slow down the pace of talking

The normal speed of talking includes 140 to 170 words per minute. Speed higher than that or lower than 140 words can really affect your interview.

Studies show that we tend to speak faster when we are stressed or excited. 
Events such as personal interview do create a stressful situation in mind and often leads to creating a psychological disturbance that affects our speed of the speech.  

Speed of talking plays a very important role. It is the process where we convey our thoughts to the other person. In short, our speech should help us to let the listener understand what we're saying and should be able to grasp the message that we are communicating.

Along with that, we should also be able to keep the interviewer's interest alive in us through the mode of communication.

Increased speed of speech can make the listener lose understanding of what you are saying and all this can create an adverse effect in conveying your thoughts. Ultimately, you fail to express yourself clearly.

A personal interview is one of the important events in everyone's life. Hence trying to give a flawless interview is everyone's wish. Therefore concentrating on the speed of speech is also important. 

Practicing reading at home can really help in improving and controlling the speed of speech.

3. Avoid getting distracted

Getting too many unnecessary thoughts about insignificant things before attending the interview can lead you to lose focus and get distracted. 

Distraction often leads you to behave in a cringe way which can affect the chances of you getting selected for the position. So, no matter how much your candidature fits for the vacant position if you can't gather your focus towards the interviewer and reply in the most suitable way. Hence avoiding distraction is a must during the interview. 

Mobiles are the primary source of distraction. The notification you receive can divert your mind from something important you were discussing.

Secondly, the posture that you are carrying in front of the interview panel. You won't feel relaxed and calm if you don't get yourself seated with the most comfortable posture. Wrong posture can lead you to repeatedly move your body to make yourself comfortable.

The next thing you should watch out for is nail-biting, touching your own skin, pulling the skin. This may give you satisfactory feeling but it may draw all attention and thereby you losing concentration.

In such scenarios, meditation can really help you to be focused all the time.
Being focused during an interview helps you to stay calm, alert, and attentive towards the recruiter.

4. Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the important gestures or body language that helps you to connect with people and making people feel your nature as more pleasant.

During an interview, eye contact with an interviewer conveys the level of confidence and self-esteem, which are necessary for getting selected. 

Making eye contact does not mean you should stare at the interviewer. Staring continuously can make the interviewer uncomfortable. Normal eye contact should aim at making eye contact slightly higher than normally you would. Eye contact while in conversation is more important.

Eye contact is the kind of ability that keeps the listener engaged and interested in the conversation that they are having with you. Hence, following this tip can really help you in real life. 

5. Posture while sitting

Right posture in interview

Choosing the right posture while facing the interview impacts a lot on your overall interview remark. Sitting straight in your seat during an interview sends out a message that you are trustworthy and can be dependable on you.

Slouching while sitting creates a bad impression of you on the interviewer. It shows that you have careless behavior. Such sitting postures should be avoided when you are in a very important meeting.

Try maintaining a steady balance in your upper body while facing the interviewer. 

6. Be relaxed

Just like posture and eye contact are important, the same way being relaxed is also important.  We have faced many of the interviews by now but what we forget while facing the interview is, to be relaxed and keep the body loose without holding ourselves. This is important as it keeps your confidence alive.

It is that ability that helps to stay calm and thereby helps to concentrate more on thinking while answering the questions. 

Whether you are appearing for an interview online or face to face in real, being relaxed helps in both ways by keeping you calm and composed.

It is interesting to note how it works? When you keep yourself relaxed, your heart rate slows down and your stress level which is very high during such events like interview gets lower and you get the safe feeling and behave the same way as you at your home. This helps in increasing the thinking level.

By practicing yoga and carrying exercises that promote calmness and relaxation in the body can help you to become an expert in it.

7. Breathing pattern

Getting anxious during an interview is common. Seeing the panel of interviewers looking at you when you enter the room itself makes you feel the environment is very challenging and thereby getting anxious is common.

Getting anxious during interview impacts the breathing pattern. 
Anxiety can make you breathe fast which causes discomfort and distraction.

To avoid this, practice deep breathing. This helps when you get nervous. Also, practice taking a pause before taking a deep breath. This habit will help you to control the rhythm of breathing. and thereby you'll be able to respond comfortably. 

The advantage of making a habit of adopting a breathing pattern is it will make you calm and in getting confident while talking without getting nervous.

8.  Never byheart

Every interview is different. You cannot predict the questions that will be asked by the interviewer.
The sets of questions that will be asked by the interviewer entirely depend upon his mood and his interest in conducting the interview.

Many times it happens that, the interviewer wants to test your IQ hence he asks questions that can put stress on your brain or some interviewer may want to know your opinion on a particular issue. Whereas some are like those who directly ask you the questions that you expect.

So, here you'll simply waste your time if you try memorizing the answers. That may give your satisfaction that you're ready for the interview but your entire interview process will get messy if you miss a single line from it.

Hence, the best you can do is make the main point of your experience. And understand the role you are performing in detail. There are many sites that also elaborate the role of positions, so make a study on it and understand it well.

Reading on current affairs will also be an added advantage for you because it can keep you prepared if any questions related to current issues are asked.

In short, understand the experience you have received from your past and present job and how you performed there, and how your presence in the team helped the company. If you study all this well, no one can stop you from getting succeeded in grabbing the post you are appearing.

9. Know more about the interviewer

One of the main reasons why we get nervous during interviews is that during preparation time we stress more on thinking about the interviewer. We become a kind of anxious thinking about how that interviewer will be, what will be his personality etc. In short, being anxious to know about the interviewer leads to more nervousness and wasting our time unnecessary.

So here, what best you can do is once you receive the details of the interview schedule and interviewer's details, try finding more about him.

Thanks to the internet, we can search for a lot of information with one tap.

So, once you get the name of the interviewer, you can try finding him on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Facebook will give you a glimpse of how his personal life is or how he's personally. Whereas, LinkedIn will give you information about his professional life and you can get an idea about his overall personality. 

This will help you to get prepared accordingly and you know the looks of the person with whom you'll be interacting and thereby you not getting anxious on this topic.

10. Try personality matching

This is one of the secret that can help you get succeed in passing the interview. All you'll have to do is pay attention to the interviewer while he's meeting you in the interview. 

Try to meet the same level as his and follow the same way of expression as he's following, also try to match your speaking pitch with his. In short, try matching your personality with him. This will create a positive impression and a good rapport with him.

You can find about the interviewer from social sites that can help you get an idea about his overall personality and you can use it as a tool to make yourself overall ready to appear for the interview the way he mostly prefers to.

In short, this will help you to get attention from the interviewer and a positive impression of you in his mind.


As the world is getting more advanced, qualifications and experience are not just enough to get selected. Employers lookout for a candidate who has a high level of energy and personality that matches the environment of the workplace. 

Confidence in interview

Hence, concentrating on self-improvement is also equally important while getting ready for an interview because it is self-improvement that will ultimately help you to gain confidence to face any type of interview with any level of an interviewer.

Practicing these ten tips will really help you in gaining confidence.
We missing out any point? do share with us in the comment box.

10 Steps To Live Your Meaningful Life With A Purpose

There are some people who live life without any purpose. There are others that live life just with commitments. And then there are these people who have dreams and purpose in life.

A life without purpose is pointless. There is no connection between anything you do in life. Your mind is unable to comprehend why everything is happening since nothing appears to be coherent.

10 Steps To Live Your Meaningful Life With A Purpose

People without a purpose do a lot of odd things and they even don't know why they are doing things they are unsure of. They choose their employment primarily for cash and convenience, and they end up at places they are not interested in.

People who are living just to fulfill their commitment are also not the people who have a purpose in life. They don't have any dreams to fulfill. They are just fulfilling their commitments. The fear of missing the commitments that drives them to live their life.

Some individuals define success in terms of how much money they have, how much influence they have, or how high their standing is. Even though they've achieved prosperity beyond their highest expectations, they still have a void in their lives – something is missing. 

People with a sense of purpose, on the other hand, frequently decline opportunities that do not advance their goals. Because they don't spend money unnecessarily when they are aware that they will need the money to invest in their new firm, a person with purpose will say no to expensive trips and they would rather do things connected with their dreams. They choose occupations based on how well they fit their mission, not on how convenient they are.

To put it in simple words - To live life with purpose is to live for fulfilling the dreams that we have.

1. Live your values

Everyone has core beliefs that determine how we make decisions and respond to various situations. We must explicitly identify these ideals in order to be conscious of our basic values.

People who live a life of purpose have core ideas and values that drive their daily behaviors and decide their short- and long-term priorities. Being a person of high integrity, as well as winning the trust and respect of others, are important to them. As a result, they have a clear conscience and spend more time listening to their inner voice than allowing others to affect them.

2. Have goals in life

Goals are the dreams you want to achieve. Having life objectives might also make you feel like you're living a purposeful life. 

Set specific goals and strive toward them so you may feel like you're getting somewhere in life. Make a list of your objectives and post them somewhere where they are always visible. They should be referred to frequently. 

Having goals in life is an important step towards living a purposeful life that will encourage you to see each day as a new opportunity to attain your goals.

3. Know your priorities

One of the most crucial rules that people with a purpose will follow is this one. They always organize their days ahead of time so that they don't get stuck deciding what to do first. 

When you plan your day ahead of time, you can prioritize your tasks based on their value. This will assist you in completing the most challenging tasks first.

4. Follow your dreams

People who live a life of purpose are excited to embrace the new day each morning. They are zealous in pursuing their goals, putting their hearts and souls into all they do, and believing that they are personally making a difference. You should have a dream as if you'll live forever and work towards them like there is no tomorrow.

If you pursue your dreams, you will have something to offer people in the form of hope, inspiration, and a sense of direction in life.

5. Love what you do

If you look at the history of incredibly successful people, you'll see that they all had one thing in common: they enjoyed what they did. Our passions have a significant impact on our lives. 

When we have doubts about the work we're doing or don't care about it, we're more likely to fail. When you begin to enjoy what you do, you will be self-motivated to get up every day and pursue your dream.

People with purpose are always self-motivated and work with utmost dedication towards their dreams.

6. Enjoy little things in life

Enjoy little things in Life

People who live a purposeful life treasure each moment and strive to live a life free of regrets. They are unconcerned about keeping score and instead enjoy the experiences that life provides.

While goals and objectives are important, an insatiable need for more can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment. Striving to go ahead all the time takes you away from joy and gratitude in the current moment.

The capacity to enjoy the tiny things can make a significant difference in your life. With just a tiny shift of perspective, there is reason to enjoy the small things and be grateful every day.

7. Give some time to yourself

People who live a purposeful life experience a sense of inner calm. They're content with who they are and what they have. What you'd be worth if you lost everything you own is the true measure of your wealth.

If you set aside enough time for yourself, you will be able to have a better understanding of yourself and how your mind operates. Paying attention to how you process information and thought might help you better understand your mind and, as a result, learn to know yourself. This helps to keep your purpose alive in your mind.

8. Stop comparing your life to others

People with a purpose never compare their lives to others since they are focused on achieving their own goals. They understand that everyone's values are unique and that they should never be compared.

People who have a sense of purpose are conscious of their ideals. These ideals add variety to life.

Comparing your values to those of others isn't going to help. Rather, show compassion to others. If you try to help someone, you will be pleased when they express gratitude.

9. Help others achieve their dreams

People who live a purposeful life make a significant effect on the lives of others. They do things for others without expecting anything in return, serve as role models, and get just as much satisfaction from seeing others succeed as they do from seeing their own.

People with purpose are always connected to everything around them and have the ability to choose how they act and interact with people, whether the people are cruel or kind, sympathetic or apathetic, collaborative or competitive. 

10 Steps To Live Your Meaningful Life With A Purpose

10. Never give up

Life is challenging, and when you've had a string of setbacks, it's difficult to remain hopeful and have a resilient mindset. It's difficult to remind yourself that you're capable of dealing with any difficulty. When life gets difficult, the easiest alternative always seems to be quitting up.

Purposeful people understand that success is never assured on the first try. The efforts are never in vain; even failure teaches us something that we may use the next time we try. People with a sense of purpose never allow failure to derail their plans.

Final thoughts:

The purpose is the foundation of life's success. You'll have a new perspective on your life after you obtain clarity. You'll feel good about who you are, what you stand for, and where you're going when you identify your purpose. When you find your purpose, you will no longer feel the need to seek approval from others. Remember, the goal of life is to live a purposeful existence.

10 Tips On Living Your Days With Positive Mindset

Today's world is so competitive that lacking behind can harm your present life and the future. Sometimes it's because of laziness that we face disappointment and otherwise, it's because of our thoughts. 

Having a positive mindset

Thoughts play an important role in our life. Ultimately it's our thoughts that design the outcome of our actions. Because in the end, it's our brain that actually controls our actions.

How thoughts are created? 

Thoughts are nothing but the conclusions of the events that we have experienced in our life or the observation that we have noticed in society. This experience has a lot of impact on our mindset. The thoughts that we normally get are the one that describes us. These thoughts do affect our reality.

To live with a positive mindset in today's generation is not just important but has become a necessity since every individual wants to succeed in their life.

How To Live Everyday With A Positive Mindset?

Every day is different and every day's experience is different but to lead the day with positivity is a choice. 

Though living a day with positivity looks difficult but practicing the following in day-to-day life can help to have a positive mindset.

To have a positive mindset, it is important to keep a check on our thoughts. 

Like I said earlier, our mind creates innumerable conscious and subconscious thoughts. It is these thoughts that help us to perform our day-to-day tasks. So, when we wake up in the morning, we have to make our brain understand that, everything depends upon our actions. It's our actions that bring out the expected results. Thus, bringing positive change in our inner voice can help to get a positive mindset.

The second most important thing is deciding. In our day-to-day life, we perform a lot of tasks. But most of the time we already decide or presume the outcome of the task. i.e. we are about to carry an important meeting and we are getting prepared for it but at the back of the mind, we know that this meeting is going to be unsuccessful and consequently same happens.

Hence, expecting a positive outcome from the day can help you to get your day to be productive.

With keeping a check on thoughts, it is also equally important to understand which are thoughts that are impacting you negatively.

Here, with monitoring your thoughts, becoming aware of the negative messages that you are feeding in your brain also becomes important.

Most often negative thoughts arise when we face failure or when things don't work out the way we have presumed they would. (Generally, this happens to everyone among us. But it affects bringing the positive mindset).


How to avoid negative thoughts?

Making an effort in identifying where and why these negative thoughts are coming from is important. 

Avoid negative thoughts

This will eventually help you to understand the reason behind the certain belief that you have. This will not only help you to get aware of such thoughts but will also help you in making you understand how you can avoid such feelings and bring in positive thoughts.

These are some of the tricks that if you played with your brain can help you to improve your thoughts positively and get a positive mindset. Apart from these, there are some physical practices that can help you to live your day with a positive mindset. Some of them are:

1. Begin your day with chuckling

Studies have proven that laughter not only lowers anxiety, stress, and depression but also helps in improving self-esteem.

In all situations, be receptive to a sense of humor. No matter what situation you are facing, give yourself permission to laugh. 

This will eventually help you to feel better and relaxed, feel fresh, and get positivity or the ray of hope.

2. Don't Believe in other people's opinion

The first thing people with a positive mindset do is they don't believe in the comments of the people. Because not all people want to see you growing and their one negative opinion about you is enough to spoil your day.

Keep yourself open to the advice of the people who really care for you and have helped you in your life.


3. Change is adaptable

If you want to have your day filled with a positive mindset then you'll have to remove the belief from your mind that bringing change is not possible or it's too late now to bring the change.

There is no time such as late. Practice bringing the change when you feel it's the need.

4. Play with pets

It is said that pets and babies are the most innocent creature on the earth. 

Spending time with them can help you brighten your day and uplift your mood.

5. Healthy Breakfast

If our tummy is happy, it can keep us active for an entire day.

There are many healthy recipes that are available on the internet. Spending some time in the kitchen and preparing a healthy breakfast can keep full for the rest day and you get the required energy to get started with the day.

Happiness With Healthy Breakfast

6. Get started with Running and Yoga

One of the best ways to keep yourself positive-minded is by starting your day with running or performing Yoga. When you do exercises on regular basis, it will help you to make you feel better and energized for the rest of the day.

7. Remembering the dream you have can help you in getting the positive mindset

Every human has some dream or aim. Realizing them and putting them always ahead of everything in your life can help you to carry a positive mindset. Since it needs a lot of positive energy to complete the dream.

Hence, always remember your dreams and keep your aim on them every day.

8. Plan your day

This one is personally my favorite and navigating your day based on what you planned can help you to get positive outcomes from the day. It also helps you begin your day with a positive mindset.

9. Keep your schedule busy on weekdays

There is a popular saying, "Empty Mind Is Devil's Home". We have many plans to do but not getting ideas from where to start, ends up in not doing anything, wasting our time, and getting the thoughts that kill the hope.

So, the best idea to keep your mindset positive is to keep doing productive work. 

Keeping yourself busy for the day helps you to not get distracted and concentrate on the work you're doing. And thereby you give yourself and your life a boost in positivity.

10. Listen to podcasts and watch videos

These days getting a source for a positive mindset is very easy. We have facilities like an internet connection and mobile that can give any information that we require.

There are podcasts, interviews of successful people about how they cope up with problems, negativity in life. Find out how they created a positive mindset since having a positive mindset is like a stepping stone for getting closer to success.

Such videos do exist on YouTube. Watching them can help you to get ideas on how you can keep your positive mindset and live the day.


Though nothing is easy nothing is difficult either. As the word impossible itself says I-m-possible. Only a need is to gather the courage and taking the decision to start your life again.

It is never late for a person who wants to make his life better. Hence, give yourself a chance to practice these tips in life. Though it will take some days to inculcate. But once done, you won't find it difficult to live your day with a positive mindset.

Are our blogs inspiring? Do let us know your feelings in the comment box.

How to Write a High Quality Blog Post in One Hour

If you are into blogging or writing articles you would already know how important time is. You would want to complete as many articles as possible in a short time. You try to do it and then you would see your article, not of that quality which anyone would want to read. Every single one of your blog articles should be high-quality material. Never make the mistake of publishing low-quality blog content on your website. You'll taint your readers' perceptions of you, and your reputation will suffer as a result. 

How to Write a High Quality Blog Post

How to write a high-quality blog post in one hour?

To write a quality blog post in 60 minutes you have to follow a systematic approach in which you divide the time between various tasks involved in a blog post. 

Let us see how I do this.

So within the first two minutes, I should have the title of my blog post ready. Next eight minutes to research the keywords and the topic to find the information I need. Another five minutes to write the intro paragraph and the answer paragraph. More five minutes to get three to five subheadings as outline in a structured manner. Once I spend twenty minutes to reach this milestone, I would spend the next thirty minutes writing the fill-in content for the subheadings I made previously. Finally, I would spend ten minutes to add a full-width image at the top and other supporting images and schedule the blog post.

Some people follow Pomodoro techniques to increase their productivity. This should work where you get distracted easily or where you would need frequent breaks to keep you refreshed. But for me, Blogging is not a boring chore to do and hence I allow my mind to be free but follow the timeline. Sometimes I finish my article much earlier within 40 to 50 minutes but on some articles, I take 15 to 30 minutes more beyond the 60-minute target. You could also use a journal to be on track as you write.

Let's break down everything in detail.

Write High Quality Blog Post In 60 Minutes

1. Keep your blog titles ready

There was a time when I looked for topic ideas just before writing the article. This wastes a lot of time. Now I follow a different method. I look for topics when I browse the internet off-time. I note the topics I will write along with some titles ready with the main keyword included so when the timer starts I just need to pick the one which I feel suits the article I am writing. This really helps you to avoid wasting time and also helps you to come out of writer's block.

2. Research to get the information for your article

This could be a time-consuming step. To complete this step quickly, just find around 2 to 3 sources that are most relevant to the article you are writing. Read them quickly to get all the relevant points to your mind. Give out 2 to 3 minutes on each source. 

While you write to connect with your audience, you don't need to come as an expert. You could be one of your audience who had the same problem and did some research to find out a solution to fix it and you want to share the solution with others. You could mention the research you did basis on which you can suggest a solution to your audience. But if you know your niche well, this would be a quick and easiest thing to do. At this point, you would already have the subtopics you will cover in your mind.

3. Write the first paragraph and the answer paragraph

The first paragraph is just 2 to 3 sentences where you are going to set a connection with your audience. The sentence relates your solution to the problem that your audience has. This has to be clear in defining the problem the article is solving. You could also use this as a description of your blog post.

The answer paragraph provides the to-the-point solution in summarized form. This has to be clear and written to evoke interest. This is a point where your user will decide whether to read your article completely or to abandon it and go elsewhere. Make sure you use your main keywords in these paragraphs.

4. Write 3 to 5 subheadings as an outline

As you already know the information you are giving out from step 2 and the summarized version of the solution in step 3. The article is missing details. That is where we require the subheadings to explain the solution in detail and to make it useful to the audience. The articles that rank are usually 2000 words hence we would need more things to include in the article.

It would not take more than 5 minutes to get the outline of your blog post as well as the structure ready. By now you must have already written 500 words of your article. Make sure you make use of relevant keywords in your subheadings. Also, apply relevant headings tags which are usually the h2 and h3 tags.

5. Write fill-in-content for the subheadings

Once you have the subheadings ready you just have to fill in the data. You could explain all the subheadings. It makes it easier as it completely avoids writer's block and also makes it easier for your audience to understand the concepts. 

There is an easier way to do this using Google Docs. You just have to dictate and the Google Docs would type it for you using the Speech to Text engine. You could just copy the text, make the necessary changes and your article would be almost ready.

6. Insert a featured image at the top of the post

Your text portion is all ready, now you just have to find the right image and insert it at the top of your blog post. You should also have a couple of supporting images to fill in between the subheadings. Adding images should not take more than 5 minutes. 

Grab some images and save them on your device, run it through compression apps online like TinyPNG and add it to the blog post. Once this is done you just have to read your post and make the required changes and corrections. Finally, schedule or publish your blog post.

Add Images to blog post

Final thoughts

Over time, you will improve. What takes you three hours today may just take you one hour next month or even next week. The key is to stay the course and follow this systemic approach. Implement the tactics, hone your talents, and make positive goals to improve... and you'll notice progress quickly.







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