10 Handy Google Search Tips You Should Always Know

Google search is now an integral part of our day-to-day activities. There would be hardly any day when you have not done a Google search. We search everything on Google first even before asking anyone. 

10 Handy Google Search Tips

Anything related to Health or Finance, I would suggest taking the advice of experts you trust rather than the information that is posted online.

Do you want to know the weather forecast? Google it. Are you looking for directions to a restaurant? Do a Google search. Have you seen a strange rash or are you wondering why your dog is going weirdo? Look it up on the internet. 

Today we are sharing the best Google search hacks to help you quickly find what you're looking for. So let's go. 

Most of our Google search tricks revolve around the search bar. So be sure to read all the way through to the end to know all those advanced Google search tips, bonus googling tricks and use them when necessary. 

Tip # 1: Search directly within the website

You can use this tip to only show results from a specified website. Are you in a situation where you are trying to endlessly find that great article on a blog? You know, they posted it but you just can't seem to find it. So just type in You should replace with the site name you are searching for. Press space and then type in the search term you'd like to search. And now, let's hit enter. You would only see search results for the site from are given in my search results.

Here I am trying to find the friendship quiz posted on my blog.

Handy Google search tips

Tip # 2: Search with quotation marks

This tip is really handy if you're doing Google search for exact phrase for something specific or a specific string of words or phrases. So what you're doing by adding quotation marks, followed by your search query, and then ending with another quotation mark, is that you want Google to search for that specific phrase in that exact order.

Usually, when you search without quotation marks, it searches for all the words in any order. For example, if we search for Google search tips, it will search the internet for websites that contain these three words in any order.

Searching with quotation marks

This is useful in a variety of situations. Perhaps you're attempting to establish whether or not something has been plagiarized. Choose a unique statement from the source material and search for it in quote marks to check if any precise matches appear in the search results.

Let's imagine you're looking for the source of a statistic you saw on a website. Other sites quoting that precise statistic can be found by searching for that statistic in quotation marks.

Tip # 3: Include or exclude specific words from search results

This is useful in most situations. A simple plus or minus symbol can radically transform the way you search. So all you have to do is place a plus symbol directly before a word you want Google to include in the search results, and then place a minus symbol exactly before any word you wish to omit from the search results.

Include or exclude certain words in search

If you're looking for remote marketing jobs but don't want to see results from Upwork, you can search for remote marketing jobs -Upwork to instruct Google to exclude any results that contain the phrase "Upwork."

Tip # 4: Use the asterisk symbol to fill in the blank

Add the asterisk as a placeholder for an unknown word or fact in your search term. This asterisk tells Google to fill that asterisk with relevant words by itself. This is particularly useful when searching for quotes for motivation. So in this case, you probably know few words of the quote. So you could use Tip # 2 in conjunction with an asterisk to find the exact motivational quote you want.

Using asterisk in Google search

For example, Type the words of quotes enclosed in quotation marks. For the words, you don't know type an asterisk instead and hit enter. You will see the quote you were looking for as your first result.

Tip # 5: Find similar sites

This is an excellent Google search tip. Let's imagine you have a favorite website that you visit frequently, but you'd like to find similar information because you're becoming tired of just one site. 

Finding similar sites

In Google bar for searching. Simply input the term related, followed by a colon, then the name of the website you wish to see similar results for. So, for example, we want to find a florist website. We may type in or anything like that. Also, take note of this. There are no spaces, so simply press enter. Boom. You are shown other sites like

Tip # 6: Look for a Google cached version of a website.

This tip is useful if a website is unavailable but you still need to view some of its material. Once the search results are displayed on your screen, click on the three vertical dots next to the search result. In the 'About this result' box, you will find a 'Cached' button at the bottom. Click on the button to view the cache for that website.

You can also view the cached version of a website by typing cache: followed by the URL of the website. For example to view the cache of Success Trending Website you could type ''

View cached version of webpage

Tip # 7: Find your external IP address

If you want to know the IP address that appears on the internet, you can just type 'What's my IP' in the Google search bar. This is the public IP address that appears on the internet. If you are on static IP, you can use it to connect to your computer from the internet.

Google IP Search

Tip # 8: Use search operators to find refined results

Search operators are very powerful tools for Google search. We will see some of the search operators such as allinanchor:, allintext:, allintitle:, allinurl:, intext:, intitle:, inurl:, filetype:, link:.

allinanchor: When this operator is prefixed to a search phrase, Google limits the results to pages that have all of the query terms you specify in the anchor text on the page's links.

allintitle: When you prefix allintitle: to your search term, Google limits the results to those that include all of the query terms you specify in the title.

allintext: When this operator is prefixed to search term, Google search will return pages in results that contain all the query terms you specify in the text of the pages.

allinurl: If you begin your search with allinurl:, Google will only return results that contain all of the query phrases you specify in the URL.

intitle: The query intitle:term returns only documents with the term in the title. For example, searching 'DOS commands intitle:help' will return documents with the word "help" in the title and the words "dos" and "commands" anywhere on the page (title or not). However, when you use this operator there should be any space between the operator and term.

intext: The query intext:term only returns documents that have the term in the text. Taking the same example above,  searching 'DOS commands intext:help' will return documents with the word "help" in the text of the page and the words "dos" and "commands" anywhere on the page (title or not). However, when you use this operator there should be any space between the operator and term.

inurl: If you use inurl: in your query, Google will only show you documents that include that term in the URL. The query 'inurl:healthy habits' returns pages with the terms "healthy" in their URL and the word "habits" mentioned anywhere in the text. Similar to intitle and intext, when you use this operator there should be any space between the operator and term.

link: If you type link: followed by a URL it will return a list of pages that point to that URL.

Tip # 9: Google search by filetype

Yes. You can actually use Google to look for files. So this works by accessing any publicly available files that are floating around the internet. Simply type in the name, title, or keywords from a report that you require, then hit space, type in filetype: all one word, and then hit enter. You'll see PDF search results that include the keyword you provided in the title. 

Searching for files on Google

Other file extensions can be treated in the same way. Perhaps you require an Excel spreadsheet. Simply change the file type to XLS and search for it on Google.

Tip 10: Search with an image (Reverse Image Search)

Yes, it is possible.  

If you've ever found yourself admiring artwork, tech gear, or a bag that you desire but don't know what it is, this is the place to go. You can either take a picture of it or copy and paste the URL into Google to assist you to locate the item.

Reverse Image Search

So, here's how to search Google using a Google image. Select the Images tab from the drop-down menu. Now, in the search bar, click on the camera icon to upload a photo or a PC URL. So, because I've already taken a picture of a jacket, I'm going to upload it. I like it, and now Google will show me either the exact image or something that looks similar.

Bonus Tips

I promised you that there will be bonus googling tips in the post. Here it is. Do you know how to filter a search by usage rights? 

So this is really handy when you want to ensure that you can use the results, as any images, for example, with no copyright issues.

It is possible to do so directly from Google's image search interface.

Google Image Search now makes it simple to find images based on their usage rights. This option has been around for a while, but it has never been so simple to use.

Search Image with usage rights

All you have to do, as shown in the image above, is go to the image search section and click on 'Search tools' to bring up a list of filtering options. Then, click on 'Usage Rights,' and you can filter the results using the options shown above.

The next tip is for searching with year range. This is very simple. After you type your search give space and then year range as 2018..2021.

And now I want to know from you. What are your favorite Google search tips and tricks? And why not let everyone know in the comments below as always. Well, I want to know. So share it with friends or leave that comment below or maybe you want to go one step further and subscribe to my blog for more content like this. I'd ever so grateful. 

Success Quotes To Inspire And Motivate You

Define your version of success

You know that you’ve been struggling to get success, that huge frustration in your life that doesn't seem to get over even after you doing all the things possible for you to be successful. But you haven't achieved what you always wished for.

Life is very difficult and we expect many things in our life. We feel miserable when these expectations are not fulfilled. Our strive for success may sometimes make us feel tired and demotivated. But never give up!...

All the successful people we have come across have always been inspired by their motivating phrases. Words are powerful. They can encourage us. They can discourage us. They can build up. They can also make us fall apart. We should be mindful of words. It would not be wrong to say that words influence our thoughts. 

It's all within our thoughts. When we change our thoughts, We begin to bring a lot of positivity into our life. We should always think about being successful and remember that challenges are temporary and unavoidable. at every stage of life, you'll get the problems arising and then the challenge to face them. But, what you chose will decide the faith. you chose to face them and fight against them or give up before trying.

The Law of Attraction is definitely something you've heard of. "You can experience anything in your reality if you conceive it in your mind," it basically states.

Here are some of the most memorable best quotes to inspire you to be successful. These quotes will surely help you become more resilient, stronger and push you to face your challenges without the fear of losing. You will surely love reading them.

1. To get the confidence to face the challenges that life throws at you, you must make up your mind to face the fear without any second thought. it is through such a process you gain confidence, courage, and strength.

Positive Quotes

2.  Our life is always led on the path that we chose. Sometimes we choose the wrong path unknowingly. And when realized, we keep regretting our decision. But as said in the below quote, there's always a chance for you to turn back and adopt the right path.

Inspirational quotes

3. Life shows different situations to each and every one. Some get out of it whereas some don't. But, many learn a lot from those difficulties and one of the things that learned is, you can't expect others to help you or people who will support you in your problems. It is these problems that make one stronger, independent, courageous and strong.

Motivational quotes for women

4. We often underestimate ourselves. When the time comes to show our power, we run towards self-empathy. And it is such incidents that keep you away from success.

If you want to be successful, don't underestimate yourself.

Inspirational quotes

5. One quote that is close to my heart. Life is always what we make it.  Sometimes we easily give up on the things that we really want in our life due to innumerable reasons and as a result, most of the time, it is we who regret giving up rather than fighting to get it.

Flying Beast

6. Sometimes, we think about failure so much that we skip many things. Rather than thinking this way, there's always a chance to get success by trying.


7. We concentrate on others' opinions so much that we end up wasting our time. 

Quotes on life

8. Time is always precious. Spend it wisely.


9. Never let your spirit get down. No matter how many times, keep trying until you get succeed.

Quotes to inspire

10. Make a habit of taking a break in between when you face disappointment. And use that time to plan your strategy on how to come back and get succeeded.

Quotes on life

11. Every human has equal potentiality. Sometimes it is we who forget what we are capable of.

Quotes to motivate

12. Life is never the same and it keeps throwing the challenges in life. It is these challenges that make you a hustler. If you avoid taking "risks", you actually keep yourself away from understanding the real meaning of Life.

Life quotes

13.  Ultimately, it's our thoughts that help us to take the decision in life. 

Attitude matters

14. many people like to see the brighter side of others. Always be you. Never hide your flaws.

Success quotes

15. no one is going to stop you. People may give you advice but won't live your life. It's your life. Don't hesitate if you want to start your life again.

Sometimes, it's a fresh start that takes you to success.

Success Trending

16. It is our mind that helps in getting out of the problems. Therefore peace of mind is very important. Spending 30 minutes every day practicing Yoga can really help in making your day productive and improve your quality of thought.

Life Balance

17. A famous quote from The Nick Vujicic. We often make a long-term plan and while following it we get tired and we lose interest in following. Instead, make your mind work for another day.

Inspirational quotes

18. Loosing is actually not a failure if you realize that it helps you to try again in another way.

Quotes from people

19. You won't get successful if you don't try for one more time after a failure. Everything is in your hand.

Inspirational quotes

20.  As Sun rises every day, it brings new hope to get your dream possible.

Quotes for happiness

And the concluding words from me: Success is never achieved in the first attempt, for that you'll need to keep trying until you get it. Your Attitude matters a lot. 

Never Give Up!. Success is Trending! Happy Day!

6 Step Guide To Easily Run An Instagram Giveaway Contest

Growing an Instagram page from base to million is not an easy task. Apart from the dedication of posting the right content at the right time, the other thing is running a giveaway contest.

If you are thinking about how to do Instagram giveaways but do not know how to do it then this article is a must-read. You will learn how to create a successful Instagram giveaway easily using the step-by-step approach. You will also understand how you can align the contest to your goals.

Run an Instagram giveaway

Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Career In Robotics

Transformers l movie

The modern film industry is fascinated with robots and many Hollywood and Bollywood movies are been made where the main characters are robots. Some of the movies are Transformer, Terminator, Ra-One, and so on.
There are no fewer people or the number of fanbases is not less who love movies that are based on robotics and artificial intelligence.
Since there is so much shoutout for such movies from the public, especially youngsters, we thought why not to share some insight into careers in Robotics.

Like said earlier, today's youngsters are more interested to get into the details of how Robotic works and how they have actually changed our world.

The growing role of robots in everything ranging from cleaning carpet, conducting medical surgeries, working in toxic conditions to space exploration; suggests that there is a much wider scope in the coming future and there is a need for young and talented robotics engineers.

As the use of robotics has already started for making our life easy, in the coming years, robots will be used in various fields including manufacturing, transportation, military, security, etc.
Robotics is an interdisciplinary field. In short, to make a robot, you'll need input from various other fields like mechanics, electronics, computer software. Other than these fields, even cognitive science, biology, forensics have a role in robotics studies.

The job role of Robotics Engineer

As said earlier, robotics engineering is a vast area, in the same way, there are many job roles for which recruitment teams normally lookout for. The list includes designing robots, developing new applications for robots, maintenance work, conducting research on future development, etc.
Like any other engineer, robotic engineers should also possess strong analytical and logical reasoning skills.

Robotics Engineering profession

What to study?

Robotics and artificial intelligence are specializations offered at the post-graduation level. You need to begin with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Technology (B.E. or B.Tech) after passing higher secondary schooling in the Science stream. 

If you have an interest in studying Mechanical engineering then you can consider doing your B.E. / B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. If you have an interest in computers you can get enrolled in computer science engineering. 
Other than these streams, you can also enroll yourself in Electronics Engineering or Mechanical Engineering as they also develop strong fundamentals that credit into Robotics and artificial intelligence.
After completing graduation, you may pursue M.E. / M.Tech in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

There are countable colleges in India that offers M.E. /M. TECH in specialization in robotics. Some of them are:

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 
2. National Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
3. MS University, Baroda
4. Osmania University, Hyderabad
5. BITS Pilani, Goa
6. Sri SathyaSai Institute of Higher Learning, Andhra Pradesh
7. University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun
8. Jadavpur University, Kolkata
9. Thapar University, Patiala

Scope of Robotics Engineering in India

If you'll turn the pages of past years, not much scope was seen for Robotics and artificial intelligence. But as the world is running towards development, the need for A.I. is becoming a necessity.
Even in India, the scenario is changing. If you feel that there are no companies who are hiring at present for robotics engineers then there are many companies who are taking the help of robotic engineering for assisting their workforce.

Here is a list of few companies in India that recruit Robotic and AI Engineers. 

1. Precision Automation Robotics India Limited
2. Tata Advance System
3. Kuka Robotic 
4. Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Limited
5. DiFACTO Robotics and Automation
6. GridBots Technologies
7. Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
8. Bhabha Automatic Research Centre
9. Indian Space Research Organization

Salary package in this profession

As every company has its own policies regarding the salary package for their employees, and also as there is a demand for professionals in this field, every post-graduation passed out student from this engineering field gets a good salary package.

Starting salaries can range between 4 Lacs to 8 Lacs per annum. 
With few years of experience, you can expect remuneration of above Rs. 12 Lacs per annum.

Jobs in Robotics and artificial intelligence


In short, Robotics is a discipline of engineering concerned with the design and manufacture of robots. Robots are pre-programmed machines that can do activities independently or semi-autonomously for the company's benefit. 

It is already predicted that, just like how computers moved to the home in the 1980s, robots will gradually move out of the industrial and scientific realms and will engage into our everyday life so much that it will be difficult for the future generation to live without the help of robots.

And it is already seen that Robotics is already getting in demand currently so high that Robotics Engineering will be one of the top high-end careers that will be in most demand in the coming years. 

Hence, today's youngsters who really are keen on robots and AI can seriously think about adopting their interests into a career.

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

Are you looking for something to beautify your website or blog with a daily motivational quote? And also increase engagement and traffic to your blog.

Let's introduce you to our Quote Of The Day widget. You can easily add the Quote Of The Day widget to your blogger or WordPress website. It is fully mobile responsive. The Quote Of The Day widget can help you in many ways. Read on to learn more about the Quote Of The Day widget.

Send HTML Forms on Blogger Asynchronously Using AJAX

Have you ever faced challenges when designing a form on a blogger to capture user input and send it to the server for processing?


It's a fairly common requirement for any blogger to use a form to send data. But most of the time when the form is submitted it opens a page where it sends the data. Today, I will show how to send the form using AJAX without opening a new document page. 

So what is AJAX? 

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It allows us to send the data asynchronously to the server in the background and making it possible to update the page, without reloading. When the form is submitted an event listener attached to the form element passes the control to a JavaScript function which then proceeds to send data asynchronously using the XMLHttpRequest Object

First, we will design a simple form.

Copy and paste the above into the HTML section of the page and it should look like below

Then comes the JavaScript to send the form to the server through AJAX.
Let us design a function to send the data.

The main drawback of the AJAX method, the page where the data is sent should be in the same domain. If it is not on the same domain then it will be blocked by the browsers. You can still do a workaround on this issue which I will tell you later in the article.

AJAX is not supported by all the browsers and there is a different way of implementing AJAX in different browsers. For example, Opera 8.0+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome will support the new XMLHttpRequest(); but a browser like Internet Explorer requires you to use the ActiveX Object for this purpose.

You can replace this code above const xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); with more browser-specific JavaScript code below

This is an example of the Front end code. You would also require a corresponding code on the server. Depending on the type of server, this can be done in PHP or Active Server Pages or any language available on the server. If it is a third-party API, then there will be documentation guiding you with implementing the communication between the AJAX code and the Server.

Great User Experience

When AJAX requests are sent to a domain that is not the same as where the page is stored, the requests are blocked by the browser as this causes CORS Issue. Read the below article to correct the CORS issue.

Knowing AJAX can help you make simpler pages that update using the response from the server. It is useful when communicating with various APIs on the internet.

10 Reasons Why You Should Always Compete With Yourself

Happy Woman

You would know how competitive life has become. Be it any aspect of life there is competition. Is it good to be competitive? 

Yes, being competitive has many benefits and at the same time, there are few disadvantages too.

Competitive people are ambitious and self-assured. They don't give up easily, either, and are willing to go to any length to realize their greatest ambitions. We admire them because they eventually achieve success. 

Being competitive, on the other hand, has its drawbacks. Self-absorbed, egotistical, and finicky persons are common characteristics of competitive people. 

Furthermore, they are constantly stressed since their desire to succeed is fueled by a fear of losing. This is because they are competing with others.

But if you want to improve and compete healthily, without any stress, you must compete with yourself rather than with others.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be always competing with yourself.

1. No one is perfect but you are perfect for yourself

You would agree with me on this point that no one is perfect and everyone has some imperfections. Similarly, when you have imperfections there will be someone better at doing things than you. There is no point in proving otherwise. And if you try to prove it, you would end up wasting your resources or failing miserably.

You won't have to worry if someone else gets something first if you learn to compete with yourself rather than with others. When you put in the work or the effort required to get it, you know it will come to you at the right time and in the perfect location. You may value what you have and what you have accomplished, and utilize that as a benchmark to become more successful — rather than simply following in the footsteps of others who have already achieved success.

2. You don't have to compare yourself to others

You train yourself to compare yourself to others by continually competing against others, especially those who are better than you. As a result, you believe you're never good enough, robbing you of all joy. 

If you're always comparing yourself to others or trying to keep up with them, you're probably disregarding your own qualities and talents. You might even conceal your skills and abilities.

When competing with your own self, you never compare yourself to other people. Instead, you will compare your past self and think about how you can improve on.

When you stop comparing your life to other people's, you can concentrate on yourself and your own qualities, abilities, and accomplishments. Self-esteem will rise once you stop comparing your life to others.

3. You don't win or lose

People who compete with themselves are accomplished than those who compete against others because they recognize that there is more about being successful than just winning. Being a winner does not imply crossing the finish line first, but rather giving it your all to achieve your objective. The competition would be meaningless if this were not the case. As a result, you can be victorious without having to win. What matters is the process and what you prove to yourself, not to others.

When it comes to losing, you will lose from time to time, but you will not blame others for your failure. You'll instead take full responsibility for your conduct. Failure will not be a cause for depression or anger, but rather an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and promise yourself that you will do better next time.

4. You learn to appreciate what you have

Furthermore, comparing yourself to others prevents you from appreciating what you have. Instead, you concentrate on what you don't have. The trouble is that you'll never have everything, and if you do, you'll be miserable. After all, it's not the accomplishment of your objectives that makes you happy, but the pursuit of them. Consider that for a moment.

By competing with your own self you learn to live with gratitude. Gratitude is a very important aspect of self-improvement.

People who are grateful are happier in their friendships and familial ties. They're less sad and stressed, and they're happier as a result. They have a stronger sense of control over their lives, more self-esteem, and better coping skills when things are rough.

5. You can define success on your own terms

We all know what "success" entails. For everyone, the definition of success is different like for example, graduating from college, getting the "perfect" job, meeting the "right" person, buying a house, and starting a family. That isn't to imply that folks who do so nowadays aren't successful; they certainly are.

Successful people compete with own self because it has a sense of happiness. It makes them happy. They don't do it believing it will make them happy. The urge to compete with own self should come from within.

Similarly, when you don't care about what others think of you and pursue whatever makes you happy, you define your success by how you feel, how you fulfill yourself, and how you live your life and not by what others think of you.

Define your version of success

6. You get to try something better and something that you never did earlier

Another harsh reality of maturity is that we all stink at some things. Or, maybe even worse, there are those things at which we excel but are simply not excellent enough to be successful. I'm not suggesting that you abandon your dreams; rather, I'm suggesting that looking inwardly at yourself rather than outwards at others allows you to assess whether or not those dreams are good for you.

Once you've done that, you can either commit to finding all the flaws in your plan to make that dream a reality and doing whatever it takes to fix them — or you can let that dream go long enough to see an opportunity you might have otherwise missed, chasing something that may or may not has made other people happy.

7. You become more self-aware

You're just competing in venues that other people have put up for you if you're constantly competing with everyone else. Sure, you might win in such venues, but if you spend your entire life competing with others, those are the only areas you'll ever see. 

Only by evaluating your success against yourself can you discover the limitless things you could improve on and pursue, the unlimited things that could make you significantly happier than what everyone else is doing.

In the process of competing with your own self, you would find the true capabilities like what are your true weaknesses and strengths. You get a chance to know more about yourself.

8. You are not answerable to anyone

When you compete against yourself, you don't follow other people's success criteria. Everyone has different criteria for success. You should have your own criteria for success. You may find yourself following something that others would consider insane or a waste of time, but it doesn't matter because you aren't concerned with what they think of you. 

You are not answerable about your actions to anyone but to yourself. Are you putting in enough effort? Are you putting forth every effort to live the life you desire? Only you can answer these questions for yourself, and when you're the only one around, you're compelled to be as brutally honest or forgiving of yourself as no one else would.

9. You get support from your peers

everyone wants to help you when you compete with yourself

When you compete with others, they usually consider you as a competition. They want to outperform you and knock you out of the competition. And when they have this feeling, they won't be willing to help you if you make a mistake. This is the common tendency everyone has. 

On the other hand, when you are competing with yourself, you are not considered as a threat and rather looked upon as someone who is trying to improve on. People are more willing to offer any help they can provide to make you achieve your target. You would never fall short of support from people that definitely will boost your efforts and give you more confidence to face challenges.

10. Your self-improvement journey continues...

What is the most serious and genuine risk of solely competing with other people? We're going to beat them. It would be so easy to stop moving once you've accomplished something, pleased that you've done something "better" than everyone else. 

However, that happiness is transient. Only a lifelong drive to better and challenge yourself in new ways will genuinely satisfy a competitive person, and when you're looking internally for that inspiration, you'll always find that there is more you can do to better yourself. You will continue your journey towards self improvement without any stop.

Final Thoughts

Self improvement is a continuous process and competing with own self is something that can help this process. Healthy and stress free competition helps you live a fullfilled life. What is your definition of success and your self improvement? I would appreciate if you could share your experiences in comments.

10 Things That Keeps You Away From Success

In today's world, disturbed life has become more widespread. If you ask anyone, they will tell you that they are unable to meet the terms of their life. Some may be dealing with personal issues, while others may be dealing with financial or work issues. Whatever the cause, you are aware that it is you that can set it right.

Things that makes you stay away from success

People do mistakes unknowingly for which they pay later. Learning from your own mistakes can help in avoiding them in the future. If you want to have a successful life, consider the following things while living your life and expecting the best from it.

1. Lack of Purpose

If you want to be successful, you must have a strategy in place. If you don't have a plan to succeed, you're bound to fail. When you wake up every day, you need to know why you're getting up. 

You must have a goal and a strategy for your life. Successful people have a strategy for their lives, a budget, and hopes and goals. You must have a clear plan and a sense of direction to achieve in life.

2. Neglecting problems

In daily life, we often neglect, the challenges we come across. We either underestimate them or don't take them seriously. That's where we make a mistake.

If you notice then, you'll realize that none of the problems are bigger. They start small at the beginning but neglecting them turns into big problems.

By the time you notice them, they already are grown up larger, and this leads you to get into stress and often impacting on your career, jobs, finance, and personal health. 

So, concentrating on such issues when they are small or starting to grow can help you to avoid getting yourself into a bigger problem in the future.

3. Missing opportunity

Thinking about the potential risk you'll face from every opportunity can lead you to miss out on the opportunity that could have changed your life.

Some opportunities can really help in making your life better. An example can be, getting a new job out of the state or changing the shift from day to night. 

Such opportunities sometimes help you to shine out from the crowd and give you development in your career life but sometimes, by taking advice from others and sometimes due to the requirement of giving your best, you often think about their negative side first and you end up losing the opportunity. 

4. Doesn't accept the change

Just like missing the opportunities can make you lose a golden chance that could lead you to success. Same way, our life expects us to bring change in our way of living. 

Believe it or not, change is vital. Nothing is permanent. 

The difference in your life may not be apparent and you must be thinking that your life is the same as it was years back. But if you observe minutely, you'll find many of the changes in your life. Same way, to achieve something bigger, something that can help us prosper, we will have to get out of our comfort zone and get our all efforts to achieve the dream we have seen. 

But we often think about how much out of our comfort zone we will have to go to get it done. And thus, hesitating to embrace the change leads you to face unexpected problems.

If something doesn't work out for you currently, then it's a signal for you that you need to move out of your comfort life and struggle more to achieve your goal.

5. Work and Personal Life Balance

To lead a life towards success, mental peace and physical competency are equally important. 

Work life balance

When you have mental peace, you make goals and prepare your own plans on how to achieve them. Same way, if you are physically fit, you work hard towards implementing the plan and achieve the goal you targeted.

Life is never easy. Hence, if you wish to see the life you have ever imagined, you'll need to have your enthusiasm and energy level high. 

There's a myth that working for long hours without taking a break can lead to success. Many believe in this but this is not so true.

Sometimes, to impress our seniors or to get office work done, we work more extra hours in the office. This may help you to complete the work but to get your office work done, you have wasted your "me" time on it. That "me" time which you could have spent with your family or to workout at the gym, doing yoga, meeting friends, etc.

Enjoying time for your personal life, helps you to keep your personal life on track. Just like professional life, personal life is too important. 

Also, it is proved that Relaxation of mind and body helps in getting brain more ideas that can help to get more achievements in your professional life. Hence, creating a balance between personal and professional is important.

6. Working on weakness

In today's world, where competition is high. Every individual is working towards getting all the luxuries in life, and for that we want ourselves to be perfect. But sometimes we do a mistake. To show how perfect we are, we often ignore/ avoid or hide our weaknesses. Many of us have misconceptions about the term weakness. Our feeling of weakness is something that shows how bad we are at something. 

In reality, weakness is not something that leads you to failure but ignoring them can.

Just like how we excel in some skills or the other, same way we lack in some things and there is nothing to feel guilty about. In fact, every one of us is lacking in something or the other. No one is perfect in this world and you need to realize this.

If you are avoiding or hiding your weaknesses that means you are running away from them. If you are facing your weaknesses, you are showing how strong you are since you are putting all your courage into admitting and working towards your weakness.

Working on weakness helps you to work towards self-improvement and conquer the bad habits that you had and increase your potentiality towards your strength and thereby making yourself more productive in your professional life. 

7. Professional development

Believe it or not, competition in winning the race of professional life has become the most critical and important part of life.

People who have understood the current scenario, they are struggling hard to grow their career or professional life.

But unfortunately, many people don't want to thrive to achieve more in their careers.

They start quitting to find more growth in their career life once they reach the level or position which they were dreaming of.

Whatever may be the reason, one should never stop learning more about skills that can help his career life.

A person's leadership skills and other competencies can still be polished, as well as their knowledge of their industry and new technologies.

8. Not listening to the mind

Being living in the practical world, we often ignore the thoughts that we get in our minds.

However, if a person is going to perform something that involves a large group of people, emotions are essential. After all, it's vibing that we get from our heart for our exam and these vibes are never wrong.

By avoiding this, you may miss out on numerous opportunities for progress if you don't listen to your heart.

9. Having fear in mind

Risk is an inherent element in life. When you'll need to make decisions we must remember to be brave—but doubt can creep in.


Whether you're frightened to take a large career risk or a minor social risk like inviting a friend out for coffee, learning to take healthy risks can open up new opportunities and enhance your life.

If you want to grow stronger and better, you must sometimes take risks, challenge yourself, and try harder at things.

Of course, not every risk is a good one. You only want to take measured risks that will help you live a better life (not just the risks that feel good now).

10. Procrastination

There is no success where there is procrastination, and there is no procrastination where there is a success.

Procrastination is a thief of not only your time, but also your health, destiny, life, and success.

Bill Gates would not be a billionaire today if he had waited to start Microsoft. Instead of putting off your multi-million dollar idea, get started right away!

Final Thoughts

These are few important things you should avoid if you are looking at achieving success in life. 

An Inspiring Story About Joel Brown's Addiction To Success

Joel Brown - Addicted To Success

Joel Brown is best known for his #1 motivational and inspirational website worldwide - It offers inspirational quotes and articles, as well as videos, interviews, audio, podcasts, ebooks, and more from well-known authors and personal development coaches including Joel himself.

In 2015, Joel was also honored by SUCCESS magazine in their BlogStar Awards.

Early life

Joel was born on 16th April 1987 and spent his early years with his family in Perth, Western Australia.

Joel was working with the music industry in Miami, Florida. He was feeling unfulfilled and frustrated with the day job and of being under someone's control. 

How Joel got his vision

He then returned to Perth and started working as a sales executive. He worked with his full focus on getting pay rise and promotions. One day, the CEO and founder of his company invited Jordan Belfort, the wolf of wall street, to give employees a workshop on sales. Joel just took the opportunity to attend the workshop.

When Joel attended the training, Jordan asked Joel whether he had any goals. Joel embarrassingly admitted he didn't have any goals. Jordan then said something that immensely inspired Joel. “Goals are wonderful for short-term accomplishments, but what you really want to do is cast a vision for your life,” he explained. He encouraged Joel to think big and bigger. 

Jordan asked him what he is good at. Joel responded that he likes anything that is related to self-development. He was also good at computers. Jordan suggested formula and encouraged him to align what he is good at and work towards the vision. 

Joel was inspired by those ideas and began to consider how he could bring his passions, values, and strengths together in a way that would allow him to achieve his goals.

Joel came home and decided that he would start a website. He bookmarked motivational articles and quotes from the internet. He began to publish these articles on his website. At that time Joel had started writing his own articles too.

Joel used to utilize his break time to work on his website. His colleagues noticed him and asked him about this website. They were intrigued by what was on the website. Joel described them, that it was his website and that he shares inspirational articles and quotes on it. Soon his colleagues were sharing the website with their friends.  He included a share bar to allow people to easily share the articles that he publishes. This helped Joel get the initial traffic on his website. This is how was born.

The web traffic was increasing every day at a very high rate which even Joel had not expected. Later he decided to monetize it with Google Adsense. With the help of traffic that he was receiving on his website he was able to earn a good amount of money every month.

Initially, the revenue was few dollars per day. It then progressively increased to the point where Joel used the money on food and to pay his bills, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses. However, as he continued to produce fresh content, his website's traffic and ad revenue kept increasing. 

After nearly two years, the ad money was sufficient to cover all of his monthly costs, including rent and even a few vacations. This is the point where he achieved financial independence and decided to quit his job to focus solely on a website that had now become his primary business and never regretted his decision. 

It's been nearly 10 years since Addicted2Success began and now we all know, it's the world #1 motivational website. Joel's website has become one of the most prominent online sources of encouragement and inspiration in just a few years. Addicted2Success receives between 2 and 2.5 million visitors per month. 

What contributed to Joel's Success

Through personal development and sharing his own personal narrative, Joel's goal for this site has always been to inspire and empower other determined individuals. Over the last 10 years, the young entrepreneur has developed an entire business on this notion as a master of content and social media marketing. He is committed to post content that inspires people. He believes the people like to be inspired and by his work he is helping the community.

Looking at the success of, Joel had received many offers to sell his website but he always declined. Addicted2Success is more than a website to Joel; it's a brand. He treated Addicted2Success like his baby. He is dedicated to maintaining that brand. He puts in a lot of effort to give the quality in work - Be it addicted2success website, ebooks, and other materials that he produces.

Challenges Joel faced

There was a time when Joel declined to sell his website for million dollars and after some time the website traffic started to show a substantial downtrend. At that moment, Joel felt he should have taken those million dollars offers to sell his website. Joel, at this moment, decided to look at the solution rather than the problem. He thought of his long-term vision which helped him make the right decision. He decided to find the reason for the downtrend of the website. 

Joel discovered the downtrend was due to the changes in the Google algorithm and because of spammy backlinks that his competitors had created. Joel proactively worked on removing the bad links and bring the website back on to its path to success.

It shows how connected he was to his vision. Selling his website would have given him a million dollars but that is not a big amount as compared to what Joel earns now on his website. His vision helped him think from a long-term perspective.

Final thoughts

Joel's entrepreneurial path is remarkable. Starting with nothing more than a dream of a better life, he combined his abilities and passions and, in just a few short years, developed a thriving internet business, attained financial independence, and inspired millions of people. 

10 Ways To Increase Concentration and Focus

Lucky are those people who can easily concentrate on the things that are going on infront of them.
Basically it's students or people who work on projects or others are the main who faces the problem with concentration.
I still remember when I was a student, my mother fed me all those kind of foods that would improve my concentration. But how much those foods were really effective in improving concentration, is still the question which I can't answer confidently.

distracted when concentrating

What I have understood is that,
in order to concentrate, it's important for you to have a practice of concentration or habit of concentrating on one thing at a time. That's when you will able to concentrate on things that matter to you without distractions.

There are many different strategies that can help you to improve concentration and be focused.

1.  Improve brain power

With the evolution of technology, many gadgets are performing the task that our brain should do. Definitely, gadgets have made our task easy. But somewhere we have lost the habit of allowing our brain to make efforts. For example - Calculator is helping us to solve complicated calculations by giving an answer in seconds but that is the actual task which our brain should do. This may not look like a bigger problem but easing our life has reduced brainpower.
Effort should be to improve brainpower that will help you to improve focus. So carry the activities that would help you. Play games like Chess, Tetris, Sudoku or try to solve riddles. These are the brain training games that can help you to improve cognitive function.

2. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best strategies that can help in improving concentration.
How it works? Exercise helps in improving blood flow and thereby improves our body's ability to use oxygen. These directly create an effect on our brain and increases the production of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that are considered as a natural painkiller. When we exercise, they help in creating positive effects on our mind and body and thereby relieving the tension, anxiety anger, and mild depression - The main reason for us to get distracted in our life.

3. Take a break

While working all day is important but no one can get concentration on the whole time. Working for hours can make your mind tired. Taking a break in between can help you to make your mind fresh.
Stretching for a moment or walking for minutes or getting out of office or room and getting the fresh air can help you to feel fresh and thereby improving your mood and ability to concentrate better.

4. Improve the quality of sleep

Concentration, as well as other cognitive skills like memory and attention, can be easily disrupted by sleep deprivation.
Sleep deprivation sometimes may not cause you too many difficulties. However, not getting enough sleep on a regular basis might have a negative impact on your mood and work performance.
Too less sleep can weaken your reflexes and hinder your ability to drive or perform other daily chores.

5. Meditation

Meditation is a kind of exercise to our mind just like how physical exercise is a must to keep our body healthy. Studies have shown that meditation can help people with better focus and concentration. When we meditate, we help our mind to learn to focus on one thing at a time. The result is that our ability to concentrate increases. Nothing can happen overnight, it depends on the daily practice of intense meditation and as your level of meditation increases, it will help you to gain a strong concentration habit.

6. Avoid multitasking

The idea of multitasking can make you feel that it's a great way to complete all work in a short time but when practiced in reality, it can create more problems for you. Multi-tasking leads you to distribute your concentration on all the work you are performing and thereby chances are there that none of the tasks get your full attention. This will result in not getting the expected result and waste the time. Whereas, working on one task at a time can help you to complete the work with full concentration and get the expected result. Instead of multitasking, you can divide your time between all the work that you will have to perform for the day and thereby follow the plan. This will show a positive effect on your work.

7. Reading

Scientists have proved that our brain changes and develop when we read. Reading involves other several brain functions, like visual and audio process, phonemically awareness, fluency, and comprehension. In other words, when you read, you keep all attention focused on the story to get a better understanding of it. Hence, reading helps in getting attention span and improve your concentration habits and get more focused.

8. Avoid distraction

Poor concentration can be lead by distractions that are happening around you. In order to concentrate on one thing. Make sure you plan things accordingly. Complete all the tasks before you start working or studying. There are many small tasks that arise when you are in the middle of the work and that leads you to get distracted. Though you may not be generally aware of this completing those tasks before sitting with your work can help you to concentrate on the work. Planning your day in advance can help you to get more organized and concentrate efficiently. Many among us have a habit of checking our mobile frequently and new notifications can divert our mind from work. To avoid this, keep your mobile on silent and away from your eyesight. Create the habit of checking your mobile in free time. This will not only keep your concentration high but will also save your time and complete your work before expectation.

9. Mindset

Your mindset also plays a very important role in your daily life. We tend to give much attention to the things that matter to us. Nothing of the above tips can work if you don't do the work or study with interest. Whatever is done forcefully without interest will never bring a positive result. So, in order to get concentration, give a thought on how important and serious that work is. And make your mind understand that working hard on it with full concentration can make you succeed. Changing mindset positively can help you to create interest in the work or studies and when you work on something with a full mind, chances are less that you will lose interest.

10. Be in the present time

When you're thinking about the past, worrying about the future, or tuned out of the present moment for some other reason, it's difficult to stay mentally engaged.
It's also important to be present in order to reclaim your mental focus. Staying focused on the present moment keeps your attention sharp and your mental resources focused on the elements that are most important at the time.
Work on learning to genuinely live in the moment, even if it takes some time. You can't change what occurred in the past, and the future hasn't happened yet, but what you do today can help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future and pave the way for a more prosperous future.

Concentration is the foundation to make all the possibilities true. Be it a student or youth, it is must be concentrated in efforts to get success. Staying concentrated all-time can actually help not only to complete the work but also to get done work well. These are the best techniques for concentration. Following these tips might help you to get more concentration and focus on increased productivity.







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