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Linking to Bookmark in Word Document Saved on SharePoint

Can you imagine a scenario where you want to direct someone to a particular place on Word Document which is saved on SharePoint?

I hope you turned blank. We must have encountered this situation in our work.  There is a feature in Word called 'Bookmark' which we can use. But do you know how to use this feature with Word Document saved on SharePoint?

Here is a quick round-up of how to achieve this.

1. Create a Blank Word Document.

2. For this example, we will type some text in Word Document for illustration purpose as below

3. Again we create 3 pages with Page and Sections

4. Now, if I want the user to reach Page 3 and Near Section 3, I need to create a Bookmark there.

5. Keep the cursor at that position, next to section 3 and then click on Insert > Links > Bookmark

6. Give a name to the Bookmark as shown below and Click Add Button

7. Save the document and now upload it to SharePoint

Now if in any Word Document or Excel Workbook, I want to link to the Bookmark we created earlier.

8. Open an Excel Workbook for illustration

9. Enter some Text as in above screenshot and press 'Ctrl+K'

In the next dialog, we have to enter the link of the SharePoint document. But before that, we need to have a link to the SharePoint File.

To get the link to follow the below steps.

10. Browse to the SharePoint site where the document is saved.

11. From the address bar of your browser copy the address from beginning till the slash character next to Shared%20Documents. The link should look like below. The part '---'  will be different for every SharePoint configuration.

12. Now paste the link that you copied in File explorer window.
Press Enter.

13. Double Click on General Folder, you would see all the files and folders on the SharePoint listed.

14. Navigate to the folder where the uploaded Word Document is saved.

15. Copy the address from the explorer window.

16. To the address, append the Filename as well. If the Filename has spaces in it, you have to replace them with '%20'. Now your link would like below:

17. To the link we derived above, append the '#' character and the Bookmark Name we had given in Step 6 earlier. So now the link would like below:

18. Copy the filename formed in the above step and go to the Excel Document.

19. In Address Field, paste the filename and Click OK.

Now the link points to a section in the Word Document which is saved on SharePoint.

20. Click on the link to see if it works as expected.

If you have done all steps correctly, the file should open in a separate Word Application.

If you like this trick, let us know in the comments. 

Don't forget to share it with your colleagues and friends on other social media. Have a great day!

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