How To Add An HTML Signature To MacOS Mail App

How To Add An HTML Signature To MacOS Mail App

An email signature is a block of text at the bottom of an email message that usually includes the sender's name, address, phone number, disclaimer, or other contact information. Most email clients can also be set up to add email signatures to all incoming messages. We will learn how to add a signature on mac mail.

You can create an email signature on the macOS mail application. You can set it up to append signatures to e-mail messages that you send. You can also create multiple email signatures. For example, you could create one signature on your work e-mail and another signature on your personal e-mail.

If you cannot follow the instructions by reading, you can watch this video tutorial.

The screenshots might appear slightly different as I am using the Big Sur 11 version of macOS. You can click on screenshots to view larger images.

Mail App On MacOS

How to add an HTML signature to the mac mail app?

1. Select Mail (at top left) then click on Preferences, then Signatures in the Mail app on your Mac.

2. In the signatures pane, click the Add button which has plus symbol on it. This allows you to add a new signature.

apple mail html signature big sur

4. Type the name for the signature entry in the middle column.

When you will compose a message, the name displays as a signature pop-up menu.

5. Make your signature in the right column in the preview section.

add html signature to mac mail

Go to the Format or Edit options in Mail to modify the font or layout, transform the text into links, or do a spell check. If you want to include a picture, just drag a picture into the preview area.

6. Remove the tick in the "Place signature above quoted text" checkbox. Doing this will append the signature to the end of the email while sending.

7. Select the entry for the signature middle block and drag it into the email account on the left where we want to use it. If you have multiple email accounts, you can drag it into those as well. And to make the signature automatically appear in our new emails.

8. Click on the email account, and then click on the signature dropdown. Select the signature entry we just created. Repeat this for more accounts you might have.

Email Signature On MacOs Big Sur

That's it. As you can see, it also adds a basic email signature with the name and email address and a few other stuff, but it is still very basic because the settings window, doesn't let us change a whole lot. If you try to compose a new email message you would have a very basic email signature appended to your email.

You can add an HTML signature to mac mail like the below which allows you to add custom styles to your signatures to make them more attractive. There are a few more steps you are required to complete out of the mail application.

Email Signature On MacOs Big Sur

You can find many HTML email signature templates online.

9. Next navigate to the library folder. To do this click on the finder - the icon with the smiley face in the dock.

html signature apple mail 2021

10. On the finder menu click on Go. Press the option key (alt key). You can find option keys to the lower left and right corners of your keyboard. Once the 'Library' appears in the menu list, click on it.

11. In this folder, we need to find the Mail folder

Tip:  To find any folder quickly, view it as a grid and arrange them by name in alphabetical order using the toolbar buttons at the top.

12. Go into the mail folder, then the version folder. In my case it is V3.

So navigate to Mail>V3>MailData>Signature

In the Signatures folder, there will be a signature file named with a random number and letter sequence. It's the one we'll be working on. If you've used other signatures before, you'll see that others are similar to this one. By switching to the list view, you can tell them apart. As we just created the Signature, we will be looking for the one that was just made a few moments ago.

Create and use email signatures in Mail on MacOs Big Sur

13. Once you find the right signature file, select it and go to the action button. Select open with. And then click other. We want to open this file with TextEdit, which is near the bottom. 

14. Leave the header intact and select the text beginning from <body> till the end and delete it.

Create and use email signatures in Mail on MacOs Big Sur

15. Now we will copy the code from here and paste it into this signature file below the header. 

16. You have to make sure you copy the style section and body section from the template you want to use. In addition, you have to change the details using a text editor. Just use the feature in your text editor to find the text you want to change. You should also change hyperlinks to point them to your own URLs. For profile image, you should uploaded online with a valid URL pointing to it. 

The portion to be replaced is highlighted in yellow. Refer screenshot below.

Email Signature On MacOs Big Sur

Usually if using company branding, the code may be provided to you which you can paste here instead.

If you want to add a logo to the email signature on mac or want to add social media icons to the email signature on Mac, this is the way you can do it. You have to make sure the email signature template you want to use has some logo that you can replace and social media icons that you hyperlink to your own profiles. And if know HTML, this process is very simple.

17. Once the necessary changes are done, save the text file and close it.

18. Go back to the finder window. It should have the text file selected. Click on the action button again. This time. Go to get the info. 

mac mail signature image not attachment

19. And then in the info pane, where it says locked, tick the checkbox. This will ensure the email client does not overwrite it with the basic version of the signature.

20. Go back to the Mail app. We have to restart the mail program by clicking the Mail at the top left and then Quit Mail. Open the Mail app again.

So now, when I go to start writing a new email. 

It'll automatically add the signature down at the bottom.

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