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Hi!!! I am Minakshi. I live in Bengaluru, India. I am a motivational expert interacting with people who want to improve their soft skills. I am working in HR for more than 6 years.

Are you a person who is just hesitant to try new things around you?

I was exactly the same and have been through this ever since I completed my studies.
We humans always want to see all the good things happening in our life but are hesitant to take risks and work towards the goals. But it is well said - "No Pain No Gain" and we must understand that there is light because there is darkness. This is exactly how our life is.

I am starting this blog to share with you my journey from a hesitant introvert to becoming an entrepreneur. I hope the experiences I share would help you in your personal and professional growth.

If you are already working or want to start your career, this blog will surely help you achieve everything you aspire and to reach new heights of success in your life.

The articles I will write on this blog would cover everything from practical actionable advice and tips to being your best self which is definitely going to bring positive change in your life where highs and lows never matter.

Hope you would find my blogs interesting and if it is helping you in anyway, don't hesitate to comment it out or contact me.

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Thank YOU!