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Improve Your Personality: Being Self Aware And Why It's Important

Who are you? Do you really know yourself? Many people think that they know but it's not the truth. It is better to think again and get true answers. The only way to alter your behaviors so that you can improve is to really get to know yourself. Here are five simple habits that can take you on a self-discovery journey that will change your direction in life. Ready? Let's go. 

Confident and Self Aware

Self-awareness is defined as having a good understanding of who you are, which includes your strengths, weaknesses, values, motivation, attitude, and behavior. Self-awareness helps in having the life that you wanted. 

Self-awareness helps us to be at peace with ourself and we are able to better manage our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and reactions. Self-awareness also helps in exhibiting positivity around us. Be mindful of your thoughts and always seek feedback so that you can improve. Lacking self-awareness can result in low self-confidence and conflicts with others around us.

You should have confidence when dealing with people. When we are deeply aware of who we are and what our values are, the more confident we are when interacting with others. Remember - confidence makes us believe in ourselves. We are often in a state of disbelief when it comes to knowing ourselves which results in low confidence. Greater self-awareness results in greater self-confidence. The consciousness of self or being self-aware helps in building self-confidence.

The process of being self-aware transforms the way you think and improves emotional intelligence. By self-awareness, you can easily pinpoint your passions to take control of your actions and make the necessary changes to get the outcomes you desire. 

It also becomes easier to understand other people and how they perceive you in return. So what you should bear in mind is that with self-awareness you can be in control of your actions and achieve your goals, which means a happier and more successful life. 

Self-awareness is crucial to pretty much everything. 

Who I am

If you're a leader, self-awareness shapes a strong character with the ability to lead with the purpose of trust or consideration; a creator of more supportive business culture.

If you're a social worker, you should be aware of biases when dealing with clients so that you treat everyone equally.

Self-awareness is also an essential part of counseling or nursing. You can even find it at school when teachers work with students to train them to reflect and evaluate themselves. Students become more self-reliant and productive, and flexible. 

Do you see how important self-awareness is? But let me tell you how you can become a more self-aware version of yourself. Here are five ways to improve your self-awareness. 

1. Look at yourself objectively. 

It can be a very daunting journey to try to see your true self, but it can also be incredibly satisfying. This is the way that you learn to accept and improve yourself in the future. 

So, the best way to get started with this is to write out the things that you're good at that you need to improve and the things that you're most happy about. Also think about your past days like What were the things that made you happy during your childhood, what changed now, and why.

Self Awareness

Finally, set up some time to honestly look at yourself as a person, as the leader. If possible, do it daily. In a demanding business world, daily self-reflection is easier said than done. But it still makes a world of difference to commit to just 15 minutes in a peaceful place every day.

2. Keep a journal 

Your mind is more clearer and open to new knowledge and ideas when you write your thoughts on paper. Note down your thoughts, accomplishments, and mistakes of the day in your journal every night. This will encourage you to grow and progress through the milestones. When you think of yourself, ask yourself — can I do something to support the people around me? What are my core values? And right now, what is really important to me?

3. Practice meditation and other mindfulness habits 

Meditation can help in improving your mindful awareness. It's a moment of peaceful reflection that will help you find greater clarity. When you meditate, think about what are your goals? What are you doing that is working. What you doing that is holding you back. How you can change it for the better. 

Meditation and Self Awareness

Most types of meditation focus on breath. They just do not have to be formal. You are already meditating when carrying out everyday tasks that give you a sense of serenity such as while walking on the beach, seeing a sunset, or while praying.

4. Take personality and psychometric tests 

Personality and psychometric tests such as the Merrill-Reid test or the predictive index help you understand or traits that you have and there are no right or wrong solutions to these tests and instead, your answers will show you a set of characteristics that more or less describe you in relation to other people.

The quiz at the end of this article is based on the same Merill-Reid personality styles. You can use it to understand your personality type.

5. Ask for feedback at home and at work. 

How can we know what other people think of us? This is really difficult unless we ask people around us. we have to understand the observations of our peers and mentors. 

Tell your friends that you're looking for open and critical perspectives. Make sure they know that they are helping you and not hurting you. Share your behavioral issues and ask friends to warn you when your bad habits turn up. For example, if you know you tend to 'one-up' people when they're telling stories, have your friends discreetly let you know so you can stop.

At work, get feedback. Most companies have a formal way of doing this. If not, you can try to implement one. Constructive and well-done feedback allows us to self reflect on our own rights and wrongs. Once it's done, write down the main takeaways. You may also find some surprising strengths and weaknesses you did not realize you had before.

So what do you think? Can you at least try a couple of those habits? 

Self introspection

Yes, this process takes time and effort. Self-discovery may take a lot of time and input from a lot of people close to you. Yet this experience gives you an entirely new view of your life. 

In addition to these activities, they can effectively enhance your bond with yourself and with others. And in the process, it can help build self-confidence and make you a better person who is liked by everyone around you.

Well, how do you really see yourself? How do you become a self-aware person? feel free to share your own perspective and feedback in the comments.

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