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If you are a blogger, you might be using WordPress to publish content for your blog. WordPress is famous as a Content Management System which powers around 40% of the blogs and websites on the Internet. Over 100 Million websites run on WordPress today.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It offers some features that other content management systems do not, such as its "Custom Post Type", which allow users to create and manage their own custom types of content. WordPress also offers multiple-user support, as well as being SEO friendly and translation-ready. 

Matt Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress. Matt is well known for his business acumen and his successful company. In this blog, you will learn how Matt was able to create the WordPress software that has revolutionized the way business websites are created and managed.

Early Life Of Matt Mullenweg

WordPress founder Matthew Mullenweg was born in Houston, Texas on January 11, 1984. 

Matt and Mike Little started WordPress from the b2 codebase in January 2003. Michel Valdrighi, the original b2 creator, soon joined them. Matt was a fresher at Houston University at the time, and he was 19 years old.

After building this website, Matt Mullenweg wanted a new name for the new software and his friend Christine Tremoulet suggested the name WordPress. Finally, WordPress was made public on May 27th on the year 2003.

He went to college at the University - of Houston to study political science in major studies but then decided to get dropped out and get employed. He started working for American Media internet website CNET. CNET is a website that posts its reviews, blogs, and news on tech updates that happens in the world.

While he was working for CNET, the thoughts of doing something of his own were still sparking at the back of his mind. Later he decided to quit working for CNET and concentrate on WordPress full-time.

In 2005, he founded a company called "Automattic" which developed WordPress. Apart from, the brands - Gravatar, Crowdsignal, Akismet, VaultPress, IntenseDebate, and the popular Tumblr (microblogging and social networking website) are also owned by Automattic.

Challenges Faced By WordPress

WordPress has faced lots of challenges. It has faced exploits, lawsuits, a money crunch, and even sanctions. 

In 2007, a major security flaw in WordPress was discovered, affecting users who were using old versions of the software or using obsolete or unsupported plugins all over the world.

Matt's commitment to his values of freedom of speech helped WordPress become successful despite sanctions from some countries.

Matt refused to comply with Chinese government censorship which resulted in WordPress receiving a significant sanction from China in May 2009. WordPress is blocked in China even today.

WordPress is the globe's most widespread CMS (Content Management System), hence it is vulnerable to attacks, which is why Matt Mullenweg makes sure the site is updated on a regular basis. 

WordPress has arrived a long pathway since then. They worked hard on rectifying the issues with the software. 

Matt MullenwegJon Lebkowsky, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Today, WordPress is a success story.

WordPress, which began as Matt's passion for sharing what he loves, has grown to become the world's largest content management system.

WordPress has received many awards.

WordPress has won Infoworld’s Best of - open source software awards: Collaboration. In 2009 it was recognized as the Winner of the "Open Source CMS award" for the overall for best Open Source CMS. Recently it has won the Best CMS for personal website Award.

The WordPress Foundation manages the free and open-source blogging site and Automattic, Inc., manages's for-profit web development arm.

Matt once allegedly turned down a $200 million bid to sell Automattic in 2009. Automattic at present has raised $317.3 million and the valuation at present time is $1.2 billion.

Matt Mullenweg also served as a board member for GitLab, Inc. from the year 2017 to 2019.

Matt Mullenweg's current net worth is estimated at 400 Dollar million. Recently, in 2019, his company Automattic gained Tumblr for $3 Million.

Recently Matt was in news for slamming Wix for their dirty tactics and ads. WordPress and Wix tensions now seem to be resolved with Wix's apology.

5 Key takeaways from Matt's success.

1. Never Stop Growing.

When entrepreneurs achieve a certain level of success, they often stop pursuing larger visions and aspirations. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Matt Mullenweg or Mark Zuckerberg, you must constantly consider how to expand your brand. The world is always changing and you should be too. You can't stay the same forever. You have to keep learning and growing, or else you'll get stuck in a rut.

If you dream big and work hard to fulfill those goals, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Matt is quite unhappy because only a quarter of the world using WordPress. He still is actively working to get more people using WordPress.

2. Have Clear Vision And Values.

Matt is a strong believer in creeds. Having a creed or overarching collection of values that guide the company's vision and development ensures that all employees are working for the same objective. 

The most important thing to learn when it comes to business is to have clear vision and values. You need to know what your goals are, and you need to know why you're doing this. When you have those things in mind, you can focus on what matters most.

You might also break it down into smaller mission statements, or ‘mantras' – the important thing is to make sure that everyone in your company is on the same page and understands the common mutual vision that is propelling your development.

3. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Matt's success is a product of his willingness to try new things and make mistakes. He made mistakes when he launched Blogger, but he was able to learn from them and move on.

Learning is all about experimentation.

The more you do something, the more you'll get used to it. The more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. The more failures you have, the better able you will be to identify and correct mistakes and figure out what works for you.

If it's not working, try something else. If it's not working that way either, try something else. If nothing works for a while and then one thing does, don't be afraid to change again!

4. Never get distracted from your aim.

Matt prides himself on keeping his workspace as uncluttered as possible. Having a lot of things competing for your attention will wreak havoc on your productivity. Always prioritize and keep things simple - whether it's your work schedule, to-do list. Getting rid of the clutter in your life would allow you to concentrate on the things that really matter.

There are many temptations in life that can make it hard to stay focused on your goal. Some of the biggest challenges are when you are working for multiple goals. When you are working for multiple goals, remember to stay true to your focus. In order to do this, you need to make sure that you understand what your focus is. You should also make sure that you are working towards a single goal. If you are working towards multiple goals, your focus will be split up and not on the one thing you should be working on. 

5. Be committed to your goals.

Matt's story clear example of how a single-minded commitment to one's art, regardless of the result, will propel one to success. He has maintained a laser-like emphasis on where he wants to go and what he wants to accomplish during his journey, and that laser-like vision continues to drive his incredible success story.

Matt Mullenweg is unquestionably one of the brightest leaders in today's technology world. His determination, single-mindedness, and desire to keep going higher are qualities that all entrepreneurs and business leaders should aspire to.

To be committed to your goals, you need to be emotionally invested in them. There are ways to make this happen for you. One is to be clear on your goals in the first place. If you don't take the time to define your goals and decide what you want, it will be nearly impossible to commit to them. So make sure you know what you want before you start. Once you know what you want, you need to be emotionally invested in it. You need to be able to see yourself achieving your goal. With this mindset, you will be able to commit to your goals with more effort.


We hope you enjoyed our article about the success of WordPress and founder Matt Mullenweg, who is one of the most successful entrepreneurs out there. 

As the creator of the most popular CMS on the web, Matt has stood the test of time and is still going strong. Matt's success story is a testament to the fact that everyone comes up against challenges in life and that, with hard work, anyone can achieve success. 

Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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