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7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is believed to be one of the fastest-growing skills that make you potential enough to understand your emotions and use them in a positive way.  It is critical to learn emotional intelligence skill because it helps to cope better when you are experiencing stress. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This skill is important for students, or people who want to see themselves getting highly paid, working in large multinational companies in the future. There are many ways of developing your emotional intelligence. But these seven simple ways can help you to develop it easier than others and help you to reach your goal. 

1. Being self-aware

Being self-mindful is about understanding potential within you to find the right way. When you know what you really want to do with your life or what you want to achieve, it is easy to drive yourself to the goal. 

How a person can create self-awareness?

a. Believe on your instincts

The basic thing you can do to start is by increasing your responsiveness towards your instincts. Gut feelings or instincts can never go wrong. Suppose if everything seems to be perfect but you get a feeling that something is wrong or you feel uneasy. It means there is something that is not correlating you with that environment. They are your own instinct that gives you a sensible reaction without a logical rationale. This is the effect of your own gut feelings. Follow your instincts, resonate with it, and try to find the solution that can help you to sync with the situation. Most people who are today millionaire or are successful is because they have never ignored their instincts. 

b. Make a plan

Always make a habit of writing your expectation from yourself. At the end of the day, make a plan for the task that you want to perform the next day. Whenever you perform a task, you should be always aware of the motto behind doing it. In short, your daily routine should be purposeful. Don't act without intention. This will help you to get the expected result from the work you have done without letting you waste your time unnecessary.

c. Meditate

Follow a habit of practicing meditation in the morning. 
Meditation is proved in making your mind clear. It provides an atmosphere that helps you in getting a clear understanding of what is an important thing in life that can help you to get succeed. It helps you in getting the resolution to the problems you are facing. Meditation is very effective if you practice it daily. 

2. Never fear your feelings

Many people are afraid of their own feelings. Many among us get afraid of feelings like anger that can overcome and disturb life and spoil their relation with other people. 
In order to get emotionally intelligent, you'll need to face all your feelings. Instead of running away from those negative feelings, face them, and find a solution to overcome them. There are many techniques that can help you. 

3. Engage with others

Understanding other's feelings are one of the main traits of emotional intelligence. It’s the ability to get yourself in other's situation and understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that understanding to guard your actions. Be empathetic with your neighbors, relatives, or with the team at the office is to provide them moral support by understanding their feelings or their circumstance. This is what is important to be emotionally intelligent. These skills will not only help to understand others but also help you in understanding whether your own activities are appropriate for their moment and this will automatically raise your emotional intelligence.

4. Be a good listener

An active listener is one of the most important traits that help you to raise your emotional intelligence. We all have something to share. But how much we are capable to listen to others without getting bore or checking our watch matters. Being a good listener is essential in daily life. Though you cannot become a good listener overnight, it needs the daily practice of listening patiently and with determination. 

For a successful leader, it is important to listen to his team attentively even though he may not be agreeing with them.

It is a soft skill that will help you to maintain a relationship, taking other's opinions in decision making, and improve the thought process.

5. Develop self-control

In our daily life, we come across many situations where our reaction makes a difference. Some situation turns against us because of the inappropriate emotion that we express at that moment. In order to become emotionally intelligent, we should learn to understand which emotion we should suppress at the wrong time and which emotion we should display at the right time. It is also about releasing your thought once you understood them well.
Developing self-control is also means being true to yourself, self-disciplined, and having the highest personal integrity.

6. Accept criticism positively

Negative feedback given without wrongful intention can help you to do more for your personal development.
First of all, no one likes to hear something negative about themselves. There are two types of criticism, One- which is done purposefully to disturb your peace of mind. And second, that can help you to improve your shortcomings.
We all are human and we tend to do mistakes. No one is perfect and we tend to get criticism or negative feedback. But that doesn't mean we should give equal importance to every criticism. You should learn to understand which negative feedback is disturbing you and why. And if you feel you have taken the right approach then ignore it and the one where you genuinely feel you could have done better, consider them and try to improve better in those areas.
When you learn to accept criticism without taking it personally, you demonstrate that you have self - confidence and you are capable of achieving emotional intelligence.

7. Practice till you get perfect

Skill development is important for professional growth. Learning something new for the first time in life is hard to adopt and we are expected to struggle and make lots of mistakes. But that shouldn't stop us from achieving what we want. Practice is the best way to learn something new in life. 
To achieve your dream, you'll have to adapt and get comfortable with new changes in life for self-improvement.


As the world is changing, the workplace is changing too. Many new norms are added regularly. It is important to have the emotional intelligence to get successful and make a place for yourself in the modern world. You tend to become more confident, more tolerant. And as you listen to others actively, you tend to increase your understanding, and people start trusting you.

Follow these seven main rules that can help you to get a successful career.

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