10 Handy Google Search Tips You Should Always Know

Google search is now an integral part of our day-to-day activities. There would be hardly any day when you have not done a Google search. We search everything on Google first even before asking anyone. 

10 Handy Google Search Tips

Anything related to Health or Finance, I would suggest taking the advice of experts you trust rather than the information that is posted online.

Do you want to know the weather forecast? Google it. Are you looking for directions to a restaurant? Do a Google search. Have you seen a strange rash or are you wondering why your dog is going weirdo? Look it up on the internet. 

Today we are sharing the best Google search hacks to help you quickly find what you're looking for. So let's go. 

Most of our Google search tricks revolve around the search bar. So be sure to read all the way through to the end to know all those advanced Google search tips, bonus googling tricks and use them when necessary. 

Tip # 1: Search directly within the website

You can use this tip to only show results from a specified website. Are you in a situation where you are trying to endlessly find that great article on a blog? You know, they posted it but you just can't seem to find it. So just type in You should replace with the site name you are searching for. Press space and then type in the search term you'd like to search. And now, let's hit enter. You would only see search results for the site from are given in my search results.

Here I am trying to find the friendship quiz posted on my blog.

Handy Google search tips

Tip # 2: Search with quotation marks

This tip is really handy if you're doing Google search for exact phrase for something specific or a specific string of words or phrases. So what you're doing by adding quotation marks, followed by your search query, and then ending with another quotation mark, is that you want Google to search for that specific phrase in that exact order.

Usually, when you search without quotation marks, it searches for all the words in any order. For example, if we search for Google search tips, it will search the internet for websites that contain these three words in any order.

Searching with quotation marks

This is useful in a variety of situations. Perhaps you're attempting to establish whether or not something has been plagiarized. Choose a unique statement from the source material and search for it in quote marks to check if any precise matches appear in the search results.

Let's imagine you're looking for the source of a statistic you saw on a website. Other sites quoting that precise statistic can be found by searching for that statistic in quotation marks.

Tip # 3: Include or exclude specific words from search results

This is useful in most situations. A simple plus or minus symbol can radically transform the way you search. So all you have to do is place a plus symbol directly before a word you want Google to include in the search results, and then place a minus symbol exactly before any word you wish to omit from the search results.

Include or exclude certain words in search

If you're looking for remote marketing jobs but don't want to see results from Upwork, you can search for remote marketing jobs -Upwork to instruct Google to exclude any results that contain the phrase "Upwork."

Tip # 4: Use the asterisk symbol to fill in the blank

Add the asterisk as a placeholder for an unknown word or fact in your search term. This asterisk tells Google to fill that asterisk with relevant words by itself. This is particularly useful when searching for quotes for motivation. So in this case, you probably know few words of the quote. So you could use Tip # 2 in conjunction with an asterisk to find the exact motivational quote you want.

Using asterisk in Google search

For example, Type the words of quotes enclosed in quotation marks. For the words, you don't know type an asterisk instead and hit enter. You will see the quote you were looking for as your first result.

Tip # 5: Find similar sites

This is an excellent Google search tip. Let's imagine you have a favorite website that you visit frequently, but you'd like to find similar information because you're becoming tired of just one site. 

Finding similar sites

In Google bar for searching. Simply input the term related, followed by a colon, then the name of the website you wish to see similar results for. So, for example, we want to find a florist website. We may type in or anything like that. Also, take note of this. There are no spaces, so simply press enter. Boom. You are shown other sites like

Tip # 6: Look for a Google cached version of a website.

This tip is useful if a website is unavailable but you still need to view some of its material. Once the search results are displayed on your screen, click on the three vertical dots next to the search result. In the 'About this result' box, you will find a 'Cached' button at the bottom. Click on the button to view the cache for that website.

You can also view the cached version of a website by typing cache: followed by the URL of the website. For example to view the cache of Success Trending Website you could type ''

View cached version of webpage

Tip # 7: Find your external IP address

If you want to know the IP address that appears on the internet, you can just type 'What's my IP' in the Google search bar. This is the public IP address that appears on the internet. If you are on static IP, you can use it to connect to your computer from the internet.

Google IP Search

Tip # 8: Use search operators to find refined results

Search operators are very powerful tools for Google search. We will see some of the search operators such as allinanchor:, allintext:, allintitle:, allinurl:, intext:, intitle:, inurl:, filetype:, link:.

allinanchor: When this operator is prefixed to a search phrase, Google limits the results to pages that have all of the query terms you specify in the anchor text on the page's links.

allintitle: When you prefix allintitle: to your search term, Google limits the results to those that include all of the query terms you specify in the title.

allintext: When this operator is prefixed to search term, Google search will return pages in results that contain all the query terms you specify in the text of the pages.

allinurl: If you begin your search with allinurl:, Google will only return results that contain all of the query phrases you specify in the URL.

intitle: The query intitle:term returns only documents with the term in the title. For example, searching 'DOS commands intitle:help' will return documents with the word "help" in the title and the words "dos" and "commands" anywhere on the page (title or not). However, when you use this operator there should be any space between the operator and term.

intext: The query intext:term only returns documents that have the term in the text. Taking the same example above,  searching 'DOS commands intext:help' will return documents with the word "help" in the text of the page and the words "dos" and "commands" anywhere on the page (title or not). However, when you use this operator there should be any space between the operator and term.

inurl: If you use inurl: in your query, Google will only show you documents that include that term in the URL. The query 'inurl:healthy habits' returns pages with the terms "healthy" in their URL and the word "habits" mentioned anywhere in the text. Similar to intitle and intext, when you use this operator there should be any space between the operator and term.

link: If you type link: followed by a URL it will return a list of pages that point to that URL.

Tip # 9: Google search by filetype

Yes. You can actually use Google to look for files. So this works by accessing any publicly available files that are floating around the internet. Simply type in the name, title, or keywords from a report that you require, then hit space, type in filetype: all one word, and then hit enter. You'll see PDF search results that include the keyword you provided in the title. 

Searching for files on Google

Other file extensions can be treated in the same way. Perhaps you require an Excel spreadsheet. Simply change the file type to XLS and search for it on Google.

Tip 10: Search with an image (Reverse Image Search)

Yes, it is possible.  

If you've ever found yourself admiring artwork, tech gear, or a bag that you desire but don't know what it is, this is the place to go. You can either take a picture of it or copy and paste the URL into Google to assist you to locate the item.

Reverse Image Search

So, here's how to search Google using a Google image. Select the Images tab from the drop-down menu. Now, in the search bar, click on the camera icon to upload a photo or a PC URL. So, because I've already taken a picture of a jacket, I'm going to upload it. I like it, and now Google will show me either the exact image or something that looks similar.

Bonus Tips

I promised you that there will be bonus googling tips in the post. Here it is. Do you know how to filter a search by usage rights? 

So this is really handy when you want to ensure that you can use the results, as any images, for example, with no copyright issues.

It is possible to do so directly from Google's image search interface.

Google Image Search now makes it simple to find images based on their usage rights. This option has been around for a while, but it has never been so simple to use.

Search Image with usage rights

All you have to do, as shown in the image above, is go to the image search section and click on 'Search tools' to bring up a list of filtering options. Then, click on 'Usage Rights,' and you can filter the results using the options shown above.

The next tip is for searching with year range. This is very simple. After you type your search give space and then year range as 2018..2021.

And now I want to know from you. What are your favorite Google search tips and tricks? And why not let everyone know in the comments below as always. Well, I want to know. So share it with friends or leave that comment below or maybe you want to go one step further and subscribe to my blog for more content like this. I'd ever so grateful. 

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