6 Step Guide To Easily Run An Instagram Giveaway Contest

Growing an Instagram page from base to million is not an easy task. Apart from the dedication of posting the right content at the right time, the other thing is running a giveaway contest.

If you are thinking about how to do Instagram giveaways but do not know how to do it then this article is a must-read. You will learn how to create a successful Instagram giveaway easily using the step-by-step approach. You will also understand how you can align the contest to your goals.

Run an Instagram giveaway

Step 1 # Define the goal of your Instagram giveaway contest

The first thing you should do is decide what is your goal behind running the contest. It can be anything for example:

  • Grow your Instagram followers.
  • Get more email subscribers.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Get people to engage with your posts.
  • Get users to generate content for your future posts.
The goal should be very clear. Without a clear goal, your Instagram contest will fail and you might lose time and effort, and also your money.

Instagram giveaway is the best way to grow your audience. Using contests that ask users to tag their friends can allow you to reach a new audience and thereby also increase your reach to an untapped audience that might be interested in your content or products. 

When a user tags his/her friend they actually share your post with their friends who may be interested in your giveaway and their friends may tag more people creating the ripple effect and increasing the reach of your giveaway contest exponentially.

You can also drive your contest to get more email subscribers. You can ask the participants to fill a form to collect their email addresses which you can use in future promotions of your products. 

The participants can be required to register on your website which can drive traffic to your website.

If you are looking for getting more engagement on your posts, you can ask your users to comment on your post with a specific hashtag to participate in the contest. The benefit you get by doing this is the Instagram algorithm which identifies that your post getting more responses. 

The algorithm pushes your content to rank higher in hashtag searches. It also keeps your content ranking higher in the user's feeds who engage with your posts in this way.

If you want to get your users to generate content for the future promotion of your products or services. You can ask your users to post their photos using your product and tag your profile. They actually generate content for you at the same time their friends will know about your profile. 

The benefit is manifold. In this way, you could easily create brand awareness as well you can get perspective of how your products are being used so it's a kind of feedback you can use to improve on.

Step 2 # Define the rules of the contest

Before you look forward to setting the rules for participants. You must know about Instagram's promotion guidelines.

Instagram's rules for the contest

It's relatively easy to host contests on Instagram than on Facebook which sets some restrictions. The only thing you should be aware of when hosting a contest on Instagram is its promotion guidelines. The following statement or similar to it should be included in the description of the giveaway post.

"This promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram. By participating, contestants agree to Instagram’s promotion guidelines and terms of use."

Further, you should not add incorrect tags and also not encourage your users to tag content that is in no way related to them. For example, you should not tag anyone in a contest post who is not part of it. Similarly, you cannot ask users to tag themselves in a photo where they are not in those photos. However, users can mention or tag anyone in the comments.

Rules for participation

Depending on the goals that you have set, you must plan how the users are required to participate in the contest. It is important to mention these rules clearly in the giveaway post. 

You might want to consider following your profile and the sponsors, tagging a friend in the comment, use a hashtag when posting images for user-generated content, or filling up a form on your website. Make it is easy for your users to participate and the maximum number of actions required is not more than five. 

In addition, you should have limits on the participation like 'first 1000 comments will be considered when selecting the winner' or the date until which the promotion would run. 

The limits should be carefully set as these may later lead to a large number of entries beyond the period of promotion which you might not have expected. You should also limit the number of winners that will be chosen and mention it in the giveaway post.

How to post giveaway on Instagram

Step 3 # Decide on a prize for the winner

The prize can be anything from books to vouchers to expensive items. However, it should be something that is related to your brand or niche. If it is not related to your brand or niche the quality of participants will not be something that you expect.

Also, participation depends on the value of the giveaway gift. The higher the value the more participation it will have.

Likewise, if you require your users to post the photo on their profile with your product is something that requires the value of giveaway to be higher as compared to tagging the friends or sharing the post.

Step 4 # Launch your giveaway contest

Design an attractive image and create a giveaway post. You can use Canva to design it as per the theme of the contest. The main idea is to grab the attention of the users so that they can participate.

Example Giveaway Post Image

Your post won't go viral immediately. It takes some time for users to interact with it. It depends on the type of audience you have. If you have an active audience. You will easily get decent participation. It also depends on how frequently you host giveaways. The higher the frequency the more participation you get.

Try to get maximum exposure to the giveaway by cross-promoting it on other profiles, social media, and blog posts. 

Including hashtags is also important for getting entries in the form of user-generated content. It also helps to track the success of the giveaway contest. The hashtag for such a purpose should be unique that no one used earlier. 

For the regular giveaway, hashtags can help in promoting the contest to a whole new audience. Include #giveaway and similar ones to promoting your giveaway to users searching for the giveaway contests.

Step 5 # Choose and Notify the Winner

How do you choose a winner once you have all the entries?

You can do this using the comment picker. 

Follow the below steps to pick a winner.

1. Navigate to comment picker

2. Login using the Facebook account connected with the Instagram profile

How to choose a winner of giveaway contest

How to choose winner of instagram giveaway

3. Select the options as required. Choose the giveaway post from the drop-down and select the number of mentions per comment.

4. Click on the 'Get comments' button

Find the winner of instagram giveaway contest

5. Click on Start Button to select the winner and share the results on Instagram tagging the user. Send the details of redemption through email or private message. Always encourage the winners to post about wining in their feed or stories. 

Choose winner of instagram giveaway

Step 6 # Measure the success of your contest

Once you have chosen the winner and given the prize. It's time to measure the success of the giveaway campaign. Depending on the goal for which the giveaway was hosted, you should know whether you have achieved the outcome. 

For example, you had a goal to increase your followers, check how much it has increased using the giveaway. This way you will know what is the rate at which the outcome is increased. The data will definitely help in planning your next giveaway more efficiently and effectively.

Finally, when the giveaway ends, it is recommended to edit the caption of the giveaway post to include the words 'GIVEAWAY CONTEST CLOSED' before the existing caption. This helps people not to participate in an expired contest.

I hope the article has provided you enough knowledge to execute your giveaway campaign. Once you are done with the campaign let us know how it was in the comments below.

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