How to Overcome Fear And Achieve Dreams

fear of losing

The feeling of fear resides in everyone's mind. The majority of the young generation always have a question in mind about how to overcome fear and anxiety? 

Fear creates insecurity in mind so much that we hesitate to make important life-changing decisions. Sometimes, it is the imagination of experiencing a failure that brings fear in us. But we often forget that not taking decisions during life-changing situations will make us be where we are and progress in our life will be impossible.

No human would like to face failure in their life. After all, it is a success that brings prosperity to our life. Isn't it?

But, it is impossible to get success when fear rules our minds. It is courage that can help to face fear and makes your dream possible.  

Apart from courage, what else can help us to get over the fear or conquer fear?  Our Subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind transmits most of our thoughts daily. It’s like a hard drive loaded with our beliefs and behaviors that we formed throughout our lifetime. In short, we fear what we believe.

Just like an electronic device, the mind can only be changed if we update our mindset and fill it with self-awareness, positivity, and real knowledge.

Here are 9 ways that can help you to conquer fear. Following them in daily life will help you in changing the mindset for the better.

1. Be conscious of your fear and how it manifests in your life.

Fear is never real. It's an illusion that is created by our own mind and we have to fix it in our thoughts. We normally get feared about the challenging situations in our life. In short, our mind tries to protect us from the miseries that we would face later.

Fear can arise in personal life and professional life.

In personal life, fear is linked to people, property, etc.  Losing people and staying without them itself creates fear. Different individuals have different fears in mind.

The second is related to professional life. No one's professional life is easy. It takes a lot to have a successful and smooth career. 

There are many challenges that one has to face and important is to make a key decision correctly and at a right time. It is then one will have a successful career and live professional life which he has always wished for. But it's easier said than done. Many issues keep arising. Most of them are those which you never wanted to face. 

How you can help yourself in this situation?

We get innumerable thoughts in a day. Filled with emotions, we keep their impression in our minds.

So, instead of keeping mixed thoughts, keeping the positive ones can help you in getting over the fear.

If possible, start making notes of all the things you tell yourself regularly that are coming from the other side of your mind – fear. Hence, keeping a watch on your own thoughts can really help in selecting the thoughts that would help you to stay positive.

2. Practice and believe in self-proclamation.

Negative thinking often leads to having fear in mind. It is through a negative mind that bad thinking becomes recurrent.

So when negative thoughts arise in the mind, overturn them into a positive one. For example, if you always say, “I’m not good at anything,” make a self-proclamation like, “I’m a genius and does something appreciable.” Repeat these affirmations aloud every day. If possible have eye contact with yourself in the mirror and practice self-proclaiming thoughts.

With time, you'll realize that your opinion about yourself is changing. You will start approaching with a more positive and abundant mindset.

3. Maintaining an open mind.

Fear arises in our minds when we avoid keeping it busy feeding positive thoughts. Sometimes, it is our perception, knowledge, and ideas that create opinion which becomes harder to change. In such situations, it is important to open your mind to the outside world. This will help you to change your perception.

To help yourself, you can try reading books, watching movies, attending seminars, reading blogs, etc.

Read articles and books that will add up positive thoughts to your knowledge.

This quote, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” will define the change that you'll bring in your mind.

Repeating positive affirmations every day in every morning. It will help you shift the way you perceive the world.

4. Experience it.

It is a well-known truth that the things we avoid facing are the things that haunt us for a lifetime. So, don't hold them by burying your fear. Instead, face the fear. Feel it, experience it. It is then you'll allow yourself to be free from it. 

Letting fear leave your mind will help you feel better and confident. 

Practicing this daily will help you to understand the cause of your fear and how you can tackle the problem.

This way you'll get the courage to face the situation and remove the fear that is residing in your mind.

Conquering fear

5. Conduct a fear analysis.

Fear can sometimes protect you from physical danger. 

Such emotions which create fear in our mind may be intense but they are not so harmful that we imagined. 

Do Analyze your fear if it’s emotional or rational. Understand the reason behind the fear. Face the fear by providing some valid answers. Gather positivity to diminish the fear. Make your mind understand that protecting you by creating fear will damage you in the coming future.

Living life with fear in mind will keep you comfortable but it is by being uncomfortable with the situation that you'll get the best reward in life. Avoiding struggle because of fear will not take you to success in life.

6. Prioritise yourself.

Put yourself first since you're the most significant part of your life. Taking care of yourself by eating well, practicing self-love, scheduling "me time" and exercising increases your confidence in your ability to overcome fear. 

Make sure you set aside non-negotiable time for yourself daily. You can make a list of self-care activities that will make you feel lighter and more fearless. For me, music, meditation, and creative visualization are effective.

7. Embrace your fear.

Embracing your fear is one of the most important strategies to overcome fear and anxiety.

There are various kinds of fears. Always distinguish them based on the rationale. There are some fears which keep you away from achieving your dream. To remove them, do the things that will terrify you.

Everything won't happen in one day. It all begins with one step. This slow and gradual process will help you to overcome the fear.

You can take the instance of public speaking. Though public speaking is a skill imagination of speaking in front of a crowd itself makes us nervous. So, in such case, giving a speech in front of the mirror, then in front of family, and likewise gradually increasing the number of people in front of whom you give a speech will help you to get overcome the fear of public speaking.

 8. Talk to your close one about your fear.

Many times we hesitate to speak to our close ones thinking how they will judge us. Hence, fear starts accumulating in the mind and one day it becomes so huge that it starts ruling over your mind.

When you talk about fear, it loses a lot of its potency. How? When you talk about something, you turn it into a "subject," which puts you in a better position to handle it.

The ability to be vulnerable is a true sign of strength. When you talk to people about your anxieties, you get stronger and more capable of defending yourself with love.

9. Start imagining it, you will see it.

Begin scripting your life's narrative. You have no idea how it can help you to face your deadliest fear. 

Always remember that you have complete control over your ideas and your fate.

Write the entire story from where and how you got the fear. The moment you noticed, how you tried expressing it and to whom. What was their response?

Sometimes, the fear is minor but due to lack of expressing it to the right person who could appreciate your daring to share, it resides in your mind permanently and results in the biggest fear of your life. Hence, whenever you feel you should express it, start imagining it. 

Once I was traveling with some family and friends the other day when I observed several flaws in a particular estate. Everyone laughed when I informed one of my friends that we should no longer consider buying a home in that estate.

It always sounds insane until reality sets in, which is always the case. Start making vision boards and truly think that you deserve to be happy in every aspect of your life. 

These 9 tips will definitely help you to train your mind to overcome fear.

Fearless life

Take Away

Fear is an emotion that makes us alert about any harm that we can get in the future. But not all fears are rational and some can keep us away from achieving what we always targeted. Therefore it is important to overcome fear and anxiety.

Apart from changing the mindset and filling it with positivity, what we can do is plan the future in such a way that we can get on our goal and also if there is any threat in it, then be ready with the solution that would save us from the harm.

But just said before, living life without getting a step ahead towards what you have planned just because of fear of failure, will not only waste the time you have but also harm you more than you ever thought. After all, living your life with passion is what matters the most. Isn't it?

What's your opinion about the fear? Please do share your opinion in the comment section. Have a Good Day!!!

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