10 Things That Happen When You Stop Working Out

It was in the early months of 2020 when almost every country around the globe imposed total lockdown due to the spread of deadly Covid-19 virus. This created a lot of confusion in public. After all, it was for the first time that each citizen from every country had experienced something like total lockdown in their nation. 

Lack of exercise

For the safety of the people, the government had requested their citizens to be at home and avoid going out. Though this decision was taken to save people's lives but staying at home for long months led people who were hitting at the gym daily to take a break for months. This created a tremendous impact on their body. 

However, this is not just for the people who had to leave gym due to the surge of Covid-19 but any person who takes a break from their workouts for weeks will experience its effects on their body and  almost every organ of their body. Keep reading below to know more.

What exactly happens to your body when you stop working out?

Well, let me tell you before we start with its effects, taking a rest for some days is necessary since it helps the body to get well from the damages that it must have got in working out sessions. Not only this but rest helps the body to grow muscles and develop good health.

Whereas working out without taking rest creates its impact on the body where it gets more vulnerable to cold, heavy legs, more susceptibility of catching infections, tremendous weight loss, etc. Therefore having rest days are recommended when you are working out. But though, rest days are important but escaping body work out or exercise has a hazardous impact on your body too.

1. Its impact on Heart

We all know that how important role our heart plays in our overall well-being. Any problem caused for what so ever reason on the heart is life-threatening. Also, getting well from any disease related to the heart will leave you spending a lot of money. Hence, taking extra care of your health and living a healthy lifestyle will save you from getting into the catch of diseases.

Exercise helps the heart to be active and pump at a normal rate. Regular aerobic and cardio workouts helps to maintain a healthy heart rate and a lower risk of heart disease.

What happens if you stop working out for a weeks is, it affects the heart rates and you start feeling shortness of breath. This is because the efficiency at which your heart was pumping oxygen starts decreasing and it becomes difficult for heart to handle the extra blood flow, resulting in the decreased ability of the heart to use oxygen effectively.

Also, cholesterol level starts increasing when along with less exercise if you have poor eating habits.

2. Negative effects on muscles

Exercise helps in strengthening, building, and maintaining muscles cells in good form. Strong muscles provide the stability, improved balance, and coordination. Exercise also enhances the supply of blood to the muscles and their ability to use Oxygen. 

What happens to muscle when you stop working out is, it impacts muscle to great extent. Whatever the progress you had made in building muscles gets back to the way it was. It makes muscles weaker and reduces the muscle's strength. You start to lose healthy muscles. It gets difficult to pick up heavy stuff and you don't remain energized the way you did before.

3. Gaining Fat

When you stop exercising, the worst effect is seen on their body. As the fat starts getting accumulated in the body, the person starts looking flabbier and doesn't look toned the way how he was before. 

Fat Body

Muscles are one of the sources that help our body shed fat. but when we start losing muscles, it also decreases its capacity to burn fat.

So, an individual has to take care of how many calories he's taking since he cannot burn his fat like before and if not taken care of, there are great chances of getting fat stored in the body which can lead to serious diseases.

4. Affects mental health

If you'll see the people who workout daily and on the other side people who don't do any exercise you'll find one difference in them. People who workout, will be highly motivated and will have low stress in any situation. The first reason behind this is because people who do daily workouts follow healthy habits like having a night of quality sleep, consuming healthy food, etc. Secondly, When a person does a workout, Physical activity causes dopamine and serotonin to be released, which helps in boosting mood. And then working out also helps in relieving anxiety and stress.

What happens when you stop working out for a month is, your daily routine gets changed, and eventually, his habits get disturbed and all this starts to trigger stress, mood swings, and promotes poor sleep.

Poor quality sleep is linked to hormonal and metabolic issues which leads to health problems and also affects mental health.

5.  Cause Blood sugar spikes

Exercise is said to help keep blood sugar levels stable. According to studies, eight months of exercise helps a body to keep blood sugar in control.

But when a person delays in joining back to workouts effects can be seen on the blood sugar levels. Muscles require energy to grow which the body supplies by burning the sugar keeping blood sugar levels in control. Regular exercise helps the body to use insulin more easily. 

But when a person stops doing exercise, his body especially the muscles cells tends to lose their sensitivity to insulin. (since muscles start shrinking, it stops asking for the energy that is produced by burning blood sugar resulting in spikes in blood sugar.

6. Unstable blood pressure

Just like blood sugar, exercise also helps in controlling blood pressure.

Regular physical activity strengthens your heart. With minimum effort, a heart can pump extra blood. As a result, the force on your arteries is reduced, which helps in keeping blood pressure in control.  But when you delay doing exercise for months, the heart's efficiency starts decreasing, and handling the blood flow becomes difficult and as a result, your blood pressure gets unstable.

7. Increased Constipation

Just like keeping insulin levels in control, exercise is said to be helpful for our digestion system. It reduces the time it takes for food to pass through the large intestine, which helps with constipation.T he longer food stays in the intestine, the harder the stools will be after the food is processed by the digestive system. 

Aerobic exercise also increases your heart rate and breathing rate. This aids in the normal squeezing (or contractions) of your intestines muscles. Squeezing your stomach muscles will assist you to get your stools out faster.

But, consumption of non-nutritional foods and skipping exercise creates problems in the stomach. People who don't do any physical activity, often complain about indigestion.

What happens if you stop working out is, the body's capacity of digesting food is decreased. Since the consumption of water decreases, the body gets dehydrated. As a result, the process of digestion becomes very slow causing constipation.

8. Prone to other diseases

Your body gets easily infected with other diseases and sicknesses. Exercise helps in keeping the body fit and active. Once we pull ourselves from the healthy practices of exercising, the endurance levels of our body decreases. The energy that the body was having once upon a time would no more exist. You get habit of avoiding the heavy work. The efficiency of lungs also gets affected when blood pressure gets unstable. 

Though you could see yourself as healthy when you look yourself in the mirror but your stamina, your gut-level gets weaker. As a result, you can easily get sick and prone to other diseases. 

9. Unhealthy lifestyle

Unhealthy Lifestyle

What happens when you stop exercising is, your lifestyle gets changed. This doesn't happen in one go but slowly and steadily. You don't come to know when you adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. Due to a lack of quality sleep, it gets difficult for you to wake up early. Resulting in mood swings and irritability. You start to allow yourself to have the unhealthy food. This causes increase in your bad cholesterol levels.

An unplanned day leads you to not make your day fruitful. Spending more time on mobile, laptop checking social sites will make you get addicted to unproductive habits.

Many such unhealthy habits become part of your lifestyle. Not taking such an inactive lifestyle seriously can harm the body to a greater extent. 

10. Affects self-confidence

When all the above said happens with you, it directly makes you demotivated. The increased fat makes you feel uncomfortable in your own body. 

When you get into the catch of an unhealthy lifestyle where your sleep pattern gets affected, it does impact your skin too. You lose the glow from your face. You find yourself not attractive like before. The body tone doesn't look appealing like earlier. 


Gone are the days when we were having plenty of time to spend on ourselves. After passing college, you all do is working in the office. Sometimes the work pressure demands you to spend most of your time in the office. Maintaining a good work-life balance becomes difficult.

Same way, the after-effects of lockdown, led us to get more habituated to having an unhealthy lifestyle. Restriction on moving out due to the danger of Covid-19 made us get comfortable spending the entire day on the couch watching TV. And all this has created a negative impact on our health.

But it's never too late once you realize. Gathering motivation to restart your daily workout will help you to get back to your fitness level. 

Start Exercising

Watching the videos of people who got back to their healthy lifestyle will help you to motivate yourself to take the first step. Many apps help in advising to get you back on the track of healthy life. Here is the list of fitness apps you can use. Registering on this apps will help you to get advice on keeping yourself healthy. All this will help you to struggle less to get back to your active lifestyle. 

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