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Top 5+ Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android

One of the ways you can be energetic and enthusiastic whole day is by exercising. Then be it running, brisk walking, stretching or the one you do in gym. With right tracking of you exercise schedule and diet will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals.

People are running to shed those pounds, stay in shape, and hopefully live a slightly longer, happier life. Your mobile device is perfect for keeping track of your running, distance, frequency, your heart rate and blood pressure and diet.

The best apps out there for tracking these... The first one I would suggest is:

Google Fit 

Google Fit is among the best free running apps on mobile. It keeps track of a variety of things, including exercise, calories burned, and more. It also supports most wearable exercise trackers. Other Google Fit-compatible devices include the Withings Move and Move ECG, Withings Body Cardio, Body, and Body Plus smart scales, Eufy Smart Scale, Smart Scale C1, Smart Scale P1, and even the old Sony SmartBand. All Polar devices are also compatible with Google Fit.

My Fitness Pal 

This is great app with exercise and diet tracking integrated. The app alerts users to pay attention to the fat, carb, and protein content of the foods they eat. In MyFitnessPal, you can search through a food database to add your meal into the app's diary and track your calories. There is even a barcode scanner. Simply use the in-app camera to scan the label on your food or beverage and it instantly appears without you having to do a manual search, showing you calories, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, protein, iron and other nutritional information.


HealthifyMe has an array of trackers to keep complete track of your fitness program. The major areas of focus includes the calories you intake, the exercise that you do to keep yourself fit and advices to add/reduce things from your lifestyle for a fitter life. HealthifyMe has over 200 experts that provide guidance to customers. It also features a latest expert, Ria, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled nutritionist. HealthifyMe is an amazing app that has been developed to make you healthier. This wonderful app serves as your weight loss coach and helps you stay fit. It lets you eat healthy stuff, lose weight naturally and get more fit.

Nike Run Club 

Nike Run Club is free running app. The features include a run tracker for both time and distance. You can easily keep track of things like distance, pace, duration, and estimated calories burned. It even includes support for Wear OS. In addition you get weekly and monthly challenges to help stay motivated along with achievements, leader boards, and other social parameters.

Map My Run 

Map My Run is another popular option for running apps. It boasts a community of 45 million people. It can map running routes, track stats, track goals, and more. The free version works great for beginner and intermediate runners. The pro version adds better analysis, heart rate support, live tracking, and other tools. It has also got MVP subscription if you would want to try out.

Finally, if you are not looking for overloaded features then even Samsung Health has got decent options with expert advice available at fingertips. Hope this was helpful for you.

Let us know in the comment below. If you use any such app and it is nice and not covered here. Let us know that too in the comment box.

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