How Do You Handle Success The Right Way?

Suffering from success? What happens when you are not able to handle success the right way. You must have heard this famous quote that you should not allow success to go to your head and failure to your heart. If you allow, these can have a disastrous impact on life. Success and failure are like a two-sided sword. It has to be handled properly or you will hurt yourself.

Success is more difficult to handle than failure. You tend to give up very soon. In failure the motivation to get to success. But once you succeed, the most difficult part is to stay self-motivated and stress-free. This reminds me of 'Suffering from success' song by DJ Khaled

How to handle success

There are few things to keep in mind when dealing with success

1. Have gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful emotion of thankfulness toward someone or something for what they have done to assist you. It works two-way - The people who succeed are the ones who have gratitude and having gratitude helps you to hold your success.

It is not possible to achieve without any help from people who are there always. Being grateful helps to recognize that. It also helps us to avoid getting ego. Be grateful to God and the people that have helped you reach success.

People who live their lives with gratitude are always aware of what they have to be grateful for. They seek out more success because they love the results of their triumphs. People who are thankful can put failure into perspective when things don't go as planned.

2. Stop feeding your ego

A person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance is defined as ego. Your ego has been shaped since the moment you were born, and it begins with circumstances beyond your control. Ego is the false image of yourself that you have based on who you think you are. This belief stems from what you were told as a child and how others behaved to you. 

Few things thing you can do to avoid ego is:
  • Don't judge yourself and others based on societal rules.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Don't expect any validation from others. 
  • Do what is right and not that what you feel is right.
  • Stay grounded and be humble.

Letting go of your ego takes guts and necessitates stepping outside of your comfort zone, being open to the unknown, and allowing what is meant to happen.

3. Remember - Success is temporary

Success is temporary

Everything in this world is temporary. 

In fact, I would say, failure lasts longer as it is always easy to fail rather than maintain success. I motivate people to expect success, make decisions with confidence but never brag about your success. Success speaks for itself. You should rather concentrate your efforts on maintaining success.

Success is a process rather than a destination. Success is like a game. Once you achieve success, don't just be satisfied with accolades and do nothing to achieve further success. You risk losing your success to failure as soon as you shift your attention away from the game.

4. Remember that humans don't have feathers to fly.

Humans were not given feathers to fly. According to my view, even when you have achieved success, it is important to stay grounded. 

Remember your roots, the time when you started your journey towards success, your hardships, your failures. 

You may have achieved success, there may be many people in your life that assisted you along the road. Never be afraid to share the credit and help others climb the success ladder alongside you. 

There's a distinction to be made between excitement and bragging about your success. We know you're excited about your newly achieved success but keep in mind that others must have given up their basic necessities to help – be considerate.

You can be a mentor and help others with your experiences.

Have you seen any person who is very successful and helping others? Or who has given up all the things to see you become successful? 
Comment what you feel for them.

5. Nobody is perfect. So keep learning.

Never stop learning and evolving. Recognize your limitations and accept when you don't have all the answers.

Before you say anything, find out what others have to say and ask for their feedback. It demonstrates that you value their input as well as their opinions.

Don't allow your ego to make decisions when you are successful. Make a point of quickly apologizing for your errors. Making excuses and shifting blame will never teach you anything or impress anyone. And a dash of humility will serve as a gentle reminder that you are only human.

How to handle success quotes

6. Be a competition to your own self.

We may also compete with ourselves if we want to, which I feel is significantly more successful in a learning situation, especially in the long run. By doing so you are creating a new basis for comparing yourself at your current level of success to future anticipated levels of success or goals.

While this may appear easy, it permits us to improve more quickly since we are not discouraged by the notion that there are others who are better than us.

We must understand that there will always be those who are better than us. If we accept this, we may allow ourselves to be proud of others' accomplishments and use them as motivation for our own.

Simply compete with yourself on a daily basis, and you will become a far better learner as a result.

It is a sure-shot way to maintain your success.

Final thoughts

It's time to congratulate yourself for making it this far and achieving success. We lose the taste of achievement when we keep working without seeing any results, or even after we reach a certain milestone. Rewarding oneself gives us a sense of accomplishment

There is a scientific reason for this. Our bodies produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel full and joyful. This deceives our bodies into wanting more dopamine. As a result, it increases our energy levels and motivates us to accomplish more and achieve more. That is why it is critical to acknowledge and celebrate even the tiniest achievements.

How to handle success quotes

We all know what "success" entails. "Success" for Millennials is achieving what our parents did: graduating from college, getting the "perfect" job, meeting the "right" person, buying a house, and starting a family. That isn't to imply that folks who do so nowadays aren't successful; they certainly are. Those who are successful, on the other hand, are those who followed it because it made them happy, rather than because they felt it should.

Similarly, when you let go of other people's expectations and pursue whatever makes you happy, you define your success not by how you feel, how you fulfill yourself, or how you choose to live your life, but by how you feel, how you fulfill yourself, and how you choose to live your life.

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