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Why Not All Of Us Are Very Successful And How To Change It?

There is no human on earth that doesn't want to see himself getting successful. Though our fortune offers ample opportunities that can help us to get success but not all opportunities really work for us. 


When a person faces repeated failures, he gets obsessed to achieve his dream at any cost and it is at this time that he starts taking important decisions in life without thinking of the result. In such a situation, chances are more that he might again get failure into his hands. 

It's common to see this type of scenario. Almost each one of us has gone through this, where we get so much obsessed that many times we act without thinking and applying logic for our actions, whether it really going to work out for us or not. Obviously, it's expectations of ourselves from us that make us go behind our dream, and in case if it doesn't work out, it's we who get hurt the most.

In such a condition, need is to realize that our efforts are not going to work out alone. Apart from our efforts, there are many things that we should correct to succeed. There are many mistakes we do unknowingly which leads us to failure. Some of them we have covered below. They might look like a minor but they play an important role in getting successful.

1. Don't rely on "hope"

Though we all say that, it is hope that keeps the flame of our expectations getting fulfilled alive but we should not completely rely on hope. Hope is not actually a strategy that will lead you to success. It is just a way to keep yourself believe that you'll get whatever you are expecting. 
It's a fact that when we depend on hope, we give up on trying more and wait for it to happen. But the fact is nothing happens without effort. So, if you want to get success in life, the first thing you have to do is remove the word hope from your dictionary. Believe in your action. Make your mind understand that nothing happens without your efforts. Even hope won't work for you if you don't give your 100% effort.

2. Stop using words that can make you think negative

Negative thinking

Humans have already reached on Moon and Mars. So if we can travel from earth to other stars and planets then I feel nothing is impossible for us. We are born with the best of ourselves that makes us capable of doing things that we feel impossible. 

One of the prominent reasons behind failure is, most of the time we lose interest from the task that looks difficult to us and that's when our mind starts getting filled with negative thoughts like - I can't do it, It's impossible or it is difficult. When such thoughts start rising, it makes you lose all the chance that was there that could have made it possible to win over the challenge and get succeed.

So, when we aim to achieve what we are targeting, we should be positive towards it and doesn't let any negative thoughts to get in our mind. It's when we don't entertain any negative thoughts in our minds, that's when our chances of winning over the challenges we face get higher.

3. Imperfect is perfect

Our universe is huge and around 7 billion people live on earth and it is true that none of them are the same and none of them are perfect.  

We all lack something or the other. We are not perfect and cannot become the way we want. The early we accept it, the more we are going towards the path of success.

When we face failure or we fail to achieve our goal, we try to bring out the incapability or the disadvantage that we have. We blame our fortune for the lack that we have in us.

So, if we want to get our goal, the first thing we will have to do is accept the way we are. 
The habit of getting pity towards self can make blind and give us an excuse for getting failed or for not getting successful. And chances are also there that, we might miss an opportunity that could have helped to get success while we were busy blaming ourselves.

Hence, accepting the way we are and planning strategies ahead by counting our weaknesses can help well in making a perfect plan and win over the situation.

4. Have a mentor


It's always good to keep someone as a mentor. A person who inspires you, from whom you can learn many things. 

Mentors always help when you feel lost or get confused in understanding which way is right for you.
It is also equally important to choose the right mentor. A person who has never experienced any tough situation in life and didn't overcome his problem cannot guide you aptly. Consider someone who has worked hard all his life has struggled to reach the top level and known to be the best leader. Only leaders can create the next leaders. Because they are the one who knows what qualities true leaders hold and their mentoring are definitely going to help you in the right way.

5. Change according to the situation

Though, we may feel like our life has been the same but actually not. All days are not the same. Our life changes, and with time we have to accept the change. Change is always vital and hand accepting the change and getting adjusted with time can help you to achieve goals effectively. Sometimes it is an improvement that can help to get more success. 

Old trends will never bring the expected results in a new time. Hence, to be on the right track and stay on top of the competition, it is important to embrace the change and accept it.

Understand that success is only attainable if you really want it. We all have the same chances of success in our life. Considering the advice that is mentioned in this article can help in making the struggle easy and work as planned. 

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