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Regain Your Power Back And Overcome Defeat

If anyone tells you that he has never failed, then realize that man lies to you because mistakes and failures are part of life. There is no human on earth that got succeeded in the first attempt or without making mistake.
When we lose, we assume that we cannot do anything on it and everything is over at that moment.

Never give up

But the main concern is, thinking this way will really solve your problem?

Every defeat goes by giving us a lesson that even if we lose we should try to win. Just sitting silently and weeping over the past and thinking about the moment that went against you won't help you. 
Every person gets a second chance to re-correct his mistake and win. There is nothing impossible in life. Therefore gathering the courage, assessing the situation correctly, and taking a step further will help you. Success won't be far from you.

There are 7 steps that can help you to regain your power back and overcome defeat.

1. Don't surrender yourself to the defeat

Whatever you do, either you will win or you'll see the defeat. That's the rule of nature. But important is to not give up so easily. A lot of people give up because that's what they find easy to do when they fail. Rather try to not give up. 
It may be difficult to hold on to your confidence and get back. You should not stop yourself so easily. It is after you refuse to give up, you see how capable you are. Getting inspired from others doing impossible things is the greatest way to inspire yourself to stay strong. Quitting is not an option, so no matter how many times you lose, it's not going to be an option.

2. Get back yourself again

This is an important step in your failure. It is this step that will decide your future. Many people avoid facing the same situation again after getting failed because they get reminded of their failure and hence they try to avoid the situation. When you'll try to get back, it will gradually change your mindset for better. It will make your brain get aware of the current situation you are going through and make your brain prepared to face the situation again and make sure that this time you win!!!
To regain at the same position may look difficult but with struggle, nothing is difficult. After all, it is going through this phase of your life that will make you grow for better. 

3. Get motivated from failure

A prominent scholar has said that "When Life Brings You Down, There Is Always Something Out Surrounding You That Can Motivate You". When you find difficulty in getting your foot ahead for one more time, think about the reason behind why you have started earlier. Our mindset plays a major role in how and where our life leading to. When you feel demotivated, think about the defeat that you have faced. When you get thoughts related to it in your mind, it automatically tries to make your mind understand that this defeat cannot prove your incompetency and visualize success.
As you get such thoughts in your mind, it makes your mind ready to give a try for one more time. 
By keeping your mind open and welcome to receive thoughts from whatever happens in your life, sometimes it can motivate you, and it can be from defeat or failure too. Make your mind understand that, no experience is useless but is a great lesson. 

4. Stay confident


Confidence is said as the key to success. No matter how tough the situation is, confidence plays an important role in our lives and matters a lot. Lack of confidence can make you doubt yourself and your actions and thereby miss an opportunity that can lead you to success. It is because of the low confidence that many people have to stay away from getting successful.
When you get confident, you start believing in your own skills, goals, and ability to succeed. No matter how many times you fail, if you are confident, you can change your destiny and get successful.
You cannot get confidence overnight, but practicing it daily in life and making a decision about your life independently, without letting other opinions about you to influence it. It is when you take responsibility for your life, you gain confidence and you get capable of taking difficult decisions of your life.

5. Keep reminding yourself about the dream you have

The greatest desire we all have is to reach the goal that we want to achieve something that we will proud of. Often we lose the track that can lead us to success. Many times it happens because we forget the goal that we have set to achieve. Many among us get demotivated with the failure that we face and we let the failure to rule our life. Probably this makes us get off track from achieving our goal and that's when we lose the grip of our life from our hand and as we start noticing this, we feel like our life is not in our control.
To be on the right track every day it is important to remind yourself every day the purpose of your life. The goal you want to achieve. In order to not lose your concentration from your goal, keep your activities oriented towards your goal. These small steps will help you to get you closer to your goal and will keep the flame of your dream alive. Make your mind understand that, no experience is useless but is a great lesson. 

6. Review your strategies


It is through experiments, one gets the right path that leads to success. There is no one who has got success in the first attempt. Many popular personalities have faced failure in their initial days. 
We all have a habit of seeing things from one perspective. When your attempt doesn't succeed, change the perspective. Try other possible ways. 
There is nothing in life that is difficult. Everything in life has a unique way to go through. The need is to discover that path which can lead you to success. When you face failure, think about it. Review the strategies you have used, make the necessary changes, and try one more time.  It will definitely make you overcome defeat.

7.Work smart along with hard work

Smart Work

There are many who argue which is better, smart, or hard work. I am of opinion that both are important and it is in collaboration with both you can overcome failure.
Smart work alone cannot help you to regain your power back. With good strategies, you'll have to make sure you give your 100% effort and it is impossible without doing hard work.

When you are ready with your plan and strategies, the next step comes into action. Indeed hard work and smart work is the most important step that will lead you to success.

The difference between being defeated and feeling defeated is your attitude. How you see things matters a lot. Instead of getting hung up on what went wrong, try to focus your attention on what you can do next to overcome defeat.
Try considering the mentioned steps that will help you to conquer failure and regain your power back.

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