Want To Be Physically Fit? Here's How You Can Get It

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Being physically fit has become critically important. Specially when our living habits are not better than the people who existed few decades back. They were more inclined towards physical hardwork when it comes to working. Today's working style expects employees to sit near laptop for hours and do their job role without moving their body. Though it may be a pros as we are moving towards modernization but it can impact tremendously on our health. Therefore staying physically fit is also equally important.

So, if you're one of them who barely gets time to exercise but expect yourself to be physically healthy then making a few changes in your life and understanding the components of fitness will help you successfully achieve your target.

So, today we have brought 10 components of fitness that can help you to get physically fit and are helpful when you're about to undergo any fitness test. And getting back physically fit with less initiatives from your side.

1. Getting enough of sleep

Our habits makes us what we are. Timing of our sleeping and waking up makes huge impact on how our day going to be.

Going to bed and waking up early provides you with extra time that you can spend on physical fitness which is mostly neglected if done at later time when you are busy getting ready for work.

Having a quality sleep helps in improving concentration which is important for the well-being of mental health.

Other advantages of getting 8-9 hours of sleep at night includes:

i) Pituitary gland releases growth harmones which repairs muscles, rejuvenate skin, improves heart and brain health.

ii) Maintaining healthy weight.

iii) Keep active for the rest of the day with improved efficiency.

Though, it may be difficult to spend enough time on bed due to the busy schedules and lifestyle, but creating a habit of sleeping and waking up early can help you in the long term.

2. Have breakfast within two hour of getting up

Breakfast is the most important meal that you cannot skip. It is important to have breakfast within two hours of waking up since it helps to raise metabolism, balancing blood sugar and improves hormonal imbalance and assist in managing weight and thereby keeping yourself healthy.

On the other side, people who skip breakfast, are found to be more prone to get type two diabetes. Also, it impacts negatively on cortisol - the hormone related to stress is produced by Adrenal glands and thereby keeping you stressed and anxious for the rest of the day.

Skipping breakfast also create effect on blood pressure, weight gain and thereby impacting negatively on  heart health.

Many dieticians are of opinion that not taking breakfast regularly on time can positively affect health for longer term.

3. Avoid snacks as munching 

We all have habit of snacking in between meals while working or studying in order to keep ourselves awake. 

Though it may be a good idea to munch but munching chips, chocolates, or other oily stuff is unhealthy.

Instead you can keep handful of almonds, cashew nuts and other dry fruits on your desk and munch them whenever you feel. 

Dry fruits are filled with protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, dry fruits makes one of the delicious and healthy snacks that you can consume without worrying much about health care.

4. Eat food filled with protein instead of junk food when eating outside

If you have targeted to crack any fitness test then this tip is very helpful for you. We all love to eat outside. Sometimes we get bored of eating home made food and we crave for the junk food. But is junk food healthy? obviously no.

The chemical, the sauce that are added to the food enhances the taste of it and attract the customer but they are no way healthy. Consuming such food for longer time can get your health in risk. In such a situation, where you want to eat outside or you don't have any other option, then choosing food that are filled with protein can help you to get your cravings fulfilled .So some of those calories that you're consuming, part of it is protein. 

To be on a safer side, you can have dishes that are made from chicken or mutton, eggs or if you're vegetarian, you can go for paneer and many other food options. They taste delicious and are filled with nutrition too.

5. Avoid adding sugar or reduce sugar intake to minimum

Gone are the days when sugar was considered as must have. Now people have become more aware of how harmful sugar is to our body.

Sugar is an addictive substance. It creates the same reaction in your brain that cocaine does. Hence people easily gets addicted to sugar.

Though consuming sugar gives gratification but it's impact on our body gets visible in old age. Sugar consist of dirty carbohydrates which are not meant to be in your system. 

High amount of Sucrose from can damage your liver. It acts as a poison to the liver. The liver is the sole organ that metabolizes Sucrose. All ingested Sucrose goes into the liver. It gets converted into fat, which partially gets transported to our fat cells, while part of it still stays in the liver.

Apart from this, it can impact your immunity, hormones, cardiovascular system and can interfere with brain functions.

In short, if you're addicted to sugar or if sugar is your favourite substance you can't stay away from, then these reasons are enough to reconsider yourself and make a choice between sugar and it's substitute. Here is an article that can give you in brief the list of substitute for sugar.

5 Best Natural Sugar Substitute With Amazing Benefits

6. Avoid habit of sitting for long hours

Our sedentary lifestyle and work life demands us to sit and work on laptop for hours. Though it creates convenience to us since we don't need to go out and do physical hardwork for earnings. But such lifestyle can backfire. 

Sitting for too long increases the risk of chronic health problems related to heart, muscles, stomach and legs. Too much sitting and working on laptop is bad and can affect the mental health.

Humans are naturally made to stand upright and work. This helps our human's body parts to work efficiently and rising the energy levels, also helping in strengthening the bones and improve endurance to carry the task that otherwise looks difficult.

According to studies, physical inactivity contributes to over two million preventable deaths worldwide every year. It is the fourth leading cause of death that people face.

Hence taking a break in between work or keeping yourself moving becomes important.

You can consider using stairs instead of lift or stand up while attending a phone call. Take a short walk after lunch or go for a walk when you're having a tea break. Getting yourself moving while working will amaze you with the difference that you'll see in yourself. Also, moving yourself from your desk helps to improve the focus and keeping you active.

7. Aim at having adequate water at regular intervals

Water plays an important role for our body. For the smooth functioning of our body, including carrying oxygen to our brain water is important. Upto 60% of the human body is water.

Our body cannot restore water for the future and we keep losing them in the form of sweating, through urine and so on. Keeping our body hydrated is important for the smooth functioning of the body and good health.

So, having adequate water at a regular interval is important. The recommended eater intake a man should have around 3 litres of water each day whereas, women should have around 2 and a half litre of water. These ratio includes liquid fluid intake in any form. Be it juice cold drink, tea etc.

You can have water in between meals, after exercise or whenever you feel thirsty.

8. Practice habit of eating early at night

Health experts says, the best time to have dinner is between 06:00 to 07:00 p.m. 

Eating early helps to balance the blood sugar and burn fat. Whereas, eating late and getting to bed soon after dinner leads one to face indigestion and gain fat.

When you eat late, it increases triglyceride levels, a type of fat that body stores for later use. People with high level of triglycerides are more prone to  heart attacks and strokes.

Whereas eating four to five hours before going to bed helps to digest the food properly and body burns out the calories that are produced. By doing it, you will not be facing any problem related to constipation.

But due to the hectic lifestyle, eating dinner at 06:00 or 07:00 p.m. becomes difficult. In such case, eating food in small amount atleast two hours before sleeping can help to get the food properly digested and utilize the nutrients that are produced through metabolism.

9. Avoid getting worried about the things that you can't control

stressful life

We humans are said to be the strongest creature of the nature and yet we are the weakest too...

We play numerous roles in our life. We have professional and personal life too and in daily life we face many of the challanges. Some makes us strong whereas some makes us weak. Sometimes we get worried for the things that are not in our control. 

We put our best efforts in the work and expect us to succeed in everything that we do. But that is never possible. When facing a failure or upset, worrying won't help rather than draining your energy and mental strength and creating stress for you.

Worrying too much can lead you to get into the habit of blaming you for everything which can become toxic.

Hence, giving up on the things that are out of your reach or you can't do anything is better for the mental peace.

10. Practice healthy living

We all are living sedentary lifestyle of which we ourselves are noticing the effects on our physical health and mental health as well. In such a situation, the need is to give up the sedentary lifestyle and learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living is the only way of life that can save ourselves from unnecessary stress.

How to have healthy living?

Opt for healthy food choices, physical exercise, and maintain a healthy weight. In short, healthy living is to improve lifestyle and thereby help yourself to maintain and enhance health.

Whereas talking to someone close to you can help you to release the stress you are carrying and thereby helping yourself to make your brain stress-free.

Practicing yoga, hearing a seminar related to spiritualism, spending time with family can help you to improve your life.

Healthy life


When something doesn't work right for you, it's better to change the perspective. Our life is also same way. If you are facing issues related to health or living a stressful life, it's the time for you to change your life pattern and live life healthy. Being physically fit matters at the end. And practicing  these 10 components of fitness can help you to get your healthy life back. The tips that are shared in this article can help you to improve your life for better and are no way harming. 

Execute these tips in your life and you yourself will find the difference. 


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