How To Improve Your Personality With Interpersonal Skills

Your personality is what makes you unique and different from others. They include your thoughts, values, behaviors, and feelings. Your personality is what attracts other people to you through your deeds and words. It is the foundation that helps you to achieve success in your personal and professional life. You could develop your personality if you have a goal in mind to improve yourself in life. Think about improving yourself one step at a time each day and you will see yourself improving over a period of time.

Improve Your Personality

Among other skills, interpersonal personals skills contribute most to improving your personality. It is also said that 85% of our success is attributed to the use of interpersonal skills. If you use your interpersonal skills while communicating with people in your personal or professional can bring you success.

What are Interpersonal Skills?

In short, Interpersonal skills are the set of skills that help us effectively communicate, interact, and work with people. Individuals with good interpersonal skills have strong verbal and non-verbal capabilities. They are often considered to be "people-friendly people"

Most of our daily activities require interaction with other people. It is important to be efficient at getting along with others in order to have success in a career and rewarding relationships.

Comparing these skills with technical skills, interpersonal skills influence both personal and professional success. Both the skills are however equally important in professional success. Technical skills are usually skills such as those that are required to work efficiently like financial modeling, Excel skills, or programming, etc. While Technical skills influence your intelligence quotient, interpersonal skills, or soft skills influence the emotional quotient. Assessing technical skills is easy while it is very difficult to assess one's interpersonal skills. 

How to develop your Interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal Skills improves our personality and there are ways to improve interpersonal skills

1. Use Right Words To Communicate

Using the right words when you interact with others can significantly add up to your personality. You must have seen people who have excellent communication skills that we start to admire them for. To improve interpersonal communication skills, start using words such as "Thank You", "Please", and other kind words that have a great impact. Use these words daily and make it a habit so that you improve your communication. Also, the choice of words is important. It is the style of your expression. In general, a person should choose words that make him/her feel comfortable, confident, and that is simple for the audience to understand. For more details check out this article here.

2. Manage Emotions And Body Language

It is important to understand your emotions and those of others. The ability to manage one's feelings and emotions is an important skill in preventing reactive outbursts. Your body language can give out a lot of signals on whether you are feeling confident or not. You need to make sure you are not giving negative expressions through your body language. Similarly, you should also be able to recognize the body language of others. Being aware of negative body language in others can allow you to pick up on unspoken issues or bad feelings. 

When you display positive body language, it can strengthen the verbal messages or ideas you want to express. It can also help your audience to be clear about what you are trying to express.

When you meet a person first time during the day, make sure you do a firm handshake. You should always have an open posture while you are interacting with others. Also, always maintain eye contact with the person whom you are talking to. You should avoid touching your face and fiddle with the things you have in your hands. These are negative signs that you are not confident. Remember, you can change how you feel if you take some time to notice your responses and the reason behind it. 

3. Be A Good Listener

Be a good listener means you should be genuinely interested in what another person is saying. Listening does not mean you should keep quiet until it's your turn to speak. It is an interactive act. You are receiving some information from another person you can convey that you are listening by nodding your head, saying affirmative words in between the conversation, and asking quick questions during the pause to understand the other person better. 

It is also important to maintain constant eye contact at this point with the person who is speaking. It is also important to empathize with the feelings when you are genuinely interested in what the other person is speaking rather than giving your advice. Finally, it is better to ask if you can help them in some way.

If you make habit of following the above rules in your daily conversations with the people. It will definitely develop your personality by improving interpersonal communication skills and you will be liked by the people around you. 

Have a great day... 

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