Improve Your Personality: Use Right Words

There are few words which add value to your Personality. Use this words in your daily conversations and you will instantly be liked by everyone you talk to.

Improve Your Personality

Remember to say 'THANK YOU', no matter how insignificant or small the help might be. Say 'Thank You', and mean it, on the next occasion the individual will, on his own, do a bigger favour. The two words 'Thank You' mean a lot to the people. They convey that you value and appreciate their deed. You can make new friends, establish your leadership, amass wealth and gain happiness by using the right words. Words are potent and powerful. Voice and words go to make up your expression. With s winning, power-packed, persuasive expression, you can conquer the world. A successful salesman observed that "words are the wings of ideas, which fly or fall by them". This you will find from experience to be only too true. If your ideas should fly and hit their mark, they must be expressed in words which have the wings. An individual's thinking could be exact or precise only to the extent that he has command of the words to make it so.

You cannot think or talk except in words. When your words run out, you reach the end of your thinking. Once the stock of your words gets exhausted, all you could do is to repeat yourself monotonously. The more words at your command, the more precisely you could differentiate between them, the more exactly and effectively you can express yourself. An individual who cannot distinguish the meanings of tge words "adulteration" and "adultery", is prone to commit blunders. A confused vocabulary will mean a confused man. Those who find it difficult to distinguish "courtesy" from "curtsy", "costume" from "custom", "dam" from "dame" and "tact" from "tack" may be compelled to tread softly when they have to express themselves. Such confusion and poor vocabulary will inhibit the individual and expose his inferiority complex. But it is so easy to master the words. All you have to do is to use them. Words are mastered by practice. Anyone can do it easily and effortlessly once one begins.

At the same time, talk is not mere empty sound. One should not bore others and tire them with unceasing prattle and meaningless waffle. One's talk should be purposive, pregnant with ideas, satisfying to the minds of the listeners and capable of creating favourable response. By your talks, you should be able to discover people in all their variety and originality, each one responsive to moods and emotions, hopes and aspirations. If your talk is cold, distant, superficial, casual, affected, cloaked or impersonal, you will never be anle to break the barrier and get through your audience and make the rapport. Your words should laugh, sing, ripple and flow. They must vibrate with joy, piety, friendship, warmth, love, colour and power. They must explain, exalt, move and inspire your audience.

Think about success

Voice and words thus judiciously employed will make your expression forceful, penetrating and convincing. Even a genius will be at a serious disadvantage if he lacks the ability to express himself with ease and effectiveness. To rise to leadership, a person must be eloquent, powerful, arresting and impressive in his speech. He should convey confidence and conviction when he talks. His tone of voice and choice ofcwords should reflect the mood of this thoughts. If a person speaks with confidence, coherence and enthusiasm relected both through his voice and words, he will certainly be able to create and hold the interest of his listeners. His arguments should be logical, rational, sensible and reasonable. In brief, words aptly spoken will prove to be the shortcut to distinction and leadership.

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