How To Embed PowerPoint Presentation On Webpage

Many a time there is a requirement to embed PowerPoint presentation to Webpage. You can embed the presentation by uploading it to a host like Onedrive or Google Drive. Today, I will show how this can be done using Google drive.

Presentation on web page

Follow the below steps to embed the presentation:

1. Upload the Powerpoint Presentation to Google Drive.

Google Drive

2. Right-click on the uploaded PowerPoint presentation file and click 'Open with' and select 'Google Slides'

3. Once the presentation opens in Google Slides. Click on File and then click on Publish to the web

Google Slides

4. Click on Embed Section

Google Slides Publish to Web
5. Select the size for the embedded presentation and Auto-advance slides as per your choice.

6. Finally, click on the Publish button. Click Ok in the prompt that appears. 

7. You will be provided with an embed code as shown below. Click on the code and press Ctril+C to copy.

Google Slides Publish to web

8. Paste the code in the HTML section of your blog or Website.

Below is a sample presentation I have embedded as a demo.

9. To make the embedded presentation mobile responsive, delete the height and width of the embed code.

10. Give the iframe element an ID like for example 'presentation' and set the width of the iframe as a percentage. For height use CSS media query. Like I have done in the screenshot below.

Slides Embed Code

Try the quiz:

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