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Elon Musk's Best Lessons for Success & Inspiration

By now we all have heard and impressed with the kind of work we have seen from The Elon Musk. 
His goals are been always to achieve something which was out of his limitation. He has not just manufactured Tesla cars but also kept his interest in space alive by manufacturing SpaceX company and recently launching Falcon 9 to orbit. Definitely, his intention we can see is to reinvent transportation on Earth as well as in the space.

Elon Musk

The way he is passionate about his work, as a struggler, and to achieve our goal in life, we can learn many of the lessons from his life. There are some important lessons from Elon Musk's life that can help anyone to get his goal. 

1. Money should never be an ultimate goal

As of now, Musk has set up around four billion-dollar businesses in the world, money was never the desire that motivated him to work hard. In fact, on many occasions, he invested his entire money on his large scale companies that he wanted to open. He always believed to solve problems on his own ability. 

2. Impossible is a choice

His famous company "Spacex" where he intended to create a facility for people to travel to Mars by 2040. Even though he didn't pursue any education in aerospace engineering, neither he ever worked into that field. But this didn't let him hinder to complete his wish. 
Though he faced many challenges in between his dream, his interest in space did not let him loose. Musk believed in his dream and he tried all possibilities that could bring success to him.

3. Never panic

Just like we all know the rule of thumb that if you want to get the maximum of the knowledge then the only source to it is books. It is through books that you can get a lot of knowledge. Same way, 
Musk believed and learned to be calm in any difficult situation. It is through being calm in a tough situation that you can help yourself to find the right solutions.

4. Success needs sacrifices

Musk's success story is legendary. If you haven't read yet then click on this link.

From working almost 120 hours a week to making a lot of sacrifices, leaving his comfort zone to achieve a dream. All this implies that if you work hard, sacrifice your comfort zone, you will never going to get disappointed in life. In the end, you will be a survivor and a winner. 

5. Mistakes are common

It's not easy to build the future. When you're going to start doing something new for the first time in your life, there'll always be setbacks. Life is packed with awkward moments, competitors and there will be some people who will be happy to see you fight and struggle. Most would shrivel up or slink away. Believe it or not, this is true.
Hence never expect you getting success in the first attempt. What you have to do is, keep giving your best shots no matter how tough the situation you are going through.

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