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10 Ways Coronavirus Has Changed Our Life For Better

In the past many health risking diseases we have seen but none of them was so dangerous than Coronavirus. 

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The routine that we are following now is totally different than before. No one ever thought that the pandemic that rose from a small market of Wuhan could change our life to an extent that, to save ourselves from it, we will need to lock ourselves inside the home. 
Many companies that are into the manufacturing of non-essential commodities have been largely affected whereas companies that were into the manufacturing of masks, sanitizers are into profit. People who could opt for work from home are still having a hold on their job while many others have lost the job and are blank on their future. 
With Coronavirus outbreak everyone's life has changed. While there is a negative impact on our life but there are also good things that the corona outbreak has taught us. These are some of them. Following them can make our life better. 

1. Patience

The ongoing situation has made us realize that we are not left with any option rather than being patient. Not everyone's situation is the same. Some have more suffering than others but there is nothing that we can do.
As time is passing, we are learning to have patience and wait for the good news from a scientist on the vaccines that can help in curing the virus. We have learned that even after frustration and adversity, we can wait.
Patience is one of the important virtue that can lead us to happiness. Scientists are of opinion that people who cultivate this virtue are less affected by the stressful or upsetting situation and thereby they are less prone to depression or negative thoughts.
Practicing patience can help us to face challenging situations with gratitude and win over any upcoming tough situation. This will not only make our life pleasant to live but will help us to create a successful future.

Deep breathing techniques, developing emotional intelligence, adopting effective relaxation techniques are some of the effective ways that can help us to develop patience.

2. Personal Hygiene

To live life healthy, being hygienic, and safe is very important. We never took the health and safety so seriously before pandemic came into our lives. We commuted in a crowded bus, trains, and touched on the surfaces that may have germs. We never took viral fever so seriously. When someone sneezed we never got worried or irritated like how we get now. In short, we learned to take the situation seriously and learned to be hygienic and safe. 
In order to stay away from getting infected from viruses, the government has made compulsory the safety guidelines that every citizen should follow. And for sure, human has understood the importance of health and safety. 
By now humans have got habited of following these good habits in their life. And these habits are advantageous to human life. Following it for life long will help us to live a healthy and safe life. We will now take precautions whenever we will travel in public areas and thereby avoid getting infected and get sick. Also, the current scenario will help us to get educated and aware of important health tips that can keep us safe.

3. Home food

The modern lifestyle that we were used to and the trend of eating out in the hotel, fast food, pizza, burger all these we have left it somewhere in past.
Since the lockdown, all hotels, fast food centers, restaurants are shut by the government and we are made to eat homemade food.
Though the taste between homemade food and restaurant food are too different, the food that we eat at home prepared by us are more healthy than the fast food/ pizza/ burger or other food that we ate. The preservatives that are added to that food to look fresh or the restaurant food that we love to eat are as unhealthy as junk food. They are too filled with high sodium, high calories, the fat that can affect our health and negatively impact our body. 
Consuming homemade food is always beneficial for ourselves. When we prepare food for ourselves, we are aware of the oil, spice, or sugar and that we add. These make us sure that we are eating something healthy. Also, whenever we cook food at home, we use the ingredients which are safe for ourselves, we don't add baking soda or preservatives or flavors to enhance the taste.
Eating such self-made or homemade food is always better for our health. Following these habit of eating homemade food and avoid eating outside will help us to avoid diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and related other problems. We will keep ourselves fit and we won't need to take medication to lower blood pressure or diabetes.

4. Stop believing in rumors

During the initial time of the pandemic, we heard a lot of untrue news and hoax that were being spread on news or on social media. It is important to be aware of what is happening around us but the fake news could spread hatred among the people causing more harm than the pandemic itself. We have learned to verify news and not believing in it blindly. The trust in humanity has improved and we now understand the pain what the people are going through in these unprecedented times.

5. Being workaholic is not everything

Since born, we never have seen days like the one we are seeing today. Spending time at home avoiding going out unnecessarily. We all lived a very hectic life, spending almost the entire day at work, then even after coming home doing the pending office work and giving minimum time to the family.
The habit of being workaholic, thinking the whole day and night about work, we hardly gave time to ourselves and our near and dear ones. This pandemic has caged us at home. Our work life has got disrupted. Looking at the numbers of affected people and infections that are spreading every day, we learned that our life is important. As pandemic started, people who were working in other cities have returned back to their native to be with their families. The current situation has made us understand the importance of family and what it feels like to be with your own people. We never had such an experience before. Relations, family bonds are becoming stronger, stranded relations are getting closer and all this is happening because of the situation that we all are facing. We have now understood how important it is to spend time with the family. And how important is to manage work-life balance.

6. We have learned to embrace the change

We are hearing many of the negative news on TV but one good thing we haven't understood is how strong we are at adjusting ourselves as per the situation. To avoid getting infected, we are doing whatever it takes. The situation that we are facing is one of the worst that we ever experienced. 
Knowingly or unknowingly we have adjusted ourselves with the current scenario and embraced the change that happened in our lifestyle. Even though, no one is happy with it. But these shows how strong we are. Adapting to new social norms is never easy. During the first few weeks, we found it difficult or stressed to get adjusted but as time passed we learned to live our life according to the norms that government has applied. 

7. Enjoy the moment

With massive life loss caused by the virus outbreak, we should feel lucky to be safe and healthy. But one thing we cannot deny is we all have limited time on earth, whatever we have with us is now. There is no use of worrying about the future. The time that slips from our hands becomes history. We cannot do anything to alter our mistake or whatever that has happened with us. 
Many a time we keep thinking so much about our future that we forget to live life in the present. We forget that it is by making our present beautiful, we will able to make our future better.
Also, it is important to be aware and concentrate on the 'NOW' because we can control our current time rather than the past or future hence, we should try to bring the best from current time.
Our life reflects the way we carry it. There is always hope, compassion, and positivity. No matter what happens in our life, or how tough the days are, never lose hope. Be positive about 'NOW'. The time you're spending now will make your future. Instead of being tensed, decide to take initiatives that can benefit you. Smile, be happy. Learn to enjoy the moment that you are living in.

8. Helping others

As social distancing has become a prominent norm to follow and the shortage of basic necessities has created a problem for many, but the outbreak also brought the best from people. 
Many people have come forward to help others irrespective of religion or caste. Any communities and housing societies delivered packed food to needy people. 
Though good things happenings in society take more time to get hyped than the bad happenings. It shows that humanity among people is still alive. And it is one of the best virtue anyone can have. Being compassionate about other is something that doesn't cost anything. Love for humankind is above everything. Helping each other in difficult situations will create a peaceful society.

9. Belief in faith

Until now some of us were thinking that nothing is above them. No one is bigger than them. We have always overestimated our achievements. We have now come to know that nothing is in our hands. Our achievements cannot save us when we need it and there is a lot more to learn. We now recognize the creator who has given us this beautiful life and resources to live it. We are praying for the well-being of our near and dear ones.

10. Respect for nature

Human has been the most selfish and cruel to nature. We have never recognized that nature was suffering due to our activities. The pollution that we created has hit us back. Our weakened immunity to pathogens and decreased life span is the evidence of this. We now realize the importance of nature, the atmosphere, and the ocean. We have learned to respect other creatures surrounding us. We should take this as a lesson and never repeat the mistake. We should seriously think and do something about climate change and its harmful effects. We should think about making this planet a better place for our future generations.

Though there are many things we should learn to forget that happened in the current event, adopting some of the good things that we have learned from this pandemic can make our life better and a life worth living for in the future.

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