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Easiest Way To Make Money Using Instagram

Social media is one of the greatest ways to grow business. One such social site where you can grow your business and make money is Instagram.


Instagram has become one of the prominent social sites that have more followers after Facebook. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. From then it has grown exponentially. It has around 1 billion users today. Over 60 million photos are posted every day. In a short time, this photo-sharing site has gained so much popularity that most of the top companies wished to buy it. Finally, Facebook acquired it in 2012. Instagram has become one of the preferred sites to the target audiences and generates business and thus, many can make money through Instagram. Though many people are aware that anyone can make money through Instagram but very few know the right strategy.

If you are one of them who wants to monetize your Instagram account and make money, then keep reading ahead for insights that can help you.

In order to earn money from Instagram. It is important to understand that you need to make your profile eligible for monetization. Before you get started with creating an account and adopt strategies to make money, there are some points which are important to consider:

1. Type of account

You should opt for a business account. Here you can make posts that are related to business/ marketing that can help you to reach more people, drive sales, and earn money. Your personal posts shouldn't be included in your business account.

2. Selecting a Niche

To start generating income from Instagram you will need to focus on your account. Always pick a niche in which you have an interest. For Example, if you have interest in motivating, you can take up motivation as niche or if you have interest in visiting new places then you can take up a niche related to travel to exotic destinations where you can upload photos of beautiful places or information about popular destinations located in or outside your country. Selecting the niche in which you are actually passionate about is important so that over time you shouldn't lose your interest from your page and also it gives your Instagram account the brand value needed for monetizing. Taking a real-life example, suppose you open a travel agency then you cannot sell groceries in your agency. Right?. So selecting the right niche is very important.

3. Content Creation

Instagram is all about great visuals and content. The post must look appealing, authentic, and valuable. Posting everyday 2/3 posts won't work. Even if you do one post daily that has impressive, thoughtful content that can grab audience interest or raise curiosity is enough. Always upload engaging content and keep your audience's interest in your post that will make them come back for more. Remember, Quality over quantity matters!!!

4. Always Use Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in the post. They help you to get discovered and participate in highly relevant topics. Even they are one of the relevant ways to reach people who aren't following you. If your content impresses some of them, then they will visit your profile and engage with it. This will help you increase your reach and get more followers. Hence, always use hashtags wisely. Always go for hashtags that have a higher number of followings and hashtags which can help you to increase your reach.

5. Engage in other's post

It is important to regularly engage in other's post. Supporting others will lead you to get back support from them. Always post eye-catchy comments. This will help you to gain the attention of other followers.

If you follow these steps thoroughly, it will help you to grow traffic and increase reach on your profile. This is important because brands prefer those account who has more traffic, engagement, and reach. Since the main reason behind making a deal with you for advertising is to create brand awareness, brand promotion and attract a larger number of people to their business.

To start making money from Instagram, at the least, you should have a minimum of 2000 followers to start doing brand promotions.

Which are the ways that can help you to make money through Instagram?

Instagram can help you to make business and make money. Adopting proper strategies can actually increase your earning. Here are some ways:

1. Sponsoring

As said earlier, picking the correct niche is important. You can make a deal with the industry which belongs to your niche. For example, if your niche is travel or vlogging, you can make a deal with the particular hotel where you stayed. You can charge them money and make a post promoting the hotel. This way you can do the promotion of a hotel and earn money. Another example - If you are a coach/ teacher or motivational speaker, you can make a post promoting your ideas that can enhance audience knowledge and attract them. Later as your audience grows, you can create programs or guidance books that can help your audience. This will help you to gain popularity and earn money.

2. Advertising your skills

If you are good at something. For example - you are a good cook or a good painter or a good photographer or videographer or you have good skills at animating videos. You can make money by showcasing your skills. You can sell the images to potential buyers who may use it for their business campaigns. Another way, showcase your work in your account and tag it to the hashtags that are relevant to your post. This will help you to get attention from the audience. If anyone liked your work then they can contact you. For example - During weddings, many photographers and videographers are in demand. So, if anyone liked your work, they can contact you and offer an assignment. This will be advantageous for you since it will help you to generate clients, more recognition, and money. Remember the skills you showcased should be relevant to the niche of the account.

3. Selling Shout-outs

Once your number of followers reaches above 10000, people will request you to give them a shout out or promote their account or to repost their post on your story or tag them in your post. Here you have a good chance to charge them money. Your one shout-out post will reach thousands of your followers and he will get more followers from you. People with huge numbers of followers do sell their shout out. This is probably one way you can make money with your Instagram account. 

4. Selling products

In general, every day there are hundreds of campaigns that are run. Some for a good social cause or some by entrepreneurs. To make awareness of the campaign, they do sell trademark products, consider a T-shirt with a campaign logo. You can assist the campaign to get highlighted on social media by making a post on the campaign, add up the photo of the product with campaign URL and relevant hashtags. This won't only help the campaign to get publicity but also you can make some money.
Many people do get involved with campaigns to earn money.

5. Affiliated Marketing

This is one of the common ways where you can make money. Many people have taken affiliated marketing as a career. To become an affiliated marketer, you'll need to register yourself on the website for their affiliate programs. Once all formality gets completed, you can get started by creating an engaging post and promoting the product.

How affiliated marketing works?

While making a post for promoting a product, make sure it is impressive and engaging. Mention all specifications of the product and how it can help your audience. In the description box, provide the link of the product. The attracted audience can check the link provided and if they buy the product, you get a certain percentage of money as commission. This works purely on a commission basis as you are actually selling products on their behalf.
Leading E-Commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart have started giving people an opportunity to make extra money through affiliated marketing.

5. Brand promotion

Many brands collaborate with influencers to promote their product. The original type of influencer marketing was that of celebrity endorsements. In today's digital world, however, creators of social content for targeted audiences can give brands more value. Many brands are willing to work with an influencer who can promote their product. The promotion can be of any products as long as the promotion is related to your niche.
If you are a social content creator and has a huge number of fan following, you can take this as an opportunity for making money. There are many apps or marketing platforms that can help influencers to connect with brands. You'll need to create content that involves the promotion of the brand. The main aim behind the brand promotion is attracting the audience and creating brand awareness. The deal is always negotiable and charges depend on per post or an entire campaign. It also depends on your reach and engagement with the audience.

With the diversity of the audience on Instagram, everyone has an opportunity to make money. Quality of post and relevant hashtag matters in order to showcase your post to a larger audience and increase the reach and engagement on your profile. It is also important to understand your audience. In order to make your advertisement effective, you should promote the products according to the taste of your audience.

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