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10 Things To Do If You Are Bored At Home

The entire world is under lockdown because of the global pandemic of coronavirus. Government authorities are telling people to distance themselves socially to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus the prime minister of our country have also urged people to stay indoors as much as possible and maintain social distancing.
Many people are actually going through a difficult phase and have actually got bored of lockdown since nobody is used to of isolation that we are facing. If you are one of them who is bored at home due to coronavirus lockdown, then we thought to bring suggestions that would make your lockdown period productive. Here are the top 10 tips.

Bored at home

1. Pick up your leisure

Well, we all have hobbies. We all have a wish that we wanted to do or learn something but due to a hectic lifestyle, we never got time for it. This is the perfect time that you can spend on your hobby. If you like gardening or painting or even to learn any course, with the help of the internet you can do it online. There are many 1-month certification courses that you can do.

2. Reading

If you like to read or even don't. Give a try to reading. Always stress reading books that are informative, enlighten your knowledge, and help you to take your life in the right direction. There is no better companion than a book. Reading is a good habit. Reading actually makes you experience and get the knowledge that you weren't aware of. There are success stories or articles available that tell the fact about the life struggle of people who are millionaires. You can read them. This will increase your interest in reading and you'll start loving the habit of reading you eventually get addicted to it. Reading helps in developing language skills and vocabulary. Reading also helps you to relax and reduce stress. If you don't have any books available with you then you can try Scribd. They are providing free access to their library for 30 days. Do check out and try.

3. Earn while you are at home

If you have a laptop and a high-speed internet, you can give a try to become a freelancer. There are many sites that provide part-time jobs. Check the link below for a list of sites that provide work for freelancers. Trying this might help you to keep yourself engaged with work that has time limitations and you can generate extra income.

4. Create a page on Instagram

No matter what we think, we all have some of the other work that can actually make our time productive. If you like to socialize with people, you can give try on creating a page on Instagram. Based on any of the niche - Cooking, Motivation, Photography, History, Science. I guess one of these must be your favorite topic. Instagram is one of the popular social sites that have millions of visits from people all over the world and it's a great source of making money too. You can create a page with your favorite niche and share your knowledge with people. Upload quality content regularly and engage with people. That will help you increase your followers within a short span of time and increase your interest and you won't feel bored at home.

5. Create Tutorial Videos

Every human has some extent of knowledge with themselves that can help others. If you are good at mathematics, or science, you can shoot a video of yourself explaining various concepts and upload it on Youtube or tutorial sites. This might help students in many ways and can make them understand better.

6. Watch movie

If you are fond of watching movies like me, then there are many movies that you must watch.
Everyone has their favorite actors. Also, there are many inspirational movies like  The Wolf of Wall Street. This is one of my favorites, likewise, there are many movies that are must watch and are inspiring too. Definitely the time you'll be spending watching these movies will never be a waste.

7. Try new recipes

With the lockdown due to coronavirus, every human is going through the complex situation in life where they are fed up of eating the same food every day. Especially if you had a habit of having lunch in hotels then the taste between home food and food that we get in hotels is totally different.
In such a situation, you can try out new recipes that are available on Youtube. There are many recipes that can be tried with minimum ingredients and that produces the best dishes. On Youtube, you can find numerous mouth-watering recipes that are easy to cook.

8. Learn new Skills

We all have our professional life and at every stage of our professional life, we expect ourselves to perform better. We all want to perform best at our work. There are many skills that can actually help us to grow professionally, also many certification courses are available online that can help us to get certified. This will never going to be a loss for us and will add up in our achievement. Many skills that are high in demand and learning them can actually be profitable for us.

9. Experiment with DIY Tasks

We have many pieces of stuff in our home which we are not using anymore. Give a thought for making something new from them. There are many DIY (do it yourself) videos that showcase various ideas of crafting that can actually produce a creative product or a gadget. Think about it. This might help you to create something that can make help in making your life better.

10. Play games

If you feel, you are no more a kid to play a game then give double thought on this. There are many games that are freely available on Android and iOS.  Try playing them with your friends online in real-time. This might help you to create a strong bond with your friends with whom you hardly spend time due to hectic schedules. And playing games is a good source of passing the time.

While there are many who are actually in more trouble than us, we should feel lucky to be safe at our home. With the help of technology, we have access to many things that can help in using our time. We have got a habit of fast life that we were living and since we do not have anything to do, we are getting bored. Give a positive thought on this time that we are facing. Take this opportunity and give rest to your body and mind. Once the lockdown will be released, we will be again going to face the same hectic life where we will hardly able to give time for ourselves. So we should enjoy the moment we have with our family.

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