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How can we make our self better each day?

Step by step

In the world there are many successful personalities who are not just rich or famous but their ideologies distinct them from others. Many take them as an inspiration in their life.
We all have a 24 hours a day. Are they doing something differently than most of us?

At some point we feel we live a restrained life. It is easy to do what we are following in our daily routine. Even though it prevents us from accomplishing our goals.

5 things to consider for changing our life for better.

Self confidence
None of us are perfect. There is an always opportunity for improvement. That does not mean we cannot achieve our goals. With right skills it is never so difficult. Also we should have a feedback system, so that we know that we are doing the right thing at the right time. This would be reflected in the decisions we take towards achieving our goals.

Being confident will makes us stay positive and believe that, we will accomplish what we wish to do.

Believe in yourself

Good habits
If every human wants to spawn a change, the first thing to start is by changing our habits. Building a good habits requires a lot of determination.

Most addictive and destructive habits have a built in reward that requires no inputs from us. For example - Smoking a cigarette or drinking are all easy habits to adopt. Because it makes us addicted and feel better within small span of time and even though they are hazardous to our overall health and well being. On the other hand positive habits like exercise, meditation wont show their effects immediately.

For each bad habit while we replace with a good habit, we will face challenges. It is best to start with adapting a small habit so that we won't become exhausted or discouraged. Some good habits provide the groundwork for us to adopt other good habits.

Even a 1% daily improvement will have a positive change in our life. We should make our-self realize that becoming addictive to good habits will take time but it will be beneficial for us for a lifetime.

Strategic plan

How Strategic planning be helpful for us to reach our goal?

Inaccurate information keeps getting us wrong results in life, so it is always important to plan with full awareness before taking the action.

 For us to reach a goal, we should have a plan which makes us stay on the path to success. The plan should be such that it should never fail. We should always foresee the problems we will be facing and have the solutions ready.


Change mindset
We all have hopes and dreams we want to achieve. Going after dreams is one big struggle that requires high level of determination, focus and perseverance. The journey is tough and many people give up because they cannot face difficulties.

Steve Siebold, a renowned author, mentioned in his book that, "Mindset is what sets apart successful people from those who are unsuccessful."

Everyone are born the same but the problem lies with the mindset. It may be difficult to achieve the goals we dream about but with right mindset we can achieve them easily.

Adapt to change
Our nature, experience, upbringing and knowledge have made us the person that we are today.
Everyone should understand that old techniques are not relevant to the modern day challenges. Change is therefore imperative for success.

It is also important that we understand we should keep ourselves updated on our skills and personality traits as per the need and should be aware of where the world is leading, that's when we will be able to find the solutions to the problems and achieve positive outcome.

Bottom Line...
It is obvious that we may make mistakes when we are trying to do something new in our life. That doesn't mean we should judge our self negatively. Surely, there are many ways to become a better version of our self and those mentioned above are just a few.

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