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10 Best Marketing Platforms for Instagram Influencers

Instagram is one of the best platforms for sharing photos and videos. Since it's launch in 2010 it has grown exponentially. It has around 1 billion users. More than 60 million images are posted every day.

There’s also a large number of influencers who have a huge number of followers and many more are starting up. There are ample opportunities to grow on Instagram and earn money. Many marketing platforms also exist to help users to engage with the brands to run campaigns on their profiles.

Instagram Marketing is growing rapidly and you've probably heard about the benefits of word-of-mount marketing. Maybe you're just curious to learn what are the platforms and tools available to help you. If so, you're in the right place! Here are some of the best ones if you are looking to monetize your Instagram profile and follower base by being an influencer.


Winkl automates influencer marketing campaigns by combining technology, data & strategy. Winkl is a creator-friendly platform giving opportunities to work with brands like Amazon, Curefit, Flipkart, and Merkle. There are many more 100+ other brands. They also feature lots of tools for content creators like Media Kit and Post Price Calculator to help them with their work.


PulpKey is an influencer marketing platform where brands and content creators collaborate to tell stories. PulpKey requires a minimum of  2,000 followers on Instagram or a minimum of 500 subscribers on YouTube to start with. Content creators can be anyone who tells their stories around photography, travel, fashion, food, comedy, music, film making, technology, etc. It has some of the leading brands like Amazon, Zara, Times of India,, Nestle on the platform.


Plixxo is one of the influencer marketing platforms with over 30K influencers using it.  Bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities, Instagram influencers, and campus influencers can sign up on the platform for accessing paid campaigns. Plixxo helps in simplifies running influencer campaigns for brands. You can also earn through sharing the articles on the Plixxo app to earn some money.

Around 40K+ influencers are on this platform. Its data-driven and most convenient in terms of usage and analytics to track your campaign. The clients who keep going include Hike, Himalaya, Axis Bank, Nykaa, and SHAREit.

Influencer Port

A platform connecting Influencers & brands. This is one of the best Influencer marketing platforms that help marketers make deeper, more authentic connections with their customers. What you need to do is bring content and skills to be developed and use this great opportunity or social media to communicate with the brand you love and the company you love to work with.


VURoll boasts 5000 licensed influencers, 1000 developers, and more than 100 brands/advertisers. An influencer can also work with other influencers and creators where they can build a profile, invite other influencers to collaborate, talk with them, and expand their reach with their group of influencers.


This platform also provides the service to become an influencer if you are popular on social media. By being an influencer with Fromote, you'll get paid for every blog, tweet, or social media post you promote.


Although Upfluence software is not specialized in a specific country, all you need to do is set the location requirements for India to search thousands of Indian influencers instantly. The Smartest Influencer Marketing Platform powered through AI and based on data. It's a great opportunity for Influencers to showcase their work to the worldwide audience and earn money.


Blogweet is home to major social media influencers on Facebook, twitter, blogger, and other platforms. It makes Blogweet the best forum for marketing campaigns with influencers. You can work with the GE, Horlicks, and Homeshop18 labels.


Brandholic is a platform for budding bloggers to mark their name in the industry. With the influential campaigns and pioneering content. It is more focussed on Brand and Awareness.

According to Forbes, Instagram is predicted to generate $5.5 billion in US ad revenue this year. That’s a whopping 70% more than last year. The photo-sharing website will also contribute over almost 30 percent of the 2018 net mobile ad revenue of Facebook. By 2020, that number will be 40%.
This is still growing and many users are coming to Instagram. However, no matter where people are coming from, Instagram users are addicted to the platform and becoming even more so.

If are thinking of the opportunity to earn income, then it is the right time to start now.
If there is any platform you are using and we missed to mention it, let us know in the comment box below. Happy Day!!!

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