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How to Send the Google Form Responses to Your Email

Google Forms is one of the best way you can collect data from user. However, when a user fills the submits the form, only a notification is sent to the email address of the form creator/account owner. If you would like to get entire form response as an email. Then the process is bit different. Here in this article we will learn about sending the form response to your email instead of just a notification.

Open the form in Google Docs

Click on More button

Click on the Add Ons button
Search Form to Email Add on

Click to Form to Email Add on to install it to your form.

The Click on first icon below which will show you the options for add on we installed just before.
Click on Form to Email

Click on Configure Form to Email

A popup similar to below will be shown.
In this popup tick send response to me and enter your email addresses where you want the responses emailed.

Next Tick set reply-to field and then select the field in the form which collects the form user's email.

Click on Save and you are done!.

Now anytime if someone submits the form a email with the response information will be sent to email addresses that were specified earlier.

Let us know what is your view in the comment box below.

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