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Strategies For Smart Working and Why It Is Important?

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time. Smart working is essential to make you better  professionally.

Why we don't get enough recognition or money even after working 8 hours a day in the office? Why still some work gets pending for the next day? Is our determination lacks behind? Or hard work we put to complete the work isn't sufficient?
Modern world has brought a lot of changes in our life. Everything around us has changed. Time, Efficiency and Productivity has become so important that without them you won't able to grow in life. Did, modern world has brought evolution in the way we work? definitely yes. Traditional style of working is almost replaced by Smart Working.

Why smart working is important?

Many companies prefers their employees to be result oriented. How you are doing, which process you are adopting doesn't matter. what matters is how fast you complete the given task..
Lots of people work hard. Only few people knows how to adopt smart working and they get succeed in their work. Below are 7 strategies that can help you on how to work smarter.

1. Manage your time

Well, every smart worker knows that time is the most precious resource. If you want to complete a task within time frame, you will need to spend certain amount of time to do it. It is always important to spend time on each work wisely.

Successful people start their day by setting a list of goals to do. They make a schedule for the day according to the realistic estimates of how much time they need to spend on each task effectively. They make realistic estimates of how long each task will take and start their work. This helps them not to spend all time on doing one particular task.

With time management technique, you will able to take control of your time. And this will help in getting more efficient and productive towards your work.

2. Plan for the day

Spending some time in preparing your day will help you in starting your work as planned and not wasting your time jumping from one work to another and not getting any results. Planning a day ahead will help you in aligning the work as per priority and how you are going to complete it with in the time frame. This will not only save your time but also will help you to cut out the unnecessary work.

3. Breaking up the task

If you got a huge task to do, break it down into a list of smaller more achievable ones. Smaller tasks are easy to complete. Once you've completed each task, tick smaller tasks off one by one on a list. This will give you a sense of progress and will make your hardest task easy.

4. Understanding

If we achieve a good understanding about our work, we can improve our chances of success. For example - an entrepreneur, spent hours in preparing for the meeting with investors. He prepared an impressive speech and delivered. But still the entrepreneur failed to impress investors. Because, entrepreneur failed to understand what the investors are looking for and what is going to grab their attention and make the meeting successful.
So, it's always important to do the research, and understand your work well. Analyzing will help you to find the strategies to complete your work before time and help you to get your goal faster and with higher chances of success.

5. Learning

Learning opens up the new perspectives in life.
Knowledge is always free. With the help of Internet, we have easy access to the ideologies and success stories of famous personalities. Also, we can easily understand the problems they have gone through and how they tackled them and strategies they adopted to succeed.
Learning about the struggled life of successful people will not only help us to adopt their ideas in our real life but their ideas will also help us in getting over the problems we face in our work life.
People who frequently learn ideas of others are generally better at solving problems than those who don't. Most importantly we should learn from other's mistake and avoid doing it ourselves.

6. Adopting shortcuts

Adopting shortcuts can help you to do your job faster and more efficiently. Invest time in creating strategies that can help you to to make your work easier and faster. For example - worker A & B has to deliver a spreadsheet. Worker A spends a long time creating the entire spreadsheet from scratch while worker B completes the same task by finding a suitable template and completing the work in minutes, whereas worker A spent an entire day to do the task. Worker B is smarter because he found a shortcut which gave him the same result and saved his most of the time.

7. Undistracted concentration

One of the important tool of working smart is concentrating on the task at hand without getting distracted from whatever happening in surrounding. People who waste their time on interaction during an office hours will always find harder to complete their task on time. Delaying an important work by losing yourself and distractions will make you harder to get succeed. Everybody on Earth has an inborn tendency to procrastinate. It's probably one of the bad habit that makes people lose their efficiency. Focus and concentration is important to keep yourself away from distraction and motivated enough to complete the task within the time. This can be done by preparing your mind and making your brain realize about where your concentration needs to be. It does need willpower which can be built up by daily meditation.

Bottom Line -

It is one of the interesting topic to discuss. We always compare between Hard work and Smart work to know which one is better. Hard work and smart work goes parallel. There is no denying  that people need to work hard to create a foundation for great achievements. But if we are made to choose between ordinary life and extra- ordinary, we will always try to get the best things in life right?
Smart work will keep you motivated to think out of the box and inspire you to achieve more than you can do. In a way smart work will help you to improve and will help you in creating a work life balance.

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