Create Contact form with Captcha in Google Forms

There are a lot of articles on the internet about creating a contact form but all those are either suggesting to use PHP Script or service to implement Captcha. Even Google's own reCaptcha cannot be used without any server-side scripting. Here in this article, we will use Google Form for implementing a contact form with Captcha and take advantage of server-side validation that comes with the forms.

First, create a Form by navigating to Google Forms

Create three sections in the form by clicking the Section Button

The first section will have our Captcha, the second section is for displaying an error if the user fails to clear Captcha validation. The third one will be our actual contact form.

In the first section, Type your question title and ask the user to select correct options from the set of pictures. Next, upload the images.
Click on the image button and add images for each of the options. Once images are uploaded turn the small switch next to Required. This makes it mandatory for the user to select the option.

Now the question should look as shown here

Next to Required Switch, there is a menu, click on the three dots, and enable the Shuffle  option order.
Again click on the three dots and click on Go To section based on the answer.

Now you will see another set of dropdowns next to each image option.
For the correct option select 'Go to section 3' and for incorrect options select 'Go to section 2'

Now, for the section Section 2, just below the section title there is an option  at the end named 
After section 2. Select Go to Section 1 as a user will have reached this section due to incorrect Captcha validation.

 In Section 3, we create our actual contact form.
 Enter the various fields as you require for the contact form.

Our contact form with Captcha is ready. Next, we embed it on our blog or website.
Click on send button then click on '<>'
Copy the Embed HTML and paste in HTML of the page where you want the form to appear.

That's it! Test the form to see it is working as expected. Here is the Demo you may want to check.

If you are thinking how to send form responses to your email then refer this step by step article.
Let us know your views in the comment box below. 😃

Bonus tip: If you wish you could create four duplicates of this form with each image uploaded on a different option and having a different image as the correct answer. This increases complexity for the bots. And then you use below JavaScript to randomly display different forms every time. Don't forget to replace the URL of your forms in the script.

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