All That You Need To Become A Manager

Are you tired of being stuck in one position in a company? Do you want to get growth in your professional life? Read on. This article can help you.

How to become a manager

If you want to be ahead in life, you will need to make sure that you are always on top. Whether in personal life or in professional, growth is a must. So, what is that we always wish for? Let me answer, it's a success. 

Becoming a Manager of a company is the most important milestone in professional life that not only gives people an opportunity to see themselves as a leader and showcase their leadership skills but also helps in gaining whole new experiences, and thereby letting them become eligible for most senior level profiles.

Many people have their queries on how to become a manager of a company? or if they are already a manager then seeing their staff unhappy towards them they wonder how to become a good manager? or how to become a better manager? 

So, the first thing is, seeing yourself as a Manager itself shows that you are ready to take up the responsibility and you are ready to do whatsoever is required to become a manager in a company. So, today we will be sharing some of the core values that a manager should possess.  

1. Earn Trust

To get unity in a team, trust is important. Trust is that foundation that helps to make people come together and go ahead in one direction to achieve the target. It is a two-way path where the Manager needs to trust his team and also make sure that he is gaining their trust. 

Though making people trust you looks tough but it is necessary to make yourself a successful manager. 

When your team starts believing in you, you become a leader whom they start following and get more dedicated to achieving the targeted team's goals. Also, trust in the manager helps the staff to communicate their ideas, thoughts without any hesitations and worry.

It gradually results in an increase in productivity and creativity since employees accept and get comfortable with the new changes in SOPs that are brought by the new manager and readily accept the new vision. And all this happens when they are in the hands of a trusted leader.

How to gain the trust of the people?

Making people believe you, is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Especially when you are new to them. It is never possible that people will trust you in the first meeting. It is kind of a slow procedure that improves the relationship as you spend time with them. 

The easiest way to gain their confidence is by doing what you said you're going to and acting in the best interest of the team.

When you expect your team to be loyal to you, the same thing implies to you as well. Being open, approachable, and frank with your team can help too.

2. Listen and Act

Maintaining employee engagement within the team can help you keep your team happy.  Understanding the team member's needs and providing positive support will help you to get the best efforts from your team.

Best leaders are the ones who spend some time from their schedule to listen to the different perspectives that the team has come up with before making any important decisions. The ability to listen patiently is an important character that every leader should have. Listening to their opinion will make them feel that their thoughts can be understood by you. But when disagreeing with any of the recommendations, put forward your reason clearly with an explanation.

Though you will be a Manager, and you will have authority to make decisions without consulting your team, but considering your team while making decisions and seeking their opinion will create a positive environment.

3. Helps to find the purpose

Keeping a team focused on the work is never easy. Sometimes employees fail to achieve the set target. They make errors in their work and their dedication towards the work decreases. And all this happens because they work without keeping their interest in their job alive. 

One of the reasons why companies hire managers is to look after the people that are allocated to them and make them complete their targets on time. So, when team members fail to complete their given task on time, even the managers are to be blamed.

A good manager will always try to keep his team motivated by reminding them of the purpose. He tries his best to keep them focused and passionate about their work.

4. Celebrating small wins

Every achievement matters. It is small achievements that lead to victory. 
Appreciating your employee for their tiny achievements can make them feel overwhelmed. 

Giving a shoutout to their performance, hard work, and work style during a meeting or company's programs can make them feel elevated to work more.

5. Avoid Quirks

We humans have a nature of assuming based on what we see in front of our eyes. We do assume a person's character based on his nature and how he represents himself in front of us.

It is this the main reason why most of the employees see their managers as bad as the devil, resulting in a lack of cooperation.

So what can be done? Having frank behavior helps to avoid miscommunication. 

Arranging some small casual meetings once a week and having small talk sessions, sharing some of your unforgettable memories from your professional life with the team. Having a conversation on current affairs, incidents can help your team to feel relaxed, share laughs, and know your real nature.

Forcing a team to just keep working without spending some time on off-work conversation will never help in increasing productivity.

6. Building a good team

Good team

Building a good team is always the responsibility of a manager. While filling the vacancies, HRs assist in gathering the resumes and scheduling interviews, but a manager must select a candidate for his team whose experience, skills will end up making the team better.

Most of the time, it happens that managers forget to consider the interpersonal part of putting a team together. Though it may sound less important it is essential to consider when you plan to build and maintain a team that is good at everything.

So, when creating eligible criteria for a job vacancy, decide what skills, personality type, and achievements are missing in your team and accordingly choose a candidate who possesses all qualities that you are looking for.

7. Invest personally

Many companies lose their good employees due to lack of care, attention and as they eventually feel no scope to work with the present company.
Making employees feel secure and letting them visualize that their career goal is much bigger and not limited will make them stick to the company. 

It is the responsibility of managers to discover their inner strength and motivate them to try new responsibilities or take up the course that would add up to their professional growth. Removing hesitation from participating and looking for opportunities to support the professional growth of the team is a sign of good management.

8. Avoid controlling

The first thought that comes to the mind of the manager when he joins the team newly is control. He assumes that it is by controlling the team that he will make them work and complete the target before the deadline and thereby get appreciation from seniors. But this is what affects the team's productivity and unity. Suppressing a team and forcing them to work restlessly will end up making you suffer. 

Learning how to handle the team aptly wherein you don't control your team but also not letting them be reluctant towards their work will help you to handle the team in the right way.

9. Working together

A good manager is not the one who does spoon-feeding. But a good manager gives his support extensively wherever required and empowers the team to do the task themselves and get knowledge on how to do it independently when doing it next time.

Helping employee with their difficulties and getting them sorted is one of the first quality that every employee expect to have in their managers. 

10. Promoting work-life balance

Every worker has a right to have a work-life balance and it's a bitter truth that many managers in the name of growing the company, disturb the work-life balance of their employees. Many incidents have come up wherein managers forces their employees to work for an extra hour or don't let to take public holidays.

Giving time to the family is equal to the growth of the company. Spending quality time with family, friends and celebrating festivals promotes mental health which gives peace to the mind, satisfaction, and happiness. 
So, to become a manager, putting yourself in your team's shoes and thereby realizing their situations, desires are equally important.

So, these are the core values that every Manager should have in them. By following them they will not only achieve appreciation from their senior managers for handling a team well but will also have a good relationship with their team members.

What are expectations from a manager?

Now when you know what exactly helps to become a good manager, let's see the general expectation of every company for their managerial vacancies.

1. First and foremost, it is a must to have excellent communication. Small scale or large scale, every company expects the person who will handle the managerial post should have excellent command over English and national language. Because, they are the ones who will communicate with the senior-level people, clients, and others.

2. Secondly, they should have in detail experience of the job profile that they will go to handle. Since, that individual will have to handle managerial posts, as well as handling employees, So, he should act as a master.

3. Having a detailed knowledge of the company's client.

4. In every company, every other day some or the other issue keeps arising. So as a manager, that person should have excellent problem-solving skills. Higher or lower level, he should be able to resolve every problem without taking it ahead to the senior managers.

5. Handling employees effortlessly, preparing and maintaining monthly reports, maintaining employee performance data are some of the basic tasks that the manager will have to perform.

Concluding words

Many people keep wondering how to get a promotion. Because they know they are giving their best for the company they are working for and yet they face disappointment when their name doesn't get selected for the promotion.

How long does it take to become a manager?

There was a time when people were getting promotions seeing their years of experience and their way of working on day-to-day jobs. But now, most of the companies while promoting make sure that the person whom they are promoting to manager level profile do get set in the required criteria. 

In short, gaining experience doesn't guarantee you getting a promotion at the senior level but having the qualities that are required to become a Manager can help you. So, if you are wondering how to become a manager without experience then try to inculcate managerial skills in you and practice them on your juniors at your workplace, this will definitely help you in getting closer to your wish.

Getting yourself enrolled into an institution that offers courses on Management skills will not only help in gaining confidence and making you aware of what you would have not known but it will help you in becoming an effective manager and also a successful manager. Effective management skills help managers to understand how they should make their mindset and how to use their leadership skills wisely. 

You should also work on getting feedback and learning leadership skills that will help you in your journey of becoming a manager.

Becoming a manager

It's a major career step to become a manager, so take advantage of it. Being promoted to management is a huge compliment to your previous efforts and an indication of your boss's faith in you as a leader.

Being a manager is demanding, and knowing and honoring the responsibilities puts you in a wonderful position to grow your own career while also assisting your staff.

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