8 Secrets To Find Beauty in Life

One day sitting lonely in the park, I was thinking about life. Mostly we live our life according to others and not the way we want it. Our life is contained within the societal norms and routines which has become a kind of comfort zone. Every day we follow these monotonous routines. We want to escape it but we never think beyond this zone. And the result is, we miss the beauty of life.

We all know everyone should be happy with what they have. And while we make most out of what we have in our life, we should also explore new things. Take a closer look at life, it is already beautiful and nothing much is required to make it beautiful when we enjoy what we do. The only thing required is to change our mindset and be open to new things that come our way.

Enjoy little things in Life

So what you can do? Follow these steps:

1. Be self-aware

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Bernard Baruch 

I have always had a beautiful life. I admit it. There were ups and downs but that was part of it and I am glad it is the way it is. The key is to know our strengths and weaknesses. Though this sounds very simple. but I tell it is the most difficult part. No one can understand the way you know yourself. 

Also, be open to the opinion of your near and dear ones, as they are ones who know you better than other people.

Introspect yourself. Find out your passions your deepest desires and fears, your limits, your interests. In other words, try to understand your EQ. You can also use various tests that can help you with this goal.

2. Look at your life a bit differently

There are a lot of things in everyone's life. Some things test your resolve while some help you with your objective. Some things even happen without your knowledge or control. Like our body processes, the environment around. Think about how difficult it would be if you were to control these for yourself. It is very important that we recognize this and never worry about the things you cannot control. Isn't it an amazing miracle all this taken care of you without your involvement?

Every day we struggle with a lot of things. Most of the time we are involved in the monotony of the routines and limits we have put on ourselves. We often fail to recognize the amazing things and events around us that make our life beautiful.

Seeing the trees swaying, the clouds moving, the sea waves hitting the shore, or simple things in nature like a rainbow or raindrops dripping down the window pane, you would usually feel at peace. Isn't it? Peace brings happiness. Beauty is hidden in the little things.

Find out what makes you happy. Enjoy little things in your life.

3. Stop comparing your life with others

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Never compare your life with others. You cannot compare your life to theirs. The only comparison you can make is with your own life. When you compare yourself to the previous version of yourself, you recognize your goal and you do your best to improve and achieve something bigger in life.

Judging other people brings in negativity into our life. The values the people live by are different for everyone. These values make life interesting. Comparing your values with others will not help. Instead, be compassionate to others. Try to help someone and when they express gratitude, you would feel happy.

Being positive in life makes big difference. Make it a habit of staying positive. Count your blessings and you will realize that life is actually beautiful.

4. Adjust your expectations

When you are in the process of finding beauty in life, it is important to adjust your expectations. Time change and so should you. For example, if you are finding it difficult to have the basic necessities of life. You cannot expect your life to suddenly turn happiest than ever. You should rather have the basic necessities to survive. Once the process moves in the direction you wish it should, adjust your expectations and keep moving in the directions to attain happiness.

5. Explore new things

Do things that you have never done before. Break the monotony of life. See the sunrises, they are beautiful. Go to a location where you never have gone. Do things the first time. Change your routine. Try to follow your day differently. 

Everyone has creativity hidden inside. Once you recognize you will know how powerful is this thought. Bring out the creative side in you. Try drawing or painting, dabble yourself in what interests you. Write a story about your life. 

6. Be limitless

Limits are imposed by us on ourselves. The mind has no limits. So why stop ourselves from going beyond the self-imposed limits. Free your mind. We, as humans tend to focus on limitations rather than our strengths. Make a habit of focusing on all the things that make you happy and you will experience the true beauty of life.

7. Positive thoughts

Positive habits are directly relative to the quality of life. Always watch your thoughts. Don't allow any negative thoughts to captivate your mind. Positive thinking is a mindset that makes you believe only good things happen in your life. It is an optimistic attitude that will inspire you to see the good in every situation. 

Learn some new good habits like waking up early in the morning. Early morning walk or practicing yoga will not only benefit your body but also refresh your mind.

8. Believe in yourself

Always believe in yourself. If you believe you are not capable to enjoy your life, you will not be able to make your life beautiful. Whereas if you believe you can, you will. The inner belief in oneself is very important for positive change in life.

Always surround yourself with the people who believe in you, who motivate you to do better, who inspires you and bring positivity to you. It will help you to build your confidence and make you believe in whatever you are doing.

Closing thoughts:

We look to have a beautiful life. But our desire to make our life beautiful gets lost in work commitments. It is important to slow down a bit and have introspection on the life we live in. 
So go ahead... make your life amazingly beautiful.

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