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Secret Interview Hacks That Will Surely Get You The Job

When we search for advice for a personal interview, we get the best tips from the internet. Many of them help in preparing ourselves for the interview. But those tips tell more on how to respond or how you should arrange your file but apart from all this what also matters is how you present yourself in front of the interviewer panel. After all, how you look, what you wear makes an impact on your overall interview.
Today's article will give you in-depth knowledge on how exactly you should represent yourself at the interview. So, let's go ahead ;)

1. Everyone knows that Formal dressing is a must.


Though there are no such rules made or whether you should wear a particular dress is never mentioned by any company in the interview advertisement. But formal dressings make you look professional and it raises self-confidence. Shirts with light color gives a good impression during interviews. So, if you don't have shirts in light green, white and light blue, do arrange and wear them in your next interview.

2. Choose leather shoes in dark, freshly polished colors.


If you wish, you can go ahead and wear brown or black shoes but many professionals wear shoes that match their trousers and wear dress socks of mid-calf length.

3. Proper grooming for an interview makes you attractive irrespective of your looks

Office Work

Shaving is important. Keep your face clean and you should not look like you've not slept for the entire night before the interview hence you make sure you get quality sleep at night. Neat and clean hairstyle enhances the professional look and even help to create positiveness during the interview. Avoid using too much of hair setting gel.

4. Also, the one thing you want to avoid is getting over-dressed


Remove wearing stuff that can affect your formal look. For example- if you are wearing a lot of metal rings that have coloring stones on it. They actually take away the professionalism of your overall look. Do consider these points for the interview, all these matters.

5. If you are seriously looking ahead to get selected for the job that you're appearing for the interview, then you should do one thing that makes a difference is to avoid wearing strong fragrance Perfume.


Some companies have a no scent policy at work that you may be unaware of.
Many people are highly allergic & sensitive towards the fragrances and cologne. You may be wearing deodorant or perfume in order to smell good but it might create a threat to your selection for the job. Hence, it would be better to avoid using any deodorant or fragrance for an interview. 

6. Studying for a job interview, makes you feel confident that you are prepared to answer any technical question asked related to the job profile.


It helps you to get a picture of the more information about the company and what your role will be.
But by chance if you come across the situation where you're not able to answer or you don't know the answer of the question asked by the interviewer, rather than mumbling and giving the wrong answer and thereby affecting the chances of you getting selected, it would be better you be honest and inform them about you don't know the answer. Just because you are asked about 10 questions, it is not compulsory that you have to answer all 10 out of 10 questions. Even if you are answering seven out of ten questions correctly and try to be honest with the interviewer in the entire process, that also helps to create a positive impression.  

7. In-country like India, where Hindi is a national language and every state has its own language,  many people communicate in their local language, in such situation communication in English is done only in offices and in colleges.

Many freshers who are just passed out, have less exposure to the professional world tend to get nervous on thinking about speaking in English during an interview. And eventually, this might also affect their confidence level and thereby chances of getting selected.

But is communicating in English during an interview is compulsory?

An interview is a process that helps you to get a chance to get selected for a particular job by making a positive influence on the interviewer.  And this happens when you clearly able to express your views to the questions which are asked by the interviewer. 
English is used as a good way to influence and impress people. Speaking fluently can help you to make a good impression on the interviewer. But if you're not able to communicate confidently and you feel more comfortable to converse in Hindi or your local language, with the interviewer's permission you can do so. There are many companies that allow candidates to converse in the language in which they are comfortable. 

8. When a candidate enters the interview hall, the interviewer tries to make him feel comfortable and as he gets comfortable, the interviewer starts with the interview process.

Interview Discussion

Recruiters follow this procedure in order to make candidates comfortable, confident, and ready to answer.
It is important to understand the question well and think before answering the question. It helps you to align the answer and express it in your words. This helps to increase the confidence level higher. Also, it makes the interviewer involve himself too in the process.

9. Once you enter the office premises, there will be office staff with whom you might need to coordinate


For example- the front desk staff that might direct you to wait for your turn or the office assistant who will take you to the cabin, talk to them respectfully. Express your good manners. Creating a good impression on them might help you to get selected.  Because, how you behave with the office personnel also matters to the interviewer.

10. When you enter the office, have a smile on your face


This helps to bring positivity into the room. Portray yourself as a very confident person. Even if you're not really that confident and getting nervous, avoid doing these three things - 
  • No folding your arms
  • No fiddling with your fingers, and 
  • No slouching
These 3 are the signs that can give the opposite person an idea that you're nervous. 
Laugh, it's not a hard rule that you have to be serious all the time during interviews. Once you stop holding yourself and make mind and body free, it is that time you get comfortable and be able to answer all the questions in an easy manner.

Though every interview is unique, the experience you get by attending them helps you to prepare for the next interview. 
There are ample of opportunities that you'll receive in your career path, the tips that are shared above can help you to prepare and appear more confident. 

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