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6 Tips To Increase Productivity When Working From Home

With the outbreak of COVID-19, every corporate employee has been made compulsory to follow work from home. Well, some may be getting awesome feeling while people who love being outdoor for all the day are getting horrible experience and this affects productivity. You cannot create the environment like how it is in office at home but you can help yourself to be productive and avoid letting distractions on your work.

Here are some tips:

1. Distraction

Working from home isn't easy for everyone. Specially if you have small kids, it is difficult to make them understand your condition. In such situation, establish a schedule for worn and time you can spend with your family. When you'll be doing office work, lock yourself inside the room. Keep everything handy for ex- water bottle, food for munching so that you won't need to move yourself. Sometimes new notifications from mobile can distract you, keep it on silent mode.
Improve your willpower. It helps us to create lasting positive changes in our lives. It is the inner strength that helps us move toward our goals despite challenges that inevitably happen on the way.

2. Try to adopt the habit of taking mini breaks between intense work. 

You can easily lose your focus if  you work continuously hence, try to breakdown your day into sessions and taking mini breaks can help you to get more focus and pick up where you left off. Planned relaxation are always effective and helps you to stay mindful and maintains the positive energy throughout the day.

3. Give yourself a deadline.

Deadline is a powerful time-management technique that can help you to become much more productive. Deadlines helps to reduce the procrastination. They make your goals feel more concrete, by attaching them to a specific timeline. Create Task list to prioritize your work and write down the time limit to complete it. If you do this, you are more likely to complete your task. Writing down your progress allows you to realistically evaluate your work and avoid inaccuracy. This will ensure that you wont miss out on any task for that day.

4. Stop Multitasking 

While it may feel like you're accomplishing more, studies show that Multi-taskers are much less productive. When you try to do multi tasking, your attention gets diverted. This doesn't let you to concentrate any of the particular task. Instead, you waste your time and are not able to finish either of them within time frame and thereby not getting expected results. It's better to pick up one task at a time and complete. 

5. Plan in advance

Making a plan on how you are about to spend your day and what work you want to do on priority will keep your mind clear. This will help to make the process easier with a clear goal and action plan in mind. Make a list at night of what you want to accomplish tomorrow this way you will hit the ground running with your action plan and avoid trying to complete multiple activities at once.

6. Habits

Follow good habits, working from home doesn't mean you are on holiday. Sleep early at night, wake up early, practice yoga or exercise. This will help you to stay active and energetic through the day. This will raise your productivity levels to enable you to complete your work.

Also, when you get up from bed, keep your mindset positive. And bring the thoughts in your mind on how your day going to be amazing since you are working while spending time with your family.
Following these tips can help you to improve your efficiency towards your work and thereby your productivity.

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