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Want To Get Rich? Follow These Guaranteed Rules

It's every persons wish to get rich and enjoy the life without any worry. Money is must to live a life that you always imagined.

Rich Man

To get rich, it is not so easy except if you have got a millionaire property from your parents. If you are working hard to get rich, you'll need to follow rules that can help you. You just need to know the right steps to take right steps that can begin the journey to your rich life. Here are some of the disciplines or you can say, this are the ways to get rich that are drawn from the life of popular entrepreneurs that really helped them to get rich quick without much efforts.

1. Give up on expensive objects.

Sometimes we buy luxurious items that cost a huge price and they doesn't bring any better difference in your life. In other words, always prefer to buy assets that produces same results and found with cheaper price. For ex - all watches shows the same time. Buying watch that cost you to spend less bucks can help you to save your money. Now imagine if you give up on all luxurious items, how much money you are going to save. 

I follow this rule in my life. I buy basic things that are very important for my existence.

Luxury items are not always worth the money. Obsession over buying luxurious products can simply waste your money. Instead you can do a research before buying and then give a thought on whether that product will help you in real terms. 

If you want to be rich, you must be disciplined enough to sacrifice luxurious items and invest that amount into something that can help you to generate extra money. 

2. Avoid people who have poor mentality

Our friends circle makes a difference. Your personality is affected from the people you are surrounded by. Your mindset and thoughts tries to get synchronized with the mindset of people you spend time with. People you can learn from and evolve with. Kind-hearted people enriches the lives of those around them. We become influenced by the values, actions, and ideas – both positive and negative of others.

Thoughts are always contagious. What others think, can have impact on your life too. In other words, Good company gives u positive feeling, keep your spirit high and motivates or makes u believe that everything is possible , they will indirectly influence your perception. So always be with ambitious people. People who have high goals and positive attitude towards life. Such persons are always self motivators and they support others in achieving their goal. They challenge and encourage others to give their best.

So, be with people who have same goals like yours.

3. Stop wasting time on social media

Social media is always a time killer. As per the reports from Instagram, a person visits his profile 10 times a day. They are the the main reason for easy distraction.

The main reason why we spend much of our time daily on social sites is because it is kind of a world that entertain us and our interest in it keeps increasing. It gives a kind of happiness that make us to forget our problems we are facing in real life. This may be a good thing that it helps us to forget our problems and make us happy, but instead we can use that time to find solution for any ongoing real life problem. Or to do something that can be productive.

In order to involve less on social media, you can use below mentioned tips that really helped me to drop the overuse of social media.

  • Set hours when you can use or don’t use social media. 
  • Remove your social media apps off of your home screen.
  • Only use social media when you’re intentionally engaging.

4. Sacrifice

If you turn the pages of history, you will find that people who got popular, their journey was never easy. They have sacrificed many things in their life. They have sacrificed their comforts in life. Living in comfort is a good thing, but if you want to achieve something greater or want to get rich then that place is not for you. 

Real success is never without sacrifice. You'll need to get out of comfort zone, sacrifice your current lifestyle because that will not work for you to bring success and adopt a life that can guarantee you to get success. Give up on the unproductive habits you were following and adopt habits that can help you to grow.

Good things come from sacrifice. If you want to get rich, you must have to adopt lifestyle that attract money. It’s always good to start sacrificing the right things so you can have a better future.

5. Stop being impatient

Patience is the ability to stay calm, while you're waiting for an outcome that you want to see badly.

Warren Buffett, popular business tycoon, once said, "you cannot have a baby next month by impregnating nine women today". 

Sometimes we expect the result quick. But that never happens. So, you'll have to evaluate your options before you take any decisions. The shortcuts sometimes take longer time than doing something difficult way.

Cultivating patience is a process. Even though it is hard to adopt but once getting habited, they are worth the struggle you took to adopt that quality. We likely all lose our patience occasionally. But being impatient can increase stress, or escalate a difficult situation.

When you want to achieve something in your life, you'll need to work hard towards it and wait for it's result. You cannot guarantee the time it will take, there are many examples about people who were in similar situation like you and with hardwork and patience they achieved success. It's after having patience that you will get the best result of your hard work. 

6.Take Responsibility for your actions

When life gives you choice to chose behavior, always chose the behavior that will help you to become a good human. Accepting responsibility is one of them. 

Stepping up and taking responsibility for what’s going on in your life is one of the most important things you will ever do. A real dignified persons responsible for all his actions. 

Failing to accept responsibility has severe consequences. First and foremost, it has a devastating effect on your own mind and heart. When you know you have failed to take responsibility for something that you should, it’ll begin to bother you,  little by little. Pretty soon, you’ll feel you aren't the one who you should be. When you accept responsibility for your actions or failures, it helps you to develop self respect. Also, this habit will make you conscious while you make important decisions of your life. 

7. Read financial books

Books are said to be human's best friend. Reading books regularly can help you to increase your knowledge. 

Financial books can help you to get aware about many things that we aren't aware about. Financial education is never given in the school. There are many books written by scholars/ Economist on Financial Planning and thereby getting rich or saving money with important tips, advice, techniques about getting rich. Reading such books can help in predicting about the investment you have done is right or not. Hence, reading these books can help you tremendously.


8. Start saving

Goals are always small when you start beginning to achieved, but as time passes, you'll see their growth. In other words, at first, it will be an insignificant change, but as time passes, you will notice a big difference.

No matter how much the amount is, give yourself a reason and motivation to save. This will help you to increase your savings and help you to avoid excessive spending.

There are many scams that are run on the name of making rich and people believe on such opportunities in order to make quick money.But, that take your money, rather than help you make it. There is no shortcut to make quick money and get rich. So, it's always better to believe on yourself and on your capabilities rather than, believing on hoax scams that can ruin your life.

This is the science of getting rich. Following above mentioned tips can help you to work hard and get rich faster.

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