10 Most Simple Ways To Save and Grow Your Money

Why it is so difficult to save money while some find it's easy to save their money every month. If you are one of them who feel saving money should be a priority but by the end of the month you are not able to save anything for your future then you'll need to become more aware of your finances and spending habits. With an understanding of your budget and your basic needs, you may start saving money that you need to. It's always important to understand that it's money that we need to control. Not let our expenditure to control our money.

To save money effectively, you should consider strategies that are going to help you. It's not possible to adopt new habits overnight. With time and consistency, you can learn how to put some money aside. Whether you’re looking to start saving for the future or for investment purposes, there are many reasons that you may struggle with saving. It's never too late to start saving money. Keep reading for money-saving tips that can help you in a practical way.

1. Make a list

Making a list is the most effective way of organizing your thoughts and keeping a track of the things that you require before you achieve an imagined outcome. For instance, write the list of the things or dreams that you can achieve only if you start being financially independent. What do you want and what is your ultimate goal? How far are you from achieving them and what else do you need to do? Checklists not just motivate you but also help you to get a clearer picture and ways you can use as a strategy to save your money. 

2. Set your financial goals

The best option that can help you to reach your financial aims is by making a thorough plan that prioritizes your goals. The first thing that you should do is to know what are your goals. There are always long term and short term goals. Decide in which term your goals fall. Determine how much money you need to save to reach your goal and separate that amount every month.
If you find it difficult to track down the process you can download financial apps that helps you with reminders and alerts. One of the best app at present is the Mint app (available on Play store). It helps you to guide and reach your financial goals.

3. Be Realistic

Our needs are numerous in life. Sometimes what we feel as necessity can be a luxury need. In short what I want to say is, before spending just think whether it's really required by you. If you still don't find any answer then try doing this. The product you want to purchase right now, consider it buying 8 days later. You'll realize many of the products on which you're spending were really not required by you. This will definitely be going to help you to save money.

4. Change your lifestyle

Lifestyle affects our budgets. Today's generation lives a life that demands too much expenditure and this is the main reason why it becomes difficult for them to save and keep aside enough money for the future. For example, many people have the habit of buying their mobile once they get attracted to a new model, no matter the mobile they are using maybe 1 year older but they purchase the new one. If you want to save money, you'll need to change your lifestyle and get a habit of spending on what is a necessity for living.

5. Resist peer pressure

Peer pressure is one of the top reasons why a person follows styles that he won’t normally follow or do when he is alone or gets out of the friend's contact. The same goes for people who really want to save money but can’t because of the need to be in friends group that needs to hang out or going to parties or shopping. Imagine if you’re hanging out with the right people or convincing your current friends to create a better lifestyle that won’t hurt your financial expenditure.

6. Find inspiration, from a person or any success story

There are many success stories of people who are currently millionaires but once upon a time they were poor. Get a habit of reading inspirational success stories. This will help you to be positive towards your financial control and it will help you to get insights/ secrets or ideas that those popular personalities had used. Success stories do help you to get the right way in life.

7. Generate passive income

While you may be thinking you don't have an asset that can help you to generate extra money but believe me if not asset then you have skills that can help you earn extra money and that is your biggest asset. There are many platforms that can help you to sell your skills. If you like photography, you can sell your clicks. There are many portals online who buy images. If you are good at mathematics or science or any subject, you can join online tutoring. There are many online sites that conduct online classes of students. You can try that. Also if you have hobby of cooking or any other, you can start a YouTube channel. Likewise, there are many options that can help you. Talking about assets, if you have a car that you hardly use, you can give it on rent or you can also give unused parts of your home on rent. This can help you to get extra money to help you manage your monthly expenditure.

8. Avoid new debt

Everyone has their own debts. Getting a new one can make you financially unstable. Paying total amount at one time is always found cheaper in the long run rather than paying an equivalent loan while interest accumulates for overtime. If there is no other option then taking a loan then try to make a higher down payment as possible. The more of the cost of the purchase you can cover upfront, the quicker you'll be able to pay off your loan, and the less you'll spend on interest. Avoid using credit cards unnecessarily.

9. Multiple accounts

Create a savings account in the bank and practice the habit of transferring part of your salary into that account. Make sure you haven't taken a debit card for this account. Saving money with this trick will help you when you'll get a temptation to purchase something new but since you won't have a card to swipe you'll drop the plan. Try practicing this. It will help you to save money

10. Have Patience

While nothing happens overnight, patience is important. Enjoying the fruits of your labor can take a lot of time and if we are talking about a fat bank account, it could take years. Fortune also keeps a watch on your patience and adopting the discipline to watch out your spending and limit unrequired expenses so you can set aside enough money for your monthly savings goal, can make a huge difference. Don’t give up; wait for the right time.


Try practicing these tricks to save money each month from the salary. Students/ teenager/ adult can follow this tricks. Saving some amount every day from the account can help you to get rid of the financial problems. Saving money can help you in a financial crisis. While nothing is possible without your efforts. Trust yourself you can do it. Inculcate good habits and follow them.

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