How To Improve Your Speech And Boost Confidence

We are judged by our speech. The way we talk is always important and it does affect our personality. Speaking skills are always important in our personal and professional life. Nothing can be more discouraging when someone cannot understand what we are talking about.

Public Speaking

Effective communication skills ables you to relate with others on an interpersonal extent. Speaking skills development can help you to increase your confidence in speaking without doubting how you are sounding to others.
Whether you are going to attend an interview, deliver a presentation, or public speaking. Your speech will have an impact on the listener on the basis of the following:

1. Clarity of speech:

We are hardly able to get clarity on what someone is saying if he keeps mumbling in his mouth. The clarity in speech is most important.
Your efforts should be to make the listener hear each word you say and clearly understand your viewpoint. Always keep your speech precise and audible so that listeners can follow them properly. Don't use words that are difficult to pronounce. The tone of your voice should be lively and audible. Keep a pleasant expression while you are speaking.

2. Slow down

Some public speakers talk so fast that it doesn't make any effective impression on listeners. His speech keeps listeners struggling to understand what the speaker said.
In order to improve the clarity of the message, what you can do is slowing the speed of your speech. This helps to improve and bring more clarity to the speech. Also, speaking slower helps the audience to comprehend what you’re saying. Practicing this makes you sound more confident.

Public Speaking

3. Breathing

Breathing affects how a voice sounds. People who skip breathing while giving a speech, tend to get nervous and lose confidence. They start jumbling the speech and listeners find it difficult to understand the speech and speakers fail to impress his listener.
It is very important when you’re speaking up in a meeting and it’s crucial when you’re giving a speech or presentation. Relaxed breathing improves the deepness of your voice and helps to sound confident. It’s one of the key elements in speech communication.

4. Gesticulations

Closely related to speech mannerism is gesticulation. It is a posture of the body parts or expressive action that affects. When you give a speech, your consciousness, consistency of thought, and how you are delivering your speech matters.
Gestures do leave an impression on the listener. Using the right actions while talking or making your point clear can help you in conveying exactly what you are trying to say.

Above mentioned points are important and should concentrate on them when you think of improving the speech. Speech is considered a soft skill and the more you'll emphasize improving, the more it will boost your personality traits.
Here are some ways that can help you to improve your speech and get more confident while speaking in the interview or meeting or in public speaking or while giving a presentation.

1. Read aloud with the rhythm

When you read some article, read it loudly that each word should be clearly audible to you. Pronounce each word with clarity, Combine small words together in natural sequence, for example-
"in the", "for the", "you may be", Similarly, combine various segments and clauses of a sentence, for example, "as you will see from", "I hope you will agree". etc. and give a little pause after such groups of words before starting the next group of words.
For Rhythmic reading, try to read smoothly, grasping a whole phrase as you read the length of the sentence and speak. Repeated reading practice in this manner will give a natural flow to your speech pattern.

2. Record your voice

When you are reading or talking over the phone, record it and play it. Note the defects in the diction, pronunciation, and tone of your voice. By repeating this every day, you will find that you have developed clarity and the correct way of speaking in a rhythmic manner. This will help you much to improve the speech and get confident while speaking.


3. Prepare and practice your speech

Preparing in advance always helps to get aware of what you will talk and how you will talk, in short, it helps you to gather quality information to speak in front of people. This helps to face the people confidently. Whenever you are scheduled to speak, prepare a speech, and read it many times and make sure it is concise, has a qualitative and interesting content and is error-free. 

4. Listen to Media speakers

Another way to improve your speaking ability, pronunciation, tone, and gesticulation is to listen to the radio or TV news bulletins and note the manner in which words are spoken. Because news channel anchors use formal speech. Listening and seeing their gestures can help you to adopt their style of speaking and adding quality to your speech.

5. Call your loved one

Mocking on a call with your loved one with whom you can share everything. You won't feel shy or uncomfortable. Talk with them over the call. Use the tone you want to adopt. This is going to help in improving your speech and get confident.

Speaking on Mobile

6. Track your weakness

Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, create a plan for addressing them. Right down all the weaknesses or all the points where you'll need to improve and practice accordingly.

Good communication is never flawless, and nobody expects you to be perfect at it. However, putting in the requisite time to prepare will help you to deliver a better speech. You may not be able to shake your nerves entirely, but you can learn to improve them.

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