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Success Story Of Mary Kom And Her Struggle

Success comes when you work hard towards your goal avoiding the obstacles. When somebody has so many problems in life that feel like giving up and yet keep the struggle alive, Success comes and makes them a legend. And then they don't just achieve their goal but also become inspiration for many others. One of such is Mary Kom. She is the only woman to become World Amateur Boxing champion for a record six times and win eight world championship medals.

Mary Kom`s real name is Mangte Chungneijang. She was born in 1983 in a poor family in Kangathei village, Churachandpur district in Manipur. She is the eldest daughter of Shri M Tonpa Kom and Smt M Akham Kom. She grew up with three siblings Chung, Nei, and Jang and taking care of them when her parents were going for work in field. Her interest in sports was since childhood. She completed her S.S.C.E from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and graduation from Churachandpur College.

How Mary Kom decided to become a boxer?

During school days Mary Kom was an active sportsperson. She was having an interest in volleyball and never thought about boxing. However, it was the success and overnight fame of Dingko Singh, a boxer hailing from Manipur who won a gold medal at Bangkok Asian Games in 1998. That moment inspired her to become a Boxer.

Mary Kom's father was too interested in Boxing at his young age but he never took it seriously and he did not support his daughter to follow her dream due to their orthodox thinking.

Even after facing the opposition from family, she decided to get trained in boxing secretly without informing family. Her first coach to train her basics of boxing was K. Kosana Meitei and later from M. Narjit Singh (Manipur State Boxing Coach) at Khuman Lampak, Imphal. Her family learnt about it when she won State Boxing Championship in 2000. After that her father realized his mistake and then on he supported her to follow her dream.

Mary Kom was so much dedicated towards her passion that no one could stop her. Within 5 years of starting her career, she won 5 gold medals in national championships consecutively. Even after getting married in 2005, her personal life and family responsibilities could not stop her. As of today, she has won eight World Championship medals.
In 2016, she was nominated as the Member of Rajya Sabha. Consequently in 2017, She was selected as national observer for boxing. In 2018, she was the first Indian woman boxer to win gold at the Commonwealth Games. The Government of Manipur has conferred her with the title "Meethoi Leima" - translated as great or exceptional lady. At a function, the then Chief Minister of Manipur also declared that the stretch of road leading to the National Games village in Imphal West district, where Kom currently resides, would be named as MC Mary Kom Road. She was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, India's second highest civilian award, in 2020.

Mary Kom has overcome gender bias, poverty, the limitations of her small size, and the disadvantages of the small region to win the Olympic medal for boxing. She is an inspiration not only for the North-Eastern people but also for women across the country who endure hardships on a daily basis.

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