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5 Lessons From The Struggle Of Bill Gates You Didn't Know

Bill gates is always recognized as a self made Millionaire in the world. With a great enthusiastic towards business, without wasting time he worked towards achieving his Goal. Equally he has a passion for helping others. Gates is a living inspiration for all those entrepreneurs who wants to settle for something bigger in their life.

Gates ideology is worth adopting and inculcating in real life.  Here are 5 of his greatest lessons on life and leadership which can help any person who wants to settle for more.

1. Educational qualifications aren't proportional to Success

Some people graduates from the best universities in the world, but not all of them are successful in their life. Bill Gates is a person who got dropped out from prestigious Harvard University. He didn't even completed his Degree.
But he was able to put himself as a successful icon to the world. This proves that, Success is not determined by academic qualification, but it is determined by hard work and passion.

2. Focus on your Goal

Bill believed that focusing on what you want and working towards it at every opportunity is the only way to reach your goals. You should never stop thinking about your goal and working towards your vision. When you have a goal, always work for it passionately. When you work by putting your best efforts, you will only make progress and you'll never regret for dedicating all your time on your goal.

3. Be with Right people

You’re better when you’ve got the right people around you. Bill always believed that life is unfair. We don’t always win and there will always be obstacles along our path to success. Always consider to keep your circle small and with right people. Be with people who will provide you with suggestion, who can give you smart ideas, who can be with you in your failure and motivate you to try again and if required be your mentor.
Bill always surrounded himself with smart people like Paul Allen and many others who always supported his ideas and brought smart suggestions. We cannot deny that Paul Allen do has a big role in success of Bill Gates.

4. Take big Risks

When Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and was going ahead with his business idea, he took a risk. With one wrong step his future could have got spoiled. At that time, he too was even unsure about whether his plan will succeed or fail. But still he took the risk and made it work through patience, careful planning, and perseverance.
There is no perfect time. When you realize your passion,  take risk to follow it and put your all efforts to make it possible.

As Bill Gates said, “To win big, sometimes you have to take big risks”

5. Patience is a key element of success

Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft on unstable foundation, but through patience and hard work they were able to surpass the struggles they encountered.
Gates always believed that, the habit of expecting instant results is dangerous. In wanting everything to happen instantly, we lose patience to hold out for more-fulfilling opportunities and dreams.
There are no shortcuts to success. It takes time to get success and requires a lifetime of sacrifice to keep the consistency going.

Bill Gates success story does reflect his personality traits. What should we do to become a incredible person like Bill Gates?

We should keep a Goal in our life and work hard for it. To get success in our life the very first thing we have to do is we should not delay our work. We should never give up and try again till we succeed and most importantly to keep trying we will have to understand that success cannot be achieved overnight and patience is must.

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