10 Lessons From The Success Story of Disney Walt

If I'll tell you to remember one thing that gave you joy in your childhood, then most people will agree it is cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck along with Tom and Jerry were closest to one's heart.

Though they are cartoon characters the innovative idea behind creating the animated cartoon characters gave tremendous success to its creators Walter Elias Disney. 

Since today it's the 120th Birth Anniversary of Late Walter Aka Walt Elias Disney, we thought to remember him and put a glimpse of his success story and what we can learn from him. So, let's get started.

Walter Disney As A Struggler:

Walt Disney is an entrepreneurial legend who has built up one of the most recognized companies in the world. He is known for his movies, parks, and Mickey Mouse but very few know when he first started out he had no money and no shelter to stay.

Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago on 5th December 1901. He was fourth among the five children of his mother Flora Call Disney and his father Elias Disney.

Elias Disney was a building contractor and carpenter by profession. The relation between Walt and his father was never smooth and for a lifetime they had tense relations.

It was in the year 1910 when Walt Disney was of nine years, his family shifted to Kansas City, Missouri where he spent his childhood honing his art skills by replicating paper cartoons, coloring, and even experimenting with watercolors. He really enjoyed doodling as opposed to paying attention to his teachers. 

He participated in one of his high school papers and started drawing patriotic cartoons for the school paper. Corresponding to school, he joined Kansas City Art Institute where he would attend the classes on Saturday where he studied cartooning.

In enthusiasm to fight against Germans in World War I, He tried to enlist in the US Army but was turned down since he was too young. After being rejected by the army, he joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver.

It was in 1920 when he planted his first step in the world of cartoons. With the introduction of Laugh- O- Gram studio, he along with his brother launched his own cartoon business. Unfortunately, the business closed due to the company going bankrupt.

With the loss of his first business, Disney decided to shift to Los Angeles to try his hand at acting. But he failed at that, too. 

It was with the introduction of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit that Disney got success. Disney's character Oswald became a huge star but very soon he discovered that his producer had taken his team of animators from under him and that he no longer had any legal rights on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. 

Disney again achieved success by creating the most famous Mickey Mouse. Disney brought Mickey Mouse to life on film in the late 1920s. Disney still faced challenges to keep his business on top. 

In 1934, Walt Disney made his first feature-length animation movie called Snow White and the Seven Dwarf. It took him three years to make the movie. The movie ended up being a huge success and turned out as the biggest hit of the year. He won an Academy Award for it. 

More burden came on his shoulder when his animator team went on strike due to the low wages. The strike was resolved when the National Labor Relations Board asked Disney to sign a union contract and he agreed. The strike led him to fall into debt of four million dollars. 

This was the turning point in his life. In 1955, he entered the television industry with the most popular show "The Micky Mouse Club". Television show brought him enough success and luck, which helped him to complete his dream project, the construction of a theme park named "Disneyland" which quickly became a world of dream and a most favorite place for kids and adults. Disneyland became a success, clearing out all his financial debts.

Walt Disney died on 15th December 1966 at age 65 from complications of lung cancer. It was like, an end of the world of history-making entrepreneur- Walt Disney. 

Following Walt's demise, his brother, Roy O. Disney took charge as a chairman, CEO, and president of the Walt Disney Company.

The influence of Walt Disney created a positive impact on society and inspired many to take up their passion as their career. Here are 10 Lessons that every aspirant who wants to have a successful career can learn from Walter Disney.

1. Passion for your dream

Every human has their own dream or a purpose. Sitting on the couch and wondering won't help in getting closer to your dream but the passion to achieve the dream makes your hard work meaningful and possible.

Why passion is important for success?

Without passion, It's going to be hard to succeed. When you are passionate to achieve your goal, you emerge happier and more fulfilled while working towards it. And when you're happy and content, you're more likely to do a good job. When things go wrong, you don't blame others, don't whine about your job. Instead, you take up the responsibility.

Money comes when you're really passionate about what you're doing. So think about what is it that you do in your spare time? What do you really enjoy doing? What are your hobbies and how can you turn those into a potential business opportunity.

2. Push the boundaries

Push the boundaries when you need to do something different. Performing extraordinary actions helps you to make people notice your company. As there is so much competition. It's difficult to get on people's radar screens and make them pay attention to you. 

So you have to do something that's going to get you noticed and will help you stand out from the crowd. You have to try something that's never been done before.

We humans always limit our actions. But, when "the sky is the limit", trying more than your potential efforts will reward you with unexpected results.

3. Stay top of the mind

Competition matters so much when you are in a market where many are hustling along with you. Many struggles but people who are determined and force themselves to do their best to stay on the top always win. Failure is common but trying without getting demotivated helps to achieve your goal. To get back on the competition, all you need is a determination to achieve at any cost.

If you are dreaming to become an entrepreneur, you will need to do whatever you can to make sure your customers are always thinking about you. The easiest way to grow a business is to sell more to your existing customers. 

Adopt ideas that will help you in promoting your product in such a way that you should be the first person that should come to your customer's minds when they are thinking about the product or service that you sell and it's the best way to grow your business. 

4. Overcome obstacles

Obstacles are bound to rise when you put your foot in the world of possibilities.

Walt Disney faced various obstacles, experienced multiple business disasters, and setbacks. But all these challenges didn't stop him. Instead, he tried solutions over them, he saw them as flaws, he saw them as assets that contributed to his development as a visionary and businessman.

In short, unexpected challenges do come in every person's life for which he is never prepared. Sometimes, planning gets failed when we face such unexpected problems and we remain with two options. Give up or try one more time. In such a scenario, what you chose makes a difference. Taking such situations positively and facing the problem with possible solutions will help you to overcome the obstacle.

5. Challenge yourself

Just like obstacles do gets when you are on the path of achieving your goal, facing them and winning over the situation makes you a winner, the same way challenging yourself at every stage of struggle helps you to perform better.

When you face disappointment, challenge yourself. Challenging yourself helps you to reach your goal more easily. It always brings you an opportunity to grow yourself.

When you are in your struggling period, you face stress, doubts, worries. But when you challenge yourself, you raise your confidence so much that you surpass stress, doubt, worries and target yourself to achieve your goal. You try taking a different approach to things than you have in the past.
Therefore, the challenge is one of the best ways to improve yourself from better to the best.

6. Your mindset towards failure

Many get upset and give up when they face failure. There are many famous stories of entrepreneurs who would have become successful if they would have taken a chance before shutting their businesses permanently.

If you want to make your dream a reality, make yourself aware to expect failure at some point in your struggling.

Walt took a lot of chances throughout his career. Several times, he failed. His investments in various of his dream projects led him to become bankrupt. But all these didn't let him get demotivated. Instead, he started making smart moves. He would carefully consider both sides before deciding on taking bold steps.

7. Achieving a goal is not easy

If you want to succeed? make sure that you don't give up halfway. Patience is the key to making your dream possible. Success is not immediate. Sometimes, it takes years to achieve what you want.
It took almost 16 years for Walt to get success, fame, and money. His experimenting attitude never knocked off. From introducing the Laugh- O- Gram studio or the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, his disappointments from his various project didn't let him lose his confidence. He was knowing that the dream he has seen is not easy to achieve in one night and it will take years to get true. 

Same way, if you have a dream to achieve something big in life, make sure, you don't get disappointed easily and be motivated to keep hustling till you reach your goal.

8. Trust your instincts

Often when you are on the path of struggle, you get advice from your close ones to give up since they feel there is no hope left for you to get success. 

Walt Disney had an awkward relationship with his father. When Walt Disney was in his struggling period, his father felt his son won't get successful. Even when Walt was taking decisions to try one more time, his brother Roy would make him realize the financial risk and its consequences. But all these didn't let him quit. His trust in his instincts was so strong that he kept moving towards success.

Same way, if you want to achieve your goal at any cost, make sure you close your ears and doesn't give attention to people's opinion on your struggle. 

Proper decision-making before making a move ahead and confidence to face the upcoming situation will help you to achieve your goal.

9. Never stop learning

When Walt Disney was asked about his learnings, he said, "We never stop learning".

Even if you are planning to get started to achieve your goal, the first thing you'll have to do is learn from your competitors. After all, it is your competitors that will help you to succeed. Understanding what is lacking in their business is kind of a golden opportunity. You can bring your business on top by introducing products or services that no one sells but has a good demand in the market.

Also grabbing information as much as you can relate to your business will never be a loss. It will be helpful at some point in your business.

When Walt was facing issues, he'd read books, speak with experts, and consume as much information as he could on the issue. In his daily existence, he would watch and analyze what was going on around him.

10. Participation in social service

During World War 1 when the United States was at war with Germany, Walt tried getting into the army to participate in the movement. Even after getting rejected, he joined the Red Cross society as a driver just to get the feeling of the serving nation. This shows how much Walt Disney had a love for his nation.

Participating in social service or campaigns makes you feel proud of yourself for putting your efforts into the betterment of society. Another benefit of participating in social movements is, it helps you in improving your productivity, analytical, and social skills. It also helps in developing your interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills.

Key Takeaway

Walt Disney's efforts have made our planet a better place to live. Walt Disney's struggle has made us learn that every roadblock is actually a phase that will lead us to a better future and better life. Nothing is impossible and you can see your success if you work passionately for it.

Does our article on Walt Disney inspire you? Give us your valuable feedback. Appreciate it if you share it and inspire more people around you.

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