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How to search for a right job?

How you can find a Right Job?

We live in a world where everyone is after own business. And it's a world in which, if you lose your business, you never get it back. It's a competitive positioning world and in such competitive world finding a job has become very difficult. Specially when job seekers are on rise. Finding a job is not an easy task for fresher as well as for experienced candidates.

There are many ways to find a job. You should use smart techniques to search for a job, since traditional methods won't give you the result you expect.

Preparing yourself before looking out for a job is very important. Advance preparation makes you confident. When I start looking for a new job, I prepare myself by following below steps:
1. Identify my passion.
2. Making ATS friendly resume since it will help recruiters to find the right job efficiently.
3. Prepare a well written cover letter. Mentioning the skills and experience relevant the upcoming jobs opportunities.
4. Join certification course.
5. Prepare myself.

You'll find millions of jobs posted online. Preparing yourself before searching a right job is important. It helps you to know yourself and confident to understand jobs in field interests you more. 

Ways to search for a job

Gone are those days when job seekers were relying on newspapers for vacancies. With developed technology, searching a job is just one click away. But searching right one is difficult. Using right techniques can help you to find right job. Below are some tips:

1. LinkedIn: 
There are many job sites such as Naukri, Indeed, Monster and many others. But what is special about LinkedIn is that, it is the most relevant site and professional social network site.
It has organically reached the peak, meaning your post can reach to majority of LinkedIn connections. This was said none other then by an American entrepreneur - Gary Vaynerchuk.
LinkedIn has transformed so much that it helps job seekers & job givers at ground level.

How you can search a job on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become one of the important tool to find a job. You can jobs in search field on top of the LinkedIn homepage or you can directly access the jobs page wherein you can search and apply for jobs. 

i. Click the jobs icon at the top of your LinkedIn home page.

ii. Click the Search jobs field enter keywords and company name.

iii. Enter job location and click search.

iv. Use the filters option at the top of the search result page to filter the result. 

v. Click the job posting to view the job description and apply for the job if the job suits to your need.

You can also use LinkedIn for :-

a) Asking recommendations from your friends.
b) Networking with relevant people.
c) Reaching out to HR Recruiters who are providing jobs in your location.
d) Targeting certain companies where you would like to apply and search their HR or employees on LinkedIn and send them connection request. Maintaining a good relation and requesting them to forward your resume as a reference in their company.
e) You can also follow posts posted by Recruiters or by Company HR. It might help you while you are applying for a job.

2. Google Search:

Like other Google products, Google for job is very simple. Use Google search job filters. 
Type position you are looking for and location. For ex- I typed "Developer jobs in Mumbai" and I found this - 

Check out past 3 days filter. As they are fresh and Recruiters may want to fill the position immediately. 

Another trick you can use is, if you know any industrial area near by your location, you can directly google the location and check if any suitable vacancy is open.

3. Job sites:

Many job sites have emerged who assures to provide dream job. However very few turn out on their promise. Some of them are Naukri, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster.
These sites allow you to search by title, category, keyword, location, and even salary package you are looking for.
Job seekers can upload their resume by signing up on their website with email id and receive notification on each new activity.
Thousands of jobs are posted to these sites every day.

4. Recruitment Agencies:

Recruitment agencies maintains a cordial relationship with companies across different industry and supplies them manpower as and when required. The recruitment consultancies play a key role in sourcing talent from the large applicant pool that precisely matches with their client’s job description. 
Job Consultancies play a crucial role in the job hunt for job seekers. They match the job seekers with their desired company, assist them in preparing for the interviews, advice on better career opportunities, search job openings as per specific desires, and enhance their resume for better visibility and screening. Recruitment agencies can help you in finding a job in quicker way then expected.

Applying for the job: 

It is very important to check the job description mentioned in the vacancy list because it will give you an idea about what exactly they are looking out in the candidate. 
If it interests you, you can directly submit by clicking on the link or by processing your resume on given details. Suppose you don't find any contact details, you can Google the company name, find their HR contact details and reach them out via email or phone Or you can find the HR on LinkedIn and contact via messenger.

Bottom Line:

Always be confident about yourself. Before applying make sure you have  done enough studies about the company management. Also, clarify your doubts with job consultancies before sharing your resume. Some consultancies are money makers. They might ask for some amount and never turn up with any job opportunity. Never get paid enrollment with such consultancies. Try to stay away from misleading job opportunities which can put your life in danger. 

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