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Effective Job Interview Tips From a Recruiter

I have been working in HR for years and I have interviewed many candidates across all levels. It is always difficult for the HR team to select one right fitting candidate from dozens of people facing an interview for a single post. This situation is the same for various vacancies open for fresher as well as for experienced.
Personal Interview is an important process that decides the faith of the candidate. Some candidates don't get through the interview due to their nervousness or overexcitement. Though they are really capable and suitable for that vacancy.

I thought to share some important tips which can help you to crack down the interview successfully.

1. Research

Soon after you get a call for an interview, do research about the company. Look at their website. This research will help you to get the basic details about the company.  Know about the position they are hiring and how critically it is important to them. What actually they are looking for and how you can improve yourself to let them find you as the most suitable candidate for this position. By researching the company, you'll get more tips that can help you get more content to talk about in the interview and make the process easy to create a good impression of yours on the interviewer.

2. Prepare

i)  Realize that you have to give the best for your interview. The job description is always important. It is what they are looking for in the candidate.

Most of the questions asked during the interview are either from the Job description that is sent to you or from your resume. Make sure your resume is updated and whatever you have composed in the resume has factual details and you relate to it.

ii)  Make a set of questionnaires that can be asked during the interview. There are many leading sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn which can help you to prepare for the interview. Understand the question and keep aware of the possible answer in the mind.

iii) NEVER MUG UP/ MEMORIZE/ BY HEART any answer. An interview is not an exam where you can memorize and vomit on the paper. If you memorize for an interview and you forgot one line then you won't able to catch up the next and this can spoil your entire interview.

iv) Make sure you groom well. You should look confident. Choose a proper formal outfit you are comfortable wearing. Choose the dress in advance in order to avoid last-minute hurdles.

v) Arrange your certificates and documents as per their importance. So that while removing them from file it won't take more time.

3. Be relaxed

It is obvious to get nervous during the interview and every interviewer knows that. Sometimes even an interviewer gets nervous when he is conducting interviews for the first time in his career.
Your nervousness can put doubts on your selection. Before you go for an interview, comfort yourself, relax your mind. Hear songs or call your friend or well-wisher who can motivate you, boost your confidence up.

4. Right Posture, body language, and facial expressions

i)  Your posture reflects your energy level. Sit up straight, put your feet flat on the ground, and keep your hands comfortably on thighs. Be relaxed.
ii)  Body language speaks before you do. The way you represent yourself leaves a significant impact on the interviewer about you. Always make eye contact with the people you are interacting with. Greet them. It suggests you are actively listening and paying attention to them. Occasionally use your hand gesture to express yourself. This also shows you are interested in involving yourself in the interview conversation.
iii)  Your facial expressions also make a difference in how you are performing in the interview process. Smile whenever required. This will show that your confidence level is high. Don't carry the same facial expression in an entire interview process.
All these points are important as they convey a message to the interviewer that you are confident, an active listener and have patience.

5. Be Yourself

As mentioned above, the interviewer always asks questions based on your resume. 
They are going to see you for the first time in their life. With 5 min or 10 minutes meeting it is impossible to know a person well. 
And when it is about hiring for the suitable post, they will ask you questions or test your knowledge based on your experience just to see if you can be a right fit for their company or you have the right skills they want or you are capable to handle the job independently. 
So, they're going to ask you questions which can help them in exploring more about you. Don't share the same information which is mentioned in the resume. Every person has many qualities that cannot be mentioned in detail on resume. 
Tell all the good points about you, share previous job experience. Discuss how you helped your previous company achieve its target. Tell them about how you tackled hurdles in your job. 
Share with them the certificates you received for your achievements. Represent the hidden qualities of you. Express yourself in such a way that they should feel that they found the right candidate for the vacancy.

With these interview tips, you can easily make the right expression and impress the interviewers. It will help you to get selected in an interview.

Comment your thoughts below and share this article with your loved ones who are going to appear for the interview. If you have recently attended an interview, share your experiences too.

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