How To Install An Excel Add-in : A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Install an Excel Add-in

Excel is a powerful tool that can be enhanced through the use of Add ins. These are tools that are installed separately from Excel and provide additional functions or features to the software. To install an Excel Add in, you must first download it and then extract the files to a specific location. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

1. Introduction

Many Excel operations are available as Add Ins. An Microsoft Excel Add Ins are essentially workbooks with some code and some additional characteristics. To access its functions, Excel add ins generally contains certain user interface components, such as buttons on the ribbon or context (right-click) menus.

The Excel add ins may be installed, which means it will run every time Excel is opened, giving you access to its features at all times. You can also open it like any other file without having to install it when you have to use the features of an Excel addin.

2. What are Excel Add ins?

Excel add ins are a great way to increase your productivity while working in Excel.  They are small programs that you can install in Excel that will help you to do things faster or easier. They can be installed either from the Office store or from a developer’s website. 

Excel add ins can be used to automate simple tasks or to perform complex calculations that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do in Excel.

There are many different types of add-ins available, and you can find them on the internet or in-app stores. Be sure to read reviews before you download one, as not all add-ins are created equal. And be careful not to install too many, as this can slow down your PC.

3. Where do I find Excel Add ins? 

Free Excel add ins download is available at many places on the internet.

You can find best Excel add ins online, in the Microsoft Store, or even in your office supply store.

Microsoft Excel add ins download is available on the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store offers a wide variety of Excel Addins, and most of them are free Excel add ins. There are also many paid Excel Add ins available through the Microsoft Store.

Another great place to find best Excel Add ins is your office supply store. Office supply stores often carry a wide variety of Excel Add-ins, and they usually have a good selection of both free Excel add ins and paid add-ins.

Before you proceed with best free Excel Add ins download from other than Microsoft, you should check it is from the trusted vendor.

4. How do I install Excel Add in? 

To install Excel Add in, you first need to download it from the vendor's website. It is always to scan the downloaded file for computer viruses. If you have downloaded it from a location that is not trusted.

The Excel add ins usually comes as a compressed file (e.g. .zip) so you will need to extract the files before you can install them. Sometimes the instructions are provided on the website itself which you are required to follow before you install Excel add in.

By default, Excel Add ins get installed to APPDATA Directory like below.


where USERNAME is your Windows username.

To navigate to this location, press Win+R (Win = Windows key) on your keyboard. Enter %APPDATA% in the Run box and click OK (this will open the Roaming directory). Double click Microsoft and then AddIns.

When you utilize the Add-In Library, it's simple to discover the add-in when you install it from inside Excel. But if you want to use it without installing, you may put the Excel add ins file in practically any handy location such as your Documents folder.

The next very important step is to unblock the Excel Add in file. Windows protects your computer from hazardous software that originated on a computer other than yours, but it also restricts your computer from running useful Excel add ins, therefore you must unblock the Excel add in file before use. 

If you don't unblock, the Excel add in will not work and you will not have any clue why it is not loading. You may also find the issue of Excel add ins not showing up or Excel add ins not working as expected.

To unblock the Excel Add in file, in File Explorer, right-click the add-in file and choose Properties. There may be a notification indicating the file is blocked at the bottom of the General tab of the Properties dialog, with a checkbox to unblock the file.

Steps to install an Excel Add-in

Step 1. Open Excel and go to the "File" menu. Then click on More... and then click on Options.

office 365 excel add ins - Excel Options

Step 2. Click on Add-ins in the left section. Then click on the Go button.

Excel Options

Step 3. In the Add-ins dialog, click Browse.

manage excel add ins

Step 4. Browse to the location where you have downloaded the Excel add in earlier. An Excel add-in file usually has (". xlam") extension but it can have any other extension such as (".xla", ".xll", ".xlsm" or ".xlsb"). Click on the add-in file in the Browse window and then click on Open.

Step 5. You will see the Excel add in file now is installed and a tick appears before its name. Click on OK.

This way you can add Excel add in from within the application itself.

manage excel add ins

Uninstalling an Excel Add-in

Follow the same steps mentioned above to get the Add-Ins dialog, locate the add-in in the list, remove the tick before its name by clicking on it and clicking OK. The add-in should be available in the list so that it may be easily reinstalled in the future.

Using an Excel Add-in without installing

If you want to use an Excel add-in without installing, you can start it when you need it by going to the File tab and selecting Open in Excel, or by double-clicking the add-in file in Windows Explorer or dragging it from Windows Explorer to Excel. This way the Add-in will not load automatically and you can open it when you want to use it without the worry of Excel add-in making the application run slower.

5. What are the benefits of using Excel Add ins? 

Excel Add ins extend the functionality of Excel. They can automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, and help you to be more productive. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including data analysis, financial modeling, and project management.

Excel Add ins can save you a lot of time and make your work easier. They are an essential tool for any Excel user.

There are many benefits to using Excel Add ins. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity - Excel add ins can help you to be more productive by automating certain tasks or by providing shortcuts to commonly used commands.
  • Time Savings - Many Excel add ins can save you time by performing complex calculations or data manipulations automatically.
  • Increased Efficiency - Excel add ins can help you to work more efficiently by allowing you to access data and functions that would otherwise be hidden in Excel.
  • Improved Accuracy - By automating certain tasks, Excel add ins can help to improve the accuracy of data entry or calculations.
  • Faster Data Entry and Calculation - If you have a lot of data to enter or calculations to do, an Excel add ins can speed up that process.

6. Conclusion

An Excel add ins can be one of the very powerful tools to help you work more efficiently. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide to installing an Excel add in. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and do share this article with your friends and colleagues.

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