Truth That HR Don't Want You To Know Easily

Many people apply and get recruited daily into every random company. People get overwhelmed with a lot of inspiration, enthusiasm, and excitement to work with a new team and a new company, but fast forward a year, the same excitement turns into disappointment. The unexpected things you experience in the company and its policies upset you.

Most of the company's policies are never crystal clear and many have to face the dire consequences of its impact on professionals as well as on their personal life.

Just like how a company goes through your resume before inviting you for face to face interview, it's very crucial for you also to get all the important information about the company and get clarification on your doubts before joining any new company. 

So, for your knowledge, I've listed some of the practices that the majority of the Human Resource department follows. Few people are aware of these practices. I have been in HR for quite some time and I believe that everyone who is looking for a job should be aware of them.

1. Verification Process

The interview went really well. They liked your CV. You think it's over, right? Not quite. They haven't let the spies loose. 

It is true that when it comes to certain middle and senior management jobs, there is a lot of secret cross-referencing and checking that goes on before they invite you over. 

Senior profiles always have responsibilities that impact the reputation of the company. They need to have regular meetings with directors and other people. 

So, for such senior jobs, it is the task of the Human Resource manager to always look for a person who is really capable and mature including his qualifications, experience that suits the open vacancy. 

Many times, in order to grab the opportunity people give fake information. And for a company, it becomes crucial to have verification before calling an employee for an interview.

Before having a verification, it is the work of hr to inform the candidate about the verification process that they will be conducting, but most companies and their hr professionals do not wish to inform the candidate about the verification process and instead proceed with the verification process through different sources or by hiring management services who conduct document verification, background verification by contacting HR from your previous employer based on the details you have mentioned in your resume.

2. Test your patience

You went on time for the interview that was scheduled but you had to wait in the lobby and you got irritated since the company is wasting your time by making you wait. But many HR teams do this purposely and direct the receptionist to inform you that the concerned person is in the meeting. 

The only aim behind creating such a situation is to test your patience and your reactions. Since after joining the office, there will be many instances that will test your patience, and how you'll react at that time is what hiring authorities likes to note. Therefore, it becomes important for them to create such an atmosphere and act that way just to see your resilient level.

3. You are invited to a party

You cheer in joy when you get a call from a company whose final interview is pending and they invite you for a party or meeting hosted by a company. And you attend the party with overexcitement. Isn't it true? guess what? any person will get excited as it sounds like the company has already selected you for the vacancy that you have appeared. But... wait a second. That's really not so true. 

Company have asked you to join for a party or a meeting which proves that they have really liked you as a candidate and they are seriously interested in taking you under their company. But selection specially for senior vacancies depends on senior management. It is Directors and VPs who are decision makers.

So, when a company HR asks you to join a party or meeting, it is to test you, your behavior, your confidence level and how you impress your to-be-seniors and that is going to decide the faith of your candidature. 

4. Not everything is told

Most of the HRs have a professional attitude and don't have evil nature that inflicts insanely cruel policies on their employees. 

But not all of them are angels either. While most multinational or famous companies will be transparent about precisely what benefits you are entitled to because of their strict policies and reputation. While others may be purposefully vague, and count on your trusting nature or stupidity. 

Therefore, it is advisable that, when you appear for a personal interview, you should make sure every facility you will be provided should be informed to you in detail without keeping a doubt in your mind. Because sometimes your silence is a profit to the company.

Ask for the costing rather than the benefits. CTC or  ‘cost to company’ is something that shows overall your package, which tells you how much an employer spends on employees over the course of a year.

Apart from deduction, what matters the most for employees is the monthly in-hand salary. 

It is in regular practice for years in companies that they inform the CTC to candidates without letting them know how much amount will be deducted and at the end of the month how much that person will receive in hand salary. 

Many candidates attend interviews without knowing the detailed information about remuneration and sometimes, just for the need of the job, they accept the offer letter without having detailed knowledge and thus repent on the decision after a few months.

Thus, it is crucial to raise a discussion on a CTC break-up when you are attending the personal interview.

5. Organizational Hierarchy

If you are changing jobs, be very clear to check on the hierarchy of the new organization. 

Every company has their own hierarchy process that are created by HR department that they follow and every post has their job roles. 

e.g. If you're currently working as an Assistant Manager with your company and you have applied for the post of Manager with some XYZ company. Here in your current company you might be having 10 people working under you. Whereas, it is not compulsory that for a post of Manager with XYZ company you'll be having more people working under you. In short, sometimes the post you're applying for may make you feel a step up for your professional experience whereas in reality it might be a step down for you.

Thus, the HR department should help you in providing you clear information on their hierarchy  and job profile with other necessary details.

They should help you by giving exact information to whom hierarchy wise you're going to report? how many people will be reporting to you? how much annual budget will you be handling and so on.

6. Medical benefits

Most times, medical benefits are sacrosanct and are in place uniformly across companies. But there are things people need to look out for. If a company says, ‘hospitalisation is taken care of’, don’t just sit back. Find out whether it is unlimited coverage, how much it is, and (especially if you are young) whether maternity is also covered. 

Finally, there’s a little secret that your HR department may never tell you. Many companies have a floater cover. This means that even though the employee is entitled to, say, Rs 3 lakhs in insurance, if she or her family member has a medical situation which costs a lot more, the company actually has the coverage for it. But the money will be given at the discretion of the management. 

7. Look at your social profiles

It's true that social network has become a necessity of life. There must be a very few or hardly any person who is not there on social sites. 

Social sites like LinkedIn, not only help you to get notifications on jobs you're looking for but also help you to connect with professionals from other companies.

How this helps other companies?

Though HRs shares job requirements with recruitment consultancies for getting relevant resumes they always have an eye on the person who is handling the same position in their competitors company. 

HRs surf the profiles on LinkedIn, specially of the people who are working in their competitors company. They enquire with many employees and try finding details of the best suitable employee from their competitor's company. They contact him and if he shows interest in the discussion that is held, they ask him to attend the interview and eventually get selected.

This kind of process is knows as "employee poaching". so, in the future, if you get a call from the HR department of the company that manufactures or is from similar industry to the company you work for, don't think that it's a random call. Be prepared thouroughly before meeting for an interview because chances of you getting selected are always more than the rest of the candidate who has applied for that particular vacancy.

8. Reverse Interview

By personal interview, what we feel like we should be ready with our answers. Whatever questions the HR will ask, we should reply suitably. But what if I tell you that when you are appearing for interview, you can ask questions to HR as well.

When a company open up any vacancy and wants to fill it up, there might be any reason that made their ex employee leave the job. Even it can be possible that something unjustifiable things happened with him from the company or his boss harrased him. Anything that forced him to leave the job.  In such situation, it is crucial that you asksuch queries because every information matters to you when you're changing your company.

Same way, the employee should ask the recruiter to elaborate on all information that is not available in the public domain such as the internet especially when it comes to HR policy

Do your homework and prepare a set of questions that you would like to ask the HR and get relevant information from them. It’s called a reverse interview.

These things matter a lot for a person who has high goals in his professional life. What you feel about our today's article? Did we left anything? keep sharing your views and comments.

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