Influencing Life Lessons From Diwali Festival That You Must Learn

Diwali or in hindi known as Deepavali is India's most vibrant and significant festival which is celebrated across the country. Every resident inside the country looks forward to this joyous occasion.

What we learn from Diwali

Diwali is one of the sanctified festivals. There are many reasons to celebrate Diwali.  For some, it is the day when Goddess Laxmi was born. whereas another reason that makes people celebrate Deepawali is Krishna killed Narkasura who held girls hostage. Whereas, another major reason that makes that day to celebrate the return of Prince Rama back to his kingdom after spending 15 years of exile.

Though there are various reasons to consider this day as auspicious but leaving aside that, today we will tell you 8 messages that we get from the Diwali festival that can help you to change your thoughts and can help you to credit something better to this society. 

When we celebrate Diwali, we take it as a festival but apart from the celebration, many things can be considered as life lessons from Diwali. I have drawn 8 Important teachings from Diwali. Take a look:

1. Excitement

Now here is what am talking about is, when a few days are remaining for Diwali, we get excited to experience the joy of Diwali and we keep counting the days. 

What do we learn from this?

Just like how we wait for Diwali to come, the same way, no matter what is hidden in the next moment, we should be excited to live as it is. The time that gone from us will never come back. Hence we should enjoy the moment as it is. 

Not every day will be the same. Some days will be good. Whereas, some days you'll be facing problems, difficulties. 

But that doesn't mean you should get upset with it and spend the entire day with tensed atmosphere. Instead, you should cheer yourself to cope up with it. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you to cope up when something bad happens.

a) Let go of your grievances - talk to someone with whom you are comfortable and trustworthy. Releasing your difficulties by sharing with others will help you to feel better and then you will be able to get back on your track with more concentration and relaxation.

b) Console yourself by imagining something more worse could have happened - Life is always about good and bad incidents. If something bad has happened in your life, convince your mind to think that you could have been in more trouble if something worst than this would have happened.

c) Move on - If something doesn't give peace to your mind, move on. Forget the incident completely. Though sometimes moving on is not easy but learning to move on makes your mind stronger and tougher to face any situation in life.

d) Pray - Praying helps in healing your mind from the scars. Sometimes it is the belief in God that helps in making you feel better.

e) Watch movies or do what you love - Cooking, watching movies, going on the tour these are the leisure activities which are helpful when you are having a bad day.

These activities can help set your mood right and you get back on your track.

But, above all, we should adopt our thinking in such a way that if something good happens we should be able to enjoy and if something bad has happened then we should learn from the moment. We should not let it affect the future and be ready to face the next day with the same level of energy and excitement.

2. Remove Darkness

During Diwali time, we light Diyas.

Though, this custom was started to welcome Lord Ram when he returned back to his kingdom. But the real concept behind this is to diminish darkness and enlighten yourself with positivity and remove darkness from your within.

Our thoughts are made from our day-to-day experiences. And our actions are from our thoughts. In short, what we do daily is totally controlled by our thoughts. So, if we want to prosper in our life, achieve what we always wished for, then we will have to remove the negativity from our mind.

Reading books, watching videos of successful personalities, watching interviews, life stories can help in gathering positive thoughts in your mind.

3. Make bonds stronger

Diwali with friends and family

On the occasion of Diwali, we share sweets with our neighbors, relatives and friends, people google diwali for messages to send their beloved,exchange diwali greetings which gives glows on the face and feeling of getting the bond stronger.

Same way, If we carry a friendly, caring nature lifelong, this world will be the best place to stay.

Helping each other in need is said to be the symbol of humanity. 

If every one of us believes in offering help to others irrespective of religion, caste, there will be no place for hate. Peace and love will prevail.

4. Performing rituals

One of the major parts of Diwali is performing rituals/puja.

When we do puja or rituals, we ask for prosperity and blessings to keep us away from problems. Same way, to keep ourself away from wrong doing, we should keep ourself away from bad habit, wrong thinking and away from people who are associated into wrong doing. Our life should be filled with motivation to achieve our goals and get success.

5. Cleaning the house and decorating

It is common to see people cleaning their house and surrounding few days before Diwali. We buy colourful diya and decorate our house by purchasing sky lamp for Diwali.

What we can take note from this is, cleanliness and hygiene is necessity. Cleaning the house and hygiene helps us stay healthy. We should make hygiene a habit to stay fit and healthy.

Personal hygiene includes hand washing, bathing, wearing washed clean clothes.

Same way, keeping your house clean and mopping the floor every day will prevent any germs to be on the floor. It is a must to keep the floor clean when you have a baby in the house.

Giving importance to hygiene in daily life will help to maintain a healthy lifestyle and in today's time where Covid 19 is making people ill, maintaining hygienic lifestyle is a must.

6. Being tolerant

When God Rama was directed to leave the kingdom and exile for 15 years, he silently obeyed to his father's orders. Many tried arguing but he smiled and left the luxurious living along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. He faced many hurdles in the 15 years journey but the problems and difficulties couldn't shake him. It is his patience that rewarded him to be calm and wait for his exile to get over.

To define patience, it is a valuable life skill that helps to remain patient means keeping calm and focused even when waiting is difficult. 

Every problem comes to an end. No matter how much time it will take, the struggle you are going through will come to an end. We all know, nothing lasts forever. So, if you know that the path you are on is correct then keep going without thinking about the end of the suffering. Hence, what we can learn is adopting the skill of patience in daily life will help us to not get frustrated and control our anger. 

7. Good will always defeat evil in the end

Diwali represents the triumph of good over evil. Diwali commemorates the day when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after a fourteen-year exile. Lord Rama returned with his wife Sita and Hanuman after slaying Ravana on this day. In Hindu mythology, Ravana is the multi-headed demon king of Lanka. Ravana was a demon king who had abducted Sita and in the end, got destroyed by Lord Rama.

What we can take away from this is, no matter how powerful the evil is but ultimately it is Truth or Good is that will win. And no matter how weak you feel the "Good" is. It will always find its way to shine out from the crowd. 

We all have experienced something in our life that we can connect here. Shortcuts to achieve goal has become one of the trends. We get tempted to take shortcuts in order to reach our goal in less time but we face a lot of problems and end up facing failure. In short, long way may take lot of time for you to rich goal but it ensures that you will attain your goal. Another example is, often in our daily life evil things attracts us more and we end up getting in their nest and ultimately getting failed. Hence, when you get two paths to get to your goal, always take the one that is valid and justifiable.

8. We make new purchases. It's a remark about starting a new day on a clean slate.

Diwali is another name for making a huge shopping. Many companies promote their products online during Diwali by attracting it's customers by giving diwali gift hampers online. We shop for new clothing, utensils, and many other goods. It is considered as auspicious day to make a new start of the year. Infact, many shop owners make a fresh start of their books of accounts.

This we can adopt in our life and we can learn that no matter what happens in our life. No matter how many failures we have faced in our life, it is never too late to make a fresh start in your life.  All you will have to keep in mind is it's your life and it is you who will decide for yourself. So, if you feel you should start everything again, go ahead with your vibes.


Diwali celebration

Happiness is often clouded by negativity and insecurity. Festivals help us to forget our stress, troubles and appreciate the pleasant aspects of life, even if only for a few days. 

The most important message of Deepawali festival  is it encourages people to share love, joy and celebrate unity. With that if we think deeply about this festivals, there are always something or the other that can be learned from, and adopting them will not only make us good human but also credit in creating unity in society. 

Happy Deepawali 2021!!!.

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