How To Get Direct Link To Google Drive Files On Android And Desktop

There are instances when we are required to share files with the people on the internet which they can use for Google drive file download clicking on the link.

Such a situation arises when we want to share any link on the website or enable file download from google drive link rather than sending the file to each and every person through messenger. Google drive direct link would help users to use Google drive to download file.

You can use the Google Drive Direct Download Link Generator if you already have the Google Drive link that you want to convert to a Direct Download Link.

If you don't know how to use the Google Drive Direct Link Generator, you can continue reading the article.

Ensure you allow the popups as the app opens in a popup window.

The best option we think of when sharing files this way is Google Drive. But whenever we share the files through Google Drive, it either opens it in a separate viewer or shows some dialog. This sometimes confuses the recipient or user of the file as they are required to look for the download option or complete additional steps.

To solve this problem, there are a lot of URL options provided by Google Drive. By using these options we can even allow users to directly download the files instead of opening that file in the viewer.

So how you can create Google drive link or enable Google drive to download the file directly instead of opening it in viewer.

Actually converting a Google drive link to a direct download link is very simple.

How To Get Direct Link To Google Drive Files On Android And Desktop

Let's find out how to allow users to download the file directly assuming you have uploaded the file you want to share using the link.

Part 1: Getting the link from Google Drive

Before you can create Google drive direct link you need to first share the Google drive file. 

How to share Google Drive files or enable Google drive file download?

Depending on the platform you are using follow the below steps accordingly.

To create Google drive download link you can refer to Part 2.

Part 2: Get Direct Link To Google Drive File

Once you create Google drive link and copied it to your clipboard, you can easily convert that to a Google Drive direct download link.

There are 2 methods to do it.

  1. Using the Google Drive Direct Link Generator (Easy to use and recommended)
  2. Manually editing the copied link

Using the Google Drive Direct Download Link Generator

Click on the Google drive link generator button below. You may be required to allow the popup to open the link.

google drive file download

  1. Paste the link you copied from Google Drive in the 'Google Drive Link' field.
  2. Click on the 'Get Direct Download Link' Button.
  3. Click on the 'Copy link' Button. 
The direct download link is now copied to your clipboard. You can share this Direct Download Link with your users. This is how the Google Drive download link generator helps you to quickly generate a Google Drive direct link. You can also use Google Drive API Key if you have one.

Manually editing the link.

Depending on whether you are using Google Drive in Android App or Google Drive URL or Google Drive site, you would get two types of links.

If you used Google Drive Android App, then the link would look like the as shown below:

Google On Drive

If you used Google Drive Web Application, then the link would look like the one given below:
Google Drive Web Application Link

In both links, you see the highlighted portion of the text. This highlighted portion is FILE ID.

Every file in Google Drive has a unique FILE ID. You can get a Google Drive direct download link to download the file if you copy this FILE ID and replace the FILE_ID in the below URL with the similar highlighted portion of your Google Drive link.

Google Drive Direct link generator just makes this process simpler. 

Now the URL you obtain you can use it for file download from Google drive link.

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