Astonishing Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves In Diet

Adding curry leaves along with cumin seeds and mustard seeds while tempering gives off such a pleasant aroma that it immediately satisfies the appetite. Curry leaves are added to dal and curry. But in addition to bringing flavor to food, there are many benefits of curry that you should know. 

If you are removing curry leaves from pulses, curry, and vegetables, you should start consuming curry leaves now. You will immediately notice the change in you. So are you ready to learn these benefits of curry?

What exactly is in curry leaves? 

Curry leaves are the foliage of the tree - Murraya Koenigii. The leaves of this tree, which are native to India, are used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. They have a strong fragrance and a distinct taste of citrus notes.

What exactly is in this leaf of strong smell? 

It is natural for you to have such questions. But curry leaves have some special properties. You should know that too. Curry contains Carbohydrates, Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E which are extremely important for your health. According to the studies done by scientists at various levels, curry leaves are not only good for health, but regular consumption of curry leaves also improves your hair and skin.

Benefits Of Curry Leaves For Hair

Studies have shown that curry leaves are good for hair. Many have hair complaints. Hair loss, dandruff, and white hair, dry hair are the most common hair problems. Curry is very effective in all these.

Dry Hair

Prevents Hairfall

The wrong diet and your hair changes with age. The keratin and protein in curry leaves are good for your hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss then curry leaves are perfect for you. Consumption of curry leaves or its use can bring back your lost hair. Your hair can stop falling out. You can get shiny and strong hair.

Promote Hair Regrowth

As mentioned above, your hair loss can be reduced by curry leaves. In the same way, curry leaves are great for promoting hair growth. Curry leaves strengthen your hair roots. In addition, if there is dirt on your scalp, it removes it to boost your hair growth.

Turns Gray Hair Into Black

Many people nowadays suffer from premature graying of hair. Even the hair of children between the ages of 10 and 15 turns white quickly nowadays. Vitamin E in curry leaves gives your hair black color. Curry leaves should be included in your diet as it prevents hair from prematurely turning white.

Removes Dandruff

Curry leaves can remove the dirt on your scalp near the hair follicles. It also removes dandruff. Consumption or use of curry leaves reduces dandruff which is a nuisance to your hair. You will not get the problem with Dandruff if you eat curry leaves on daily basis.

Scalp Moisturizer

Try running your hands through your hair. Do you find your scalp dry? Scratch the scalp a little. Do you also feel white dead skin on your scalp? This means only one thing - Your scalp is dry. If you want to moisturize your hair, you must use curry leaves.

How to Use Curry  Leaves Hair Mask

We have already told you that curry leaves are very good for hair growth. Now you can make a good curry hair mask for better hair growth. You can make a hair mask in two ways.

- Curry Leaves And Curd Hair Mask

Grind a few curry leaves into a paste. Add yogurt according to the length of your hair. The finished mask you can apply to your hair. You will feel very cold after applying this mask. 

Leave this mask on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash your hair. Apply this mask to hair once a week.

- Curry Leaves And Onion Hair Mask

Another way you can make a hair mask. Make a paste of some curry leaves and onion. You should apply the prepared mask to your hair. Apply the hair for about 30 minutes and then wash your hair. You will find your hair soft. If onions make your hair look drier, you could reduce the number of onions used.

- Curry Leaves Oil

Curry oil is very easy to make. For this, you will need coconut oil. Heat coconut oil and add curry leaves. You should fry the curry leaves till the leaves turn black. You want to apply this oil twice a week. You will notice the difference in your hair condition within 15 days.

Benefits Of Curry Leaves For Skin

Skin Problems

Pimples and Marks

This is one of the most common skin ailments. Many women suffer from it before or after periods. Curry is beneficial for your skin problems. Vitamins A, B, E in curry leaves reduce your pimples and blemishes, and Marks

Reduces Wrinkle Free Skin

Pollution often causes your face to look pale. The face is black and wrinkles appear on it. If you want wrinkle-free skin, you must include curry leaves in your beauty kit.

Keep Away Pimples

If you don't want pimples on your face, you can make curry tea and drink it daily. Curry leaves are good for blood purification and just like green tea, you want to make curry leaves tea. To make the tea, boil curry leaves in hot water. Take a glass of this water and add lemon and ginger. The finished tea is a great detoxifier. So you will not suffer from pimples.

Reduce Rashes

Some people's skin is so delicate that they get rashes on their skin. These rashes are so annoying, they itch really bad. Itching them will make the problem worse. Sometimes there are wounds. In this case, you can take a nice bath by adding curry leaves to hot water.

Cleanse Your Skin

Curry leaves cleanse your skin by removing excess oil. Therefore, curry leaves should be in regular consumption. Or you should use it in your face mask.

How To Use Curry Leaves For Skin Care

- Curry Leaves And Multani Mitti Mask

A curry and Multani Mitti mask help reduce wrinkles on your face. It also helps to remove excess oil from your face. Rosewater is a natural toner that gives your face the moisture it needs.

Make a mask like this:

Ingredients: 10 to 15 leaves of curry leaves, Multani Mitti, rose water

Method: Grind curry leaves and add about one to one and a half teaspoon of Multani Mitti. Add rose water and mix well. Apply the prepared mask to your face. Wash off after drying.

- Curry Leaves And Haldi Mask

If you suffer from pimples, you should try this mask. The properties of turmeric and curry leaves reduce pimples.

Create a face pack like this:

Ingredients: Curry leaves, turmeric / wet turmeric, water

Method: Grind curry leaves. Add turmeric powder or wet turmeric powder. Make a paste by adding water and apply the prepared mask to the face. After drying, scrub the face and wash the mask with cold water. Try this experiment twice a week. You will notice fewer pimples.

- Curry Leaves And Olive Oil

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, you should definitely try this mask. This mask brightens your dry skin.

Ingredients: Curry leaves, olive oil

Method: Crush curry leaves and add a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply the prepared paste on the face and massage it. Olive oil can give you the freshness you need for your face. After applying this mask on the face, massage for about 2 minutes. Remove excess oil from the face. So you don't have to worry about anything else.

- Curry Leaves Steam

If you have blemishes on your face, curry leaves vapor is the best option for you.

Crush curry leaves in boiling water. Take the steam on your face. Hot water opens your pores. The dirt in it goes away. The blemishes on your face are also reduced.

Try this twice a week if you don't mind taking this steam. Don’t forget to apply ice to close the pores after opening them.

Effective On Anemia

Anemia is caused by a lack of iron in the body. If you suffer from iron deficiency, then curry is a good natural remedy for you. It helps in eliminating iron deficiency in your body. If you are suffering from this problem, you should eat a date and some curry leaves on an empty stomach in the morning. The nutrients in curry leaves will cure your anemia.

Improves Digestion

Curry leaves are added to the tempering. This is because curry is good for digestion. Curry is more commonly used in pulses and cereals. These starchy foods can cause flatulence. Curry leaves are added to avoid it. Curry is very good for boosting your digestion.

If you are suffering from indigestion, it is beneficial if you even eat a few curry leaves.

Controls Cholesterol

If you suffer from high cholesterol and you want to control your cholesterol, you should include curry in your diet. Because it can keep cholesterol under control.

Weight Loss

If you are gaining weight, curry leaves can help you lose weight. If you are thinking of reducing weight, include curry in your diet as it may benefit you more. You eat curry leaves including them in the diet itself which should help immensely.

Improve Immune System

If you want to get rid of all your health complaints, you should eat curry leaves. Curry leaves can give you the strength to fight diseases. You become healthier as your immune system improves. So you can naturally avoid the diseases.

Health Problems

Questions People Ask about Curry Leaves (FAQs)

1. How many leaves one can eat for a day?

People always wonder how much curry leaves to eat. But if you consume the right amount of it in your diet, you don't need to eat more. But if you do not use it in your diet, you should eat at least 15 to 20 curry leaves.

2. Is curry leaves really beneficial for health?

Curry leaves have a hand in eliminating many health complaints. So you should include it in your diet. It is recommended to eat curry leaves as it keeps away stomach, heart, and digestive problems.

3. Are there any side effects of curry consumption?

No side effects of curry consumption have been reported yet. Moreover, the study did not come up with anything like this. So it doesn't matter if you eat more curry leaves. You will definitely benefit from it.

4. Can curry leaves be used for skin?

Vitamin C in curry is Vitamin E which is good for your hair and skin. So you get good benefits of curry. You can use it for the skin.

5. Can we eat curry leaves or make something from them for good hair?

Curry leaves are good for hair. You can also apply curry leaves as a mask for fine hair.

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