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Searching For Blog Post Ideas? Try This New Blogger Feature

If you always struggle to find blog post ideas to write the articles then there is good news. Blogger has implemented a new feature called 'Ideas'. 

New Blogger Interface

I have been using this feature since October 2020. Blogger Ideas will itself suggests new blog post ideas. It suggests the topics that people are searching for and till now have not found any answer to their search query. 

What can be better than this when you know what topics people are searching for and on which there are no articles on the internet yet. It is a great opportunity you can try out. Isn't it? 

This feature is currently out as beta and may roll out to every blogger soon.

In the screenshot below, You see I have opened my dashboard in the new blogger interface and you can see there is a new section to the right called "Ideas". You need not do anything to get this "Ideas" panel feature.

Blogger New Interface

Here is a new feature in Blogger which gives blog post ideas that you can use.

These are excellent topic ideas on which I can write my blog articles easily.

Recommended Blog Post Ideas

If you see the above screenshot, it mentions that suggested ideas are based on unanswered questions from the Internet.

You have actually suggested topics based on the type of blog.

For example, if your blog is about self-improvement, then you will get ideas related to self-improvement topics only. Similarly, since my blog is self-improvement related, I will not get ideas on technology-related topics. 

This is a good thing because you are getting the ideas relating to your niche on which your blog is based.

Now you can see there are many topics in the blogger ideas panel. You can scroll through the various blog post idea topics. You can select the topic you want to write about. 

Blogger Ideas Panel

Below each topic, you will see a button named 'Start post'. You can click the button just below your chosen topic. You will be shown the post compose screen where you can write the article. Just copy and paste the topic into the blog title and then continue to write the article in the compose view as you would normally do.

As I said, currently this is a beta feature and you may not have this feature right now in your Blogger dashboard. But soon you will see this feature in your blogger interface once it is finalized.

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Thank You. Have a great day.

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