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How To Add Timer For Download Links in Blogger

There are numerous instances on the web where we see the when we want to download something that we are interested in we are presented with timer countdown to the link. And then you wait for the timer countdown to finish before you can see the download link or start the download.

The main benefit of adding a timer before the user begins the download is that as a publisher the bounce rate on your site will decrease and the ads that are displayed on the page will get a good impression from the ad networks.

Add Timer to Download Links

You will be able to see the demo of this tutorial in Step 3 when you will download a file for the purpose of this tutorial.
So let's see how we can do this in your blogger website.

Step 1: First thing is you have to create the content relating to the topic to which you would be providing a download a file. For example, if you are giving a tutorial on an Excel Template and later you would want the users to download the ready-made excel template for their use.

Step 2: The file to be downloaded by the user should be available on some host server. You can upload the file on your server or you can even upload the file to Google Drive and get the shareable link to allow users to download.

Get Shareable Link

Step 3: Click on the link below.

Scroll down a little. Wait for few seconds to get the generated download link.
Click on 'Download Link' to get the code file saved to your drive. Open the file and copy the code.

Download Link

Step 4: Create a new page in Blogger and paste the code in the HTML view.

Blogger HTML View

Step 5: Change the download link address to your own file which you uploaded in step 2.

Step 6: Paste the code of your ads that you want to display and design the page as you like. But make sure it is not changing the above section of code. 

Step 7: Next go to the post you are creating on the topic. Insert a link and give the URL of the page you created in Step 4.

Step 8: Publish your post after completion.

That's it!. Now try to click on the link in the published post using the blog website.
The link will take you to the page where the user will have to wait for the time you specified and then provide the link to the file saved on the hosting server or Google drive.

That was so easy!!! But if you have any difficulty, please reach out to us in the comment section and I would try to help. So use the script and earn more with your ads on the timed download page.

Try the quiz:

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