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Best Indian Alternative To Chinese App Tiktok

Since the voice to cut using China's app is rising, the urge to use Indian made apps and to become self-reliant is high. Many Indian apps are coming under limelight since then. One such is the Roposo app. India's government has now joined the Indian video-sharing app Roposo to engage citizens on the platform. 

Mobile Apps

Since the time when the government of India has pressed on the word "Aatmanirbhar" and requested It's citizens to use products and facilities that are provided itself by Indian companies, the numbers of installation of this app on mobiles are rising. As of now, this app has crossed 50 million-plus downloads.

What is Roposo App?

"Roposo app" was founded in the year 2014 by IIT Delhi ex-students Mayank Bhangadia, Kaushal Shubhan, and Avinash Saxena.
Roposo is basically the video-sharing social media platform actually an Indian app or you can call it the "Desi app" that giving a tough competition to Chinese app Tiktok.
Roposo provides a TV-like Graphical User Interface that allows users to create, view, and share content in the form of videos, images from niches like health, fashion, food, and travel. This app is available in ten languages like Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, English, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, and many others. 

Just like Roposo, another app that came under discussion is Say Namaste. Since the lockdown in the country, many company's employees are working from home, even many schools are conducting classes online and are using an app like zoom for video conferencing. Indian Cybersecurity has warned about this app has a bug that raises the privacy concern and shares the information to the third party.
As a result, the best option as an alternate for this vulnerable app is our Indian own "Say Namaste" app has been recommended to use and since then many users are downloading this application and are using it.
Say Namaste is a video conferencing platform that can be used on the PC and on mobile from their website and from the play store.
Say namaste was released in the month of April 2020 by Mumbai based web application and software development company "Inscripts".  The interface of this platform is user friendly and allows 50 participants at one time. The CEO of "Inscripts", Anuj Garg says that this app can challenge similar apps like Zoom and Google Duo and has secured connections that have its servers located within India and the conversations that take place on it are encrypted and hence this app can be trusted.

Roposo App

Some other alternatives to Tiktok are Bolo Indya and ShareChat.

The recent border clashes from China, made the Indian government to raise their voice to request it's citizens to boycott using Chinese products and app.  Apps like Tiktok are one of those Chinese apps which are said to be used as spyware and has security bugs that leak the user data. This creates a real concern about using. Roposo and Say Namaste are some of the Indian apps that can be used as an alternative to those Chinese and vulnerable insecure app.


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