Do You Know How Sundar Pichai Became CEO of Google?

Sundar Pichai CEO of Google

On August 10th, 2015, Google designated a young Indian American man who was born in a modest city in southern India as its new CEO. 

But do you know how he became the CEO of Google or what the key factors helped Sundar Pichai to become the CEO of Google company? Read on...

The life story of Sundar Pichai is interesting to discuss because it can lead many of us to learn new things about the man who has made Indian society proud. It has been amazing to see a CEO of Indian descent join the roster of tech industry CEOs. Before reaching the top, Sundar Pichai experienced his fair share of challenges. His name is now well-known throughout the entire world.

Sundar Pichai Biography in Short

Commonly known to us as Sundar Pichai (original name Pichai Sundararajan) was born on 12th July 1972 in Madurai and brought up in Madras (present-day Chennai). His father was an electrical engineer in a company named GEC, whereas his mother was a housewife. They were living in a two-room apartment on rent. Sundar Pichai has one sibling named, Srinivasan Pichai.

Pichai came from a middle- class family that never encountered the luxury of having a TV and watching television or journeying by car.

Before moving to IIT Kharagpur to get an education in Metallurgical Engineering, he completed his secondary and higher secondary schooling at the Chennai Board of Secondary Education. 

He gave up on his intentions to pursue a Ph.D. and instead worked as a product manager and engineer at Applied Materials before actually earning his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

With the help of a scholarship that he received, he went ahead to pursue a Master's in Engineering and Material Science at Stanford University. Pichai's financial situation was so poor that his father had borrowed loans to cover his travel and other necessary expenses.

Since an early age, Sundar had a sharp attraction towards technology and a superb memory, especially for memorizing telephone numbers and other items with numbers. His interest in technology led him to get success.

Sundar Pichai Google CEO began his career as an Engineer with the company Applied Materials and then as a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company.

In 2004, Pichai joined Google as its Vice President of product management. His tremendous contribution and his innovative efforts helped him to become what he is today. The most important man in Google.

He along with his team got successful in creating software products like Google Chrome, Google Operating System (OS), and Google Drive that helped Google to gain popularity again. It was that era when Firefox was ruling as the default browser. In 2008, Pichai got successful in introducing Google chrome which is being recognized as the best-ever browser and almost all computers and mobile phones are using it as a default browser.

As his work started getting recognition from the founders, his responsibility too started increasing. After success with Chrome, Pichai gradually started appearing at Google's media and developer events.

In less than 15 years of joining Google, Pichai's work helped Google to grow. In 2015 he rose to evolve as the CEO of Google company. By that time, the entire world recognized his intelligence. Many companies tried to take him. Twitter is one of them but in the end, Pichai declined the offer and chose to stay with Google. In December 2019, Pichai took over as the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google,  replacing Larry Page, who stepped down.

Apart from Pichai's professional life, which makes him so famous and adorable by people from all over the world is about his love life. He met a girl during his college days at IIT Kharagpur, they both were so much in love that even a distance couldn't put them apart. When Pichai had gone to the U.S. they both were out of contact for almost 6 months. His girlfriend Anjali always supported him and rightly advised him in complicated situations. There was one time when Pichai wanted to resign from Google, but it was she who advised him not to leave. And the effect of that advice we all can see today.

Sundar Pichai got married to Anjali, his long-time girlfriend, and currently, his wife Anjali Pichai on 19th December 2013 and the couple has two children together. Sundar Pichai has spoken publicly about the importance of his family and the support they provide him, but he generally maintains his personal life away from public sight.

Talking about his struggle, In a personal interview with "The New York Times", he said: "There was a simplicity to my life, compared to today's world."
Definitely, he has seen and learned a lot from his hard days in life that made him what he is today.

Financial information about Sundar Pichai

At present, Sundar Pichai is 50 Years old and as per Foxnews, Google CEO Sundar Pichai earned an eye-popping $470 million the previous year.  The other financial details of Google CEO Sundar Pichai are as follows:

  • What is the Networth of Sundar Pichai?

The estimated Net worth of Sundar Pichai is at least 1.57 Billion dollars. 

  • What is Google CEO Sundar Pichai's salary per month?

With regards to the monthly salary of Sundar Pichai, Google stated in a document from 2020 that Pichai was paid $2 million annually.

  • How much Sundar Pichai owns?

As per media reports, Sundar Pichai owns over 4,872 units of Alphabet stock worth over $93,047,744. and over the last 4 years, he sold Google stock worth over $822,471,200.

How Sundar Pichai became CEO of Google Company?

Google provides search engine, advertising, and cloud computing services. Its products and services are used by millions of people all around the world. It is one of the most valuable and influential companies in the world, with a market capitalization of over $1 trillion.

Every hiring in this giant company is critical and so is the promotion of Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google Company. What are those important characteristics that Sundar Pichai's personality that made him the most prominent and most famous yet well-known personality in the globe? 

1. Humility

Despite his many accomplishments, Pichai is comprehended for his down-to-earth demeanor and humble approach to leadership.

Sundar Pichai's humility and dedication played a significant role in his rise to become what he is today as the CEO of Google. Despite his numerous achievements and successes, Pichai remained humble and focused on his work. 

He was always willing to learn from others and was open to constructive feedback, which helped him to continuously improve his skills and knowledge. His willingness to collaborate and listen to others, combined with his exceptional leadership qualities, made him a standout candidate for the top job at Google. 

Pichai's success is a testament to the power of humility and hard work, and he serves as an inspiration to those who aspire to achieve great things through dedication and perseverance

2. Technical Proficiency

Pichai's deep understanding of technology has been a key factor in his success, allowing him to oversee the development of some of Google's most important products and services.

Sundar Pichai possesses a strong foundation in computer science and engineering. He has played a significant position in the growth of several key Google products, including Google Chrome, Google Drive, and Google Apps. Throughout his career, Pichai has been known for his ability to lead teams and drive innovation while staying true to his technical roots. His technical proficiency has been instrumental in shaping Google's success, and he continues to prioritize technological advancement in his role as Google CEO.

3. Passion

Sundar Pichai's passion for technology and innovation has been a driving force in his career, leading him to become the CEO of Google - one of the world's most prominent technology companies. From a young age, Pichai was interested in technology and the potential it held for shaping the future. He pursued his passion for technology by studying engineering and material sciences and then working in various engineering and product management roles at different companies. Pichai's passion for technology and his ability to identify emerging trends and opportunities in the industry led him to Google, where he quickly became a key player in the company's leadership team.

4. Strategic Thinking

Pichai has a talent for identifying trends and anticipating future developments in the tech industry, which has allowed him to guide Google through a period of significant growth and change.

Sundar Pichai's strategic vision has been instrumental in guiding Google's growth and development into unexplored markets and technologies.  He is known to approach business problems with a clear and analytical mind, focusing on identifying the root cause of issues and developing practical solutions to address them. 

Under Sundar Pichai's administration, Google has made important investments in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies. He has also emphasized the importance of sustainability, leading Google to become the first major company to achieve carbon neutrality in 2007. Pichai's strategic thinking has allowed Google to maintain its position as a global leader in technology, while also promoting responsible and sustainable business practices.

5. Strong Communication Skills

Sundar Pichai's exceptional communication skills played a vital role in his rise to becoming the CEO of Google. He is known for his ability to convey complex ideas in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner, making him a trusted leader among his colleagues and superiors. Additionally, Pichai's collaborative leadership style, which emphasizes open communication and teamwork, has allowed him to build strong relationships with his team members and stakeholders. His exceptional communication skills have helped him to effectively lead Google's complex and diverse businesses, earning him a reputation as one of the most successful CEOs in the tech industry.

6. Visionary Mindset

Sundar Pichai's visionary mindset was a key factor in his rise to becoming the CEO of Google company. His ability to think ahead of the curve and anticipate the future of the tech industry has allowed him to make bold strategic decisions that have propelled Google to new heights. Pichai has a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their potential for innovation, which has enabled him to lead Google's expansion into new markets and develop cutting-edge products and services. 

Under his supervision, Google has made significant investments in artificial intelligence such as Google BARD, machine learning, and other advanced technologies, positioning the company for continued success in the future. 

Overall, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO's visionary mindset, coupled with his strong communication skills and collaborative leadership style has enabled him to steer Google through the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry and cement his reputation as one of the most successful Google CEOs in tech.

Final thoughts 

Although he is now a naturalized citizen of the United States, he maintains strong ties to his Indian heritage and has spoken publicly about his appreciation for Indian culture and values.

Sundar Pichai is considered soft-spoken and an adept problem solver without ruffling any feathers. 

With the expansion of the business, Sundar Pichai has encountered his own set of challenges. Practically every aspect of his existence is motivational.

Overall, Sundar Pichai's deep understanding of technology, strong leadership skills, and ability to innovate and adapt have helped him rise to the top of one of the world's most successful 

Sundar Pichai is relentlessly working hard to bring out many more innovative solutions to the public. And yet he is about to impress us more with his smart work and intelligence.

For the company, Pichai's tenure as CEO proved to be a resounding triumph. The Google company's stock price has grown by an enormous 76% since Pichai took over as CEO of Google company.

Sundar Pichai has experienced a unique collection of obstacles. He exemplifies what makes a great leader, from his early struggles to his willingness to take risks and work with others. Google is in excellent hands and will succeed well in the upcoming years if history serves as a guide. His existence has been inspirational in almost every way.

Hope you liked Sundar Pichai's success story. Share your views in the comment box and follow us for more upcoming blogs.

Happy Day! 

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