8 Killer Reasons Why You Should Adopt Sugar Free Lifestyle

Sugar has become such a controversial topic over the last ten years. It has divided the population into those who believe it is fine to consume sugar, and those who believe it is detrimental to their health. Today, we will share some of the the idea that how sugar is bad for the body and how having sugar free and clean food is important for health.

It is important to get educated about the food products that we consume in our daily life. Their effects can negatively impact our bodies more than we could ever think.
Food products like cake, pastries, waffles, chocolates, and even sweet beverages are favorite of people from all the generations. 

Isn't it true that people consume refined sugar on daily basis?

We all know sugar is bad for our health, but what does sugar actually do to our body? Most sugar levels we get is from refined sugar. This sugar goes straight to our liver and then to our fat cells. Our cells don't even have the chance to turn sugar into fat, just to use it as energy. This causes us to have a higher risk for diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. It won't be a surprise to tell you that processed sugar is not just a sugar, it is often made with erythritol, sucralose, and other artificial sweeteners. It is not just unhealthy but also addictive. Scientists have found that refined sugar can be 8 times more addictive than cocaine.  

Why we crave for sugar?

When we eat sugar products, our brain releases dopamine chemicals which makes us feel good. And as we start having more sugar products for our pleasure, we get addicted to it and it becomes almost impossible to avoid sugar.

If you are one of them who cannot imagine your diet without sweet food and are health conscious. You can check out our other article in which we have given 5 best natural foods that can help in replacing refined sugar and the best part is, they are equally sweet like refined sugar and with more health benefits

How sugar cause type 2 diabetes?

Many of us might think that sugary food does not cause diabetes however it is the insulin resistance that cause for diabetes. This is right but not completely.

Despite the fact that we are aware that sugar does not directly cause type 2 diabetes, being overweight increases your risk. When you consume more calories than your body requires, you will gain weight. And sugary foods and beverages are very high in calories.

Many researchers believe that refined sugar increases diabetic risk by triggering abnormal insulin production in the pancreas.
So, overconsumption of sugar can not only cause type 2 diabetes but can also cause serious problems like heart disease, cancer, and skin problems. 

Sugar from natural fruits is not problematic to our body, as they contain fiber and vitamins. They are digested and absorbed more slowly and less likely to cause blood sugar spikes.

What effects we will have on our body after dropping refined sugar from our diet?

You should also be careful with the amount of sugar you consume. If you are struggling to control your sugar intake, then try to switch to stevia. You can also try to reduce your sugar intake by swapping refined sugar for natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and fruit.

Reducing or cutting out sugar intake is one of the important steps towards a healthy diet. According to reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), the normal consumption of added sugar per day should be between 25 - 38 grams.

Reducing sugar in the diet allows the body to naturally detoxify the system and improves health. According to studies when people quit eating sugar, they experience symptoms of withdrawal and have similar effects like when people get off drugs. They find it irresistible to stay away from sugar cravings.

Sugar-free lifestyle can give amazing health benefit

As someone who wants to live a sugar-free lifestyle, it is important to remember to not consume a lot of sugar. There are many ways to do this. One of the example that can help one to maintain sugar free lifestyle is by making ourselves aware of the benefits that we will have. Some of the health benefits of cutting out sugar from the diet and including sugar free lifestyle includes.

1. Changes in mood.

Refined sugar spikes blood sugar giving the boost in mood. And when insulin is released into cells this results in making us weak, hungry, and moody. This impacts brain function.

Cutting out sugar from the diet and adding foods that are nutritious providing stable energy levels that keep us more energized, resilient to stress, and improves mood.

2. Improved Blood Pressure and heart rate.

Sugar that doesn't get used as energy gets converted into fatty acid which then becomes triglycerides, fat, or cholesterol (lipid) that circulates in the blood.

High level of triglycerides contributes to the formation of plaque in artery walls causing Atherosclerosis which in turn can cause high blood pressure and increase chances of heart attack and stroke. 

Moderate exercise and cutting out sugar and cutting down consuming foods that are made from refined sugar, white flour, and carbohydrates can help in decreasing triglycerides and also help in lowering blood pressure and keeping the heart-healthy.

3. Avoid insulin spikes and prevent diabetes.

As we eat foods that are high in sugar, our blood sugar rises and the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin and causing spikes in blood sugar. Avoiding sugar helps in preventing blood sugar spikes and further preventing onset of diabetes.

4. Weight loss.

Foods high in sugar tend to be higher in calories without any nutritional benefits. Sugar encourages fat storage. Once the glucose level decreases, it tends to make us hungry, resulting in eating more than required. This leads to storing fat near waistlines and increased weight.

Consumption of clean foods that are high in fiber and protein keeps the body feeling full and  decreasing calorie intake and allowing a reduction in excess weight.

5. Improved skin.

According to skin specialists, sugar molecules bind and deform collagen and elastin in our skin. This leads to aging and wrinkles. Giving up on sugar helps in reducing glucose and lowering chronic inflammation which helps in slowing the aging and keep skin tight and wrinkle-free.

6. Improves sleep quality.

While giving up sugar won't give you better sleep right away, you should start to experience deeper sleep within a few weeks. This is due to the fact that diets high in refined sugars decrease the quantity of slow wave sleep (SWS), the restorative sleep that helps to integrate memories and information obtained during the day and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is the dream phase.

You'll sleep better overall and experience fewer nighttime awakenings.

7. Enhances Oral health

If you're not careful about eliminating the sugar which sticks to your teeth, a sweet tooth could lead to problems. Harmful bacteria have the capacity to degrade sugar over time and create an acid. Your teeth's surface is gradually destroyed by this acid, leading to tooth cavities. Gum disease can also develop from an overabundance of germs since it causes infected or irritated gums.

Cutting out sugar you consume can lower your chance of getting cavities and help you maintain good dental health and avoiding cavities.

8. Healthy Liver

Our body also release inflammatory molecules after eating too much sugar. Regular consumption of sugar causes chemicals to accumulate in our systems, which can eventually damage our livers and other internal organs.

A diseased, fatty, or inflammatory liver cannot function as effectively as one that is healthy. It is unable to remove toxins from our bodies and digest them. Additionally, it burns less extra fat and cholesterol, which causes weight gain and more fatty liver deposits.

We can cure and repair any liver damage by changing a few aspects of our lifestyle by cutting out sugar from the diet.
The liver will progressively regenerate if we avoid consuming sugar consumption alongside making the habits of eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and exercising frequently.

Why sugar is danger

How to cut out sugar from your diet and lead a sugar free lifestyle?

If you are inspired to Cutting out sugar from the diet and concentrate more on having clean food , sugar free and healthy living then these tips can help you.

1. Understand your body limits 

We are individuals with different brain chemistry and everyone has different levels to consider as addiction. So, to cut down on sugar intake it is very important to understand our body limits. 

Our body gives us warning signals when something gets messed up with our normal health. Understanding these signals will help you to cut down sugar intake gradually.

2. Avoid having canned soft drinks

They are worse than anything. A large number of studies found that sugar-sweetened beverages contain 39 grams of sugar which are considered as higher than even recommended sugar intake per day for humans. 

It increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 13%. If you crave for a drink, you can have lemonade without adding sugar. This will help in reducing sugar intake.

3. Focus on having balanced meals 

Balanced meals and clean food helps you to keep blood sugar level steady. Eat meals that combine protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Eating more protein and fat has been shown to reduce appetite and cravings.

Try to have homemade food, this will help you to keep a watch on sugar intake and consuming ingredients that are low in sugar. 

4. Go for Natural Sugar

For sugar free lifestyle, choose naturally sweet items like fruits if you must include a tiny quantity of sweet sugar in your diet. To be certain, look for items that declare "no added sugar" and double-check the list of ingredients.

Consider consuming fruit like grape or berries when you experience cravings for sweets. Additionally, you can brew your own fruit juice, fruit-infused water to satisfy your desires for sugary food and sugary drinks and soda.

5. Avoid having packaged foods

Candies, choco bars, ice creams, and even waffles are packed with high sugar. Other packaged food does contain sugar in the ingredients list.

It is always advisable to check out the nutritional fact before purchasing the packaged food or best - avoid it altogether. Instead, you can buy dry fruits that can satisfy your cravings or munching.

Sugar and health


Sugar is a sweet nutrient that most people enjoy in their diets. However, many people are unaware of the negative effects sugar has on our health. 

Sugar is a processed food, and not a natural one. This means that sugar is not part of a whole food. Sugar is added to a whole food in order to change its taste, or to change the chemical properties of a fruit or vegetable.
Chemically, processed sugar is different than natural sugars. 

Natural sugars are made up of fructose, glucose and sucrose, but the processed sugar that is added to food is made up of glucose and fructose. 

In general, it is more difficult for your body to metabolize the fructose found in processed sugar than the fructose found in natural sugars. This means that consuming processed sugar is not as good for your body as consuming natural sugars. This can result in a number of negative health conditions.

It's beneficial to keep in mind the American Heart Association's advice on sugar consumption. According to American Heart Association, "Men should limit their daily intake of added sugar to no more than 9 tablespoons (36 grammes or 150 calories).
The amount is less for women: 6 tablespoons (25 grammes or 100 calories) daily. Take into account the 8 teaspoons (32 grammes).

Consuming excessive amounts of added sugar for a long term can promote chronic inflammation and blood pressure, both of which are major pathological paths to heart disease. Because liquid calories are not as filling as calories from solid foods, excessive sugar consumption, especially in sugary soft drinks, also causes weight gain by deceiving your body in turning off its mechanism for controlling your appetite. This is why drinking sugary beverages makes it simpler for people to increase the number of calories in their usual diet.

Other than that, high intakes of added sugar are detrimental to your general health. Your blood sugar levels, as well as the health of your heart, liver, and teeth, can all be improved by reducing or cutting out sugar.

Giving up sugar , including sugar free lifestyle, and having clean food is one of the best decisions anyone can make. But it is not easy and require a strong willpower to chose a sugar-free diet. Seek the advice of your doctor before starting any new dietary regimen. He may be able to advise a suitable diet according to your health requirements.

We hope that this article has made it clear to you why sugar is not a healthy food to have in your diet. You can satisfy your sweet tooth by substituting another sweet natural substance for sugar.

That's all for today. Please spread the word about this article widely so that it can benefit many people. Thank You!!!

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